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Rodeway Inn is a chain of economy-priced hotels in the United States and Canada. Founded by Michael Robinson in 1962, the franchise is now led by Choice Hotels corporation.As of June 30, 2020, there are 578 Rodeway Inn locations in North America, with approximately 33,107 rooms across the continent. Each hotel is a franchise, managed by a private investor.

Scott shared his outrage and mentioned, "I have been staying at the Rodeway Inn/ Econolodege in Rehoboth Delaware for over 2 months, I have spent over $3000. 1st they bungled my reservation and terminated it a day early. Considering I'm a diamond status member with over 20K loyalty points but they refused to honor my points for a room for one night. We were forced to spend the night outdoors on the street in the rain amid a shelter. If you are a veteran or care about vets BOYCOTT CHOICE HOTELS AFFILIATES IN DELAWARE. All they care about is money not the well being of their guests!!!"


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Laundry Attendant (Former Employee) says

"Dont try to get hired there. This experience I had was not just me but everyone is treated this way. For a manager to allow such things is not a place you are going to matter in. Cons: They offer nothing to no one. No advancment. No raise ...nothing."

Front Desk Manager (Former Employee) says

"It’s very dangerous. Would not recommend it to anyone. Do not waste your time applying there, you will regret it for the rest of your life. It’s miserable. Cons: Everything"

Front Desk Clerk (Current Employee) says

"You will be over worked and under paid. They make up for the lack of pay with more hours. You will be required to do everything no matter your job title. DO NOT WORK HERE. They also have bedbugs and roaches. Cons: They are money hungry"

Front Desk Associate (Former Employee) says

"They schedule you last minute and if you have family at home thats sometimes hard to juggle when you're hiring babysitters. You're expected to cover shift for someone that calls in.....I think management along with other employees were intimidated by me due to the dirt going on at this hotel....loved doing front desk work and working with guests....hated the staff NONE were supportive and told lies to get rid of me to the owner of the place. Essel was the worst manager I've ever worked under and she made it look like I was a criminal when I went to her for help Cons: no breaks hardly, being watched by someone sitting at computer at home on camera, horrible management"

Front Desk Clerk (Current Employee) says

"The guests get high, fight and are rowdy. I nick name this hotel the Ratchet Palace. Manager is professional one day and the next day apart of the rowdy and ratchet. The last management was easier to work for I felt apart of a family, but there was a down side of course but for the most... I liked working there. Now I dont know what I might run into from one day to the next with this place. Cons: Ghetto, Ratchet unprofessionalism, and feeling unsafe"

Housekeeper (Former Employee) says

"Very unfriendly management, low pay the work out put expected, uncomfortable work environment in the sense of the unstable building temperatures. Extremely humid & hot inside the building, drenched in sweat before noon and exhausted. Cons: Everything"

Front Desk Night Auditor (PT) says

"Building low standards with hospitality and its employees. High turnover, no support, no concern for employee concerns. No HR resources to be offered."

Front desk housekeeping laundry (Former Employee) says

"Working for the Rodeway was like trying to babysit a bunch of drug users and drunks if you worked the pm shift. And during the day you worked your tail off as management sat playing on her phone calling you to answer and customer service issues that arrose sometimes even leaving the property leaving me as a housekeeper or laundry person that day to run the desk and clean or do laundry. Then repermanded you for not finishing my work"

General Manager (Former Employee) says

"this place just sucked!!! Did not compensate me for all the overtime"

Housekeeping/Laundry (Former Employee) says

"The job was ok. I was a very young person when I was last employed here. I am unable to rate the current environment. I was kept busy with room cleaning."

Front Desk Associate (Former Employee) says

"they got bedbugs and roaches. Don’t waste your time. They won’t give you hours , housekeepers don’t clean they don’t even take the comforters off the bed and put new ones on, they remake the beds and sometimes don’t change the pillow cases or the sheets. It’s gross. I promise you won’t be satisfied. And they wonder why nobody wants to work there."

Housekeeping (Former Employee) says

"I worked housekeeping for the Rodeway Inn in Hays, KS, and it was terrible. The management was a nightmare, the hours were either crazy excessive or none at all, and my paychecks often bounced."

Night Auditor/Front Desk Clerk (Former Employee) says

"Owner/Employer lies to employees, doesn't pay your worth, requires a lot of work for less, cheap in everything, motel needs to be closed down for all health and safety issues."

