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Rockwool International A/S (or AS), also known as the ROCKWOOL Group, is a multinational manufacturer of mineral wool products headquartered in Hedehusene, Greater Copenhagen, Denmark. The company's R&D unit, employing 100 people as of 2016, is co-located with the headquarters in Copenhagen. Rockwool was the world's largest maker of insulation materials in 2009, but had fallen to the second largest by 2016. As of 2009, 90% of the company's revenue came from the sale of insulation products, while 80% came from sales in Europe.

A former employee shared his demising experience, "Was hurt on the job while working at Rockwool, I got threatened to get better or else and was promptly fired. It's run more like a small club rather than a large company."

Residents of Jefferson County, WV USA are not happy with the prospect of a new manufacturing facility featuring two smoke stacks and a permit for hundreds of tons of potentially unhealthy pollutants a year. Some of them talk about it here:


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Former Employee - Industrial Electrician says

"Foreign management doesn't understand american culture. Plus I was recruited by a company and when they received the fee for the direct hire they fired me 4 days before my probation period to avoid paying the fee."

Line operator (Former Employee) says

"Safety is lacking and not a priority for production workers. Management is less than ethical. Super political and run more like a small club than a large company. They do not play by the rules. Work environment is hot, dirty and unhealthy. Breathing in fibrous particles day in and out is not healthy.Continentals. End of your shiftNo room for advancement."

Sept 2015- Second Shift Maintenance Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"Great place to work I would go back if they replaced managment sucks they all alow dumb people to rum the lines ..0 maintenance and 0 safety.. they treat people bad bringing people over from Poland who doesn't know nothing can't speak English they do not know how to work with Americans they talk to people awful nobody wants to be there is that simpleNoneThe pay you"

Applicants (Former Employee) says

"No federal bonding for felons Interview went well. Have all the tools The past is the past. But HR dont consider life choices. No No tax right offNo second chances"

Backup PMO (Former Employee) says

"I will say 1st that it is great pay, but horrible for your health has u breath in bits of installation n dustall day. Also have to wear clothes covering all skin has the product is super itchy. Unbearable heat in summer. Washroom n smoke break area is far walk from work area! Lots of people come n go. Favouritism. N last but not least Continental 12 hours shifts n from days to nights in same week, sleep patterns totally out of wack! lives in the same week"

Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"I had work for one month at rockwool warehouse. No training and no safety at all . Supervisor likes his home country employee only!!!! HR is useless and I never seen any safety officers at the floor"

Assistante commerciale (Former Employee) says

"Ressources humaines incompétentes qui ne prennent même pas la peine de demander les avis de leurs employés.AucunTout"

Logistiek (Former Employee) says

"Ben tewerkgesteld op een afdeling waar ik al snel zaken zelf moest regelen. Ook deels in de logistiek gewerkt...zelfstandig. Werkte maar 1 x 8 uur op de zaterdagenzelfstandigheid, alles gedaan wat ik moest doen en kon doenniet echt gezellige werksfeer."

RWNA (Former Employee) says

"Products are good and in high demand, everything else needs to change with this company. Pay isn't equal and fair, office environment is poor, customers are not put first, customer service is lacking"

ICT Dispatcher (Former Employee) says

"Rockwool heeft een hechte bedrijfscultuur. Het is er zeker niet onprettig om te werken. Leuke collega's, leuke sfeer."

Medewerkster Salarisadministratie (Former Employee) says

"Zoekt men een productie baan als operator is dit bedrijf zeker aan te raden."

Productie/heftruckchauffeur (Former Employee) says

".goei sfeer met leuk collegas .kwaliteit van producten waarborgen goed management goede samewerking veel stof leukste:afwisselig in werk en werplek,afwisseling in ploeg,en zeer goed loon"

operator maszyn CNC (Current Employee) says

"Niepolecam na przyszłość. Praca czterobrygadowa zmiany wykańczaja.. Gorącądowóz do pracyniskie zarobki brak awansu"

Algemeen medewerker (Former Employee) says

"Veel mogelijkheden die ze wel aan de medewerkers moeten geven.kantine iedere dienst openbeloftes stellen niks voor"

Communication / Marketing (Former Employee) says

"mauvais management mauvaise ambiance générale manque de valeurs humaines"

