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Rivulets is the stage name of minimalist singer-songwriter Nathan Amundson. Minimalist singer-songwriter Nathan Amundson began performing as Rivulets in 1999 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Rivulet is not in his best form, tracks are not striking and go on for too long, the production is weak, 'Remora' album is dull and experimental, and the singer is annoyingly melodramatic, according to a review by Rainshine87 at rateyourmusic.com

"The only saving grace here is Mr. Rivulets, and he's not on his best form - the first two tracks aren't overly striking, they definitely go on too long, and the production is weak. Remora is painfully dull, droning on, clearly trying to be experimental (the first track is the only one which is worth a listen). Pale Horse and Rider, alas, are equally dull and derivative country-folk. The singer is annoyingly melodramatic."


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