Room Attendant (Former Employee) says

"A day at work was stressful no one helped even being the new person I was no help at all.. not a place to work very untrustworthy. Nobody helps you even as a new person they throw you in there and then they expect so much of you when they don't even really train you a play favoritism and it's not a great place to work"

Front Desk Clerk and Night Auditor (Former Employee) says

"Manager/ Owner is overbearing, rude, does not care about employees, uses his staff for the moment then disposes of them when business slows, no room for salary advancement, does not know how to talk to employees like human beings, and does not care about personal emergencies but expects you to care about his when he needs you to come in on off day."

Front Desk Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"worse place to work for, very dirty and there are drug addicts that think they run the show there. cops are called all the time and there are problems with homeless people camping in the parking lot doing drugs"

Maintenance/HR/Front Desk Clerk (Former Employee) says

"Every employee's nightmare imagined here. From when I found out I wasn't getting paid time and a half for my overtime hours to when I realized I wasn't earning PTO I worked really hard for them and they still wanted to pay me min wage. These are not good people. The business is a front for some kind of money laundering scheme because they dont care about losing monet because of unsatisfied guests"

Front Desk Clerk (Former Employee) says

"not a good area to work, great job if you are in collage or pursuing a career else where. the police are always called due to the type of people the hotel attracts."


"Goals met and then parameters changed, so bonuses did not have to be paid! Failure to meet brand standards, communicated to owner followed by threat of dismissal."

Housekeeper (Former Employee) says

"It's hard paced....they don't care how clean it is as long as it's done fast....the owner is pleasent...but not that experienced when it comes to managing staff"

Former Employee - Housekeeper says

"I worked at Rodeway Inn full-time for more than 5 years Cons: Owners took tips, they didnt even give me minimum wage, only made like 200 a month, the owner was very mean he actually called me up to his room and yelled at me when I wanted hourly and when I made what i was sapose to he got mad. It was so bad."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Rodeway Inn full-time Cons: restaurant was great til they brought in a new gm who didn't care"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Rodeway Inn part-time Cons: Terrible managent no set schedule no raises."

Current Employee - Front Desk Agent says

"I have been working at Rodeway Inn full-time Cons: It's not run very well. Things get messed up frequently, like non-payment to employees or late employee checks. Products not being ordered, picked up/delivered, or paid for. It has the knowledge and know-how to improve the hotel, but it's not being used so things aren't improving just getting worse."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Rodeway Inn part-time Cons: I didn't enjoy the turnover."

Former Employee - Housekeeper says

"I worked at Rodeway Inn full-time for less than a year Cons: the supervisor would yell at employees constantly. had to work in smoking rooms which was a little difficult. had different rooms daily, some were added as you went."

Front Desk Agent says

"I have been working at Rodeway Inn for more than a year Cons: -Low wage -Longer working hours -No paid vacation"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Rodeway Inn full-time Cons: All the nice people quit due to poor management. The coffee was cheap. 1 of 7 hotels owned by Collier development group and it was the last one on the list to get upgrades and got hand me downs from the other properties. I.e. still had tube t.v.s in all the rooms in 2015!!!!!!"

Former Employee - Breakfast Attendant says

"I worked at Rodeway Inn part-time for less than a year Cons: Too much chaos and drama"

Former Employee - Night Auditor, Front Desk Agent, Manager On Duty says

"I worked at Rodeway Inn full-time for less than a year Cons: Passive aggressive Management that lack any logical communication needed to effectively manage staff."

David Levy says

"An update. Choice hotels did absolutely zero about any of this. Nothing Whatever you’re thinking whatever you’re doing DO NOT STAY HERE. don’t give this pathetic excuse for a hotel or the rude disgusting men that run it one cent of your money. When I said I complained to choice hotels the manager said get out tomorrow. We had a emergency because of the riots and this was the only place available at the time. A total dump. The outlets don’t even work. It’s a joke a bad one. A filthy, dark dismal place where you’re lucky to get new towels. And of course choice hotels didn’t care at all. They dismissed my complaint because we were still checked in. The keycards never work. The garbage is piled up next to a broken ice machine. I really can’t give this place a worse review. Please don’t give it any of your hard earned money"

Mica says

"The front desk charge me an extra day. The front desk lady yelled at me. I told I didn't not have any more money and couldnt pay the pet fee. In which I talked to the man on the phone before I checked in. He told me don't worry about the dog. When i checked in he never mentioned a dog. Now my bank account has been charged for $46.70 for pet free and another day for $57.21. I have 8.35 balance in my bank account to get home. I have filed with my bank. WATCH OUT THEY KEEP YOUR BANK ACCOUNT INFORMATION ! TTHEY WILL DEBIT YOUR ACCOUNT AS THEY PLEASE. The room was dirty dusty, the towels looked stained and dont use the phone it's just plain nasty. Do not come here they will screw you and the rooms stink!!!"