Skladnik,operator (Former Employee) says

"Dobrý kolektiv,smlouva na neurčito, fyzicky náročná práce ...Bufet na závodě"

manufacturing/production worker (Former Employee) says

"Rockwool Inc was a physically demanding factory job. Working 3 twelve hour night shifts actually became more difficult as time went on. The pay was excellent for the small town I lived in and the benefits were greatI"

front end loader truck operator (Current Employee) says

"Battlefield 4 was a good worker front end loader operator maintenance helper good people to work around with good management just a great job they have good bosses"

MACHINE OPERATOR (Current Employee) says

"Its a swing shift form 7am-7pm or 7pm-7am. You generally run 4 to 5 days a week. They have 3 teams with about 10 people on each team. In the time I've been here the schedule has constantly changed"

Industriarbetare (Former Employee) says

"treskiftet passade mig bra när jag va yngre kaffeautomaten va bäst"

Operateur de production (Current Employee) says

"Conduite de ligne de production , approvisionnement de celle-ci , responsabilité , qualités , sécurité ,autonomie .Bonne entreprise dans ont ensemble6*4"

Mag 2021 says

"Rockwool operations are not clear"

Katerina says

"this company is not relevant in its sector"

David Seath says

"Waited a week for delivery I ordered 7 recticel insulation boards and they delivered 7 celotex I ordered 8 knauf sheets of plaster board they delivered 1 sheet of another brand and they have taken all day to contact me after I have phoned them twice to find out what they are going to do about it and I have just received an email saying I have to wait till next week to get the remainder of the wrong sheets delivered (and I am not to phone them only contact them through email now ) guy doesn't like getting told how rubbish the service is on the phone !if you cannot deliver the brand I ordered why sell me it in the first place it should say out of stock !"

Gerard says

"Went to insulation express as they allowed you to specify the make of insulation board (Celotex) required. Other companies specified many makes but state they cannot guarantee what is delivered. Shortly after placing my order, I received an email stating that the depot near me does not stock Celotex and as such a replacement make would be provided. Needless to say, I promptly contacted them and cancelled my order."

David Smith says

"Updated They've also messed up the 2nd order, I asked for 2 people to come and redeliver the 2nd order, they sent only one but a forklift this time, they've sent me 30mm insulation instead of 40mm, and the drywall boards are not what I order, different colours and not foiled backed. To top it off I helped the driver move the old order after he said he'd help me move the new order, after we moved everything he forklifted the old stuff out and I went to check nothing was left and get some scissors to unwrap the new order. he dumped the new stuff and drove away, didn't even give me an order form, this is turning into a nightmare tbh. I order 10 drywall, one board was missing, one was snapped in half, the other 8 have forklift damage and peeling foil, they are still useable with some messing around (just for a garage) I expressed this to the company that if they knocked money of my order I would be satisfied, but they will not work with me They want me to take another day off losing £100 for there incompetence which isn't happening, I am not losing out due to them which is what they expect people to do, we have to accommodate them in there eyes even when they are the only people at fault, to top it off they didn't even send the insulation brand I ordered, not a problem as its the same equivalent but still.... also the delivery was not covered and transported in the rain. The insulation boards also all came damaged, one of them has a hole in it the size of my head and another has half the foil ripped off it, Again I can use the items but they will not negotiate anything, The only options are me losing money in there eyes. So instead of working with me and doing a variation of what I suggested, they would rather send two people to pick up 9 damaged drywalls and 2 insulation and replace them causing me to lose £100 to be there and them to pick up damaged goods that cannot be resold?, why they don't just make the order half price and refund me another 40 quid for the stuff that's beyond use, They really don't give a toss after countless emails they just won't even entertain anything other than he replies they give me "you have 2 options" like there strong arming me, now they are ignoring my emails so I likely can't get a refund through them anyway, I'm in touch with trading standard and I think others should do the same when put in these positions do not let them get away with it as they'll just keep screwing people, I will be going to the bank to try and organised a refund through them."

Helen Fisher says

"Ordered some slabs of insulation and DPM, because the price was good. The delivery came from another company, SIG. When the pallet was opened the next day the delivery was short by 2 packets of insulation. No answer on the phones and a very slow response by e-mail. Insulation Express refuse to accept that the delivery was short and say that a stock check at SIG did not show any shortfall. So the price was not cheap at all and I had to rush round to local builders merchants to get 2 slabs of insulation to carry on with work on my house. I would not use this company again."

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