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Riverbed Technology, Inc. is an American information technology company. Its products consist of software and hardware focused on network performance monitoring, application performance management, and wide area networks (WANs), including SD-WAN and WAN optimization.

A devastated former employee mentioned, "After 4 and half years working at Riverbed they just called me up and laid me off. I am a single mother with 2 kids!! They have no regard for their employees. This has ruined my life and has left me homeless! I lost everything!"


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Huidige werknemer - Anonieme werknemer says

"Het bedrijf heeft het moeilijk gehad en reageert dat af op zijn werknemers. Het ging van een leuk bedrijf naar een ongezonde werkplek."

Voormalige werknemer - Sales Representative says

"Politiek; het gaat er niet om wat je hebt bereikt, maar om wie je kent...."

Training (Former Employee) says

"After 4 and half years they just called me up and laid me off. I am a single mother with 2 kids!! They have no regard for their employees. This has ruined my life and has left me homeless! I lost everything!"

Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"The company has a lot of work ahead. Painful changes and full of bad decisions. The culture was good when Riverbed was doing well. That is all I can provide."

Sales Executive (Former Employee) says

"Poor company. Purchased by an Equity investor and totally cut throat. They laid off 50% of the employees during my tenure with the company. I recommend working elsewhere.salaryEverything else"

Sales (Former Employee) says

"Really bad management, very political. It's a company that hires cisco people wanting to be Cisco but never going to get there. They buy companies and do not invest in internal R&D. Don't work here.. biggest mistake.NoneEverything!"

Sr. Business Analyst Delivery Manager Contractor (Former Employee) says

"I did not have good experience there because they were dishonest in telling me about having to go to San Francisco HQ office to work for certain number of days per week. This was not communicated from the start. Then they overloaded you with way too many work loads and refused to pay over-time. The head-hunters were apparently cooperating with them from the start on this issue as well. They locked you into a contract of no overtime but with the knowledge that you would have to work your butts off... There are quite a few aspects of these issues which made it very shady in my opinion about the company's recruiting strategy and management's dishonesty.CompanyThe IT department does not plan well nor hire/allocate resources evenly or fairly"

Escalation Engineer (Current Employee) says

"I would not recommend working at Riverbed. We are on our 3rd CEO in 3 years. I am on my 5th manager. This used to be a good company. We have had multiple rounds of layoffs."

Marketing Manager (Former Employee) says

"This is the C team. The company has horrible management and culture, unprofessional behavior abounds, and racism and sexism is rampant (white (women) need not apply). Titles are used to attract talent as they have a very difficult time hiring and they are not reflective of the actual job at all. If you want a title jump, it may work, but you are unlikely to learn anything to actually help you success elsewhere at that elevated title. If you are an A or even a B player, this is not the company for you. Anyone remotely decent leaves very very quickly.free snacksLeadership, Marketing, Culