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Rockwool International, also known as the ROCKWOOL Group, is a Danish multinational manufacturer of mineral wool products headquartered in Hedehusene, Greater Copenhagen, Denmark. The company's R&D unit, employing 100 people as of 2016, is co-located with the headquarters in Copenhagen. Rockwool was the world's largest maker of insulation materials in 2009 but had fallen to the second largest by 2016. As of 2009, 90% of the company's revenue came from the sale of insulation products, while 80% came from sales in Europe.

Rockpanel has bad management as an employer, no maintenance and no safety working environment, according to a current Shift Maintenance Supervisor at

"Great place to work I would go back if they replaced management sucks they all alow dumb people to rum the lines ..0 maintenance and 0 safety.. they treat people bad bringing people over from Poland who doesn't know nothing can't speak English they do not know how to work with Americans they talk to people awful nobody wants to be there is that simple."


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