Matio Cruz says

"Decided to take my family to Rehobeth Beach for summer vacation.. looked online Thought I was getting a good deal with the Rodeway Inn turned out to be a horror movie!! Literally!! Smelled like mildew but it was late so we settled in right about 3am I here my 16 year old son screaming at the top of his lungs DAD DAD THEY ARE BITING ME!!! So I jumped up ran to his bed turned on the light just to See BED BUGS BED BUGS!!! All over the bed.. they bit him all over his body and the manager tried to offer us a free stay for the weekend like what the to the Hell no EVER!! Stay away from the Rodeway Inn route 13 south in Rehobeth Beach Delaware!! Disgusting"

Michael B says

"I arrived very late, got my rental car and drove to Rodeway Inn & Suites Downtown North in Austin, TX. After finding the dilapidated "motel" hiding behind a dilapidated restaurant I should have turned around and left. It was late and I was really tired and had an early morning meeting. So I braced myself and got out of the car to find the lobby locked and what looks like a currency exchange window with bulletproof glass and a narrow slot to pass the card key, I got checked in. There was a note that they had no rooms available. I drove around to the end where my room was and opened the door. A horrible acrid blast of old cigarettes assailed and debilitated my senses. Remembering that there were no other rooms available I resigned myself to get a few hours sleep, a shower, and leave hoping to forget this night. The carpet was somewhat sticky when I walked around the room, I didn't want to think about how dirty the whole place was. There was not a flat surface in the room that didn't have a cigarette burn on it, including the bedspread, sheets, and pillowcase. Sleeping was just not possible, I napped in between choking on the foul air. Eventually, it was getting light out. Though bleary-eyed, I couldn't wait to shower and get out of there. I turned on the bathroom light and there was dirt piled up around the tub and toilet. [Unfortunately, I can't post the pictures in this review]. I left with my clothes reeking from the foul cigarette smoke pervading the room. Ironically, Rodeway Inn is owned by "Choice Hotels." Never will I step foot in any of their brand hotels (Clarion, Quality Inn, etc.), I would rather sleep in the car. I'm sorry I can't leave zero, or better yet, negative stars."

Anita says

"This place absoultely sucks. And very scary actually! The 1st night when i got in my door at the room smelled like sewer so bad i bought there was a dirty towel on wall behind the door. I called front desk and the cleaning lady told me to pick it up n just put in floor by the door and she would get it next morning....well it sat there till the day i was made to check out!!! Which is another thing i had gotten confirmation letter sent to my email that i could delay my check out on my last day until about 2pm because we had no way out of there til that time. It was just me and my 2 lil girls and the new owner threatend me got up in my face screaming at me and said he was calling cops. All i was doin was tryin to ask him y she had just told my daughter that we had 10 mins to be out of the room n gone. I was so confused by this point. He said if i didnt leave right then he was goin put my n my kids things in the trash and forcibly put me n my kids out I was there with my 2 daughters and for the second day that i had to stay there. He said to me screaming at me in the parking lot that the only peiple that came there to stay ever were nothing but low life scum bags....and those were her exact words...another gentleman heard him...n was like ohhh wow! DO NOT EVER STAY AT THIS PLACE. ITS THE WORSE PLACE IN THE WORLD TO STAY I BELIEVE AND I HAVE NEVER BEEN TREATED THAT WAY OR SO BADLY."

Wendy Hoefs Nevers says

"Dirty, shabby, with scary clientele. You get 10 minutes to decide if you're keeping the room. Do yourself a favor and stay anywhere else. Sink was wobbly. Yes the sink and the counter it sat on wobbled. I was afraid to take my shoes off. One swipe of the floor with a damp cloth and the cloth came away with a black hand print on it."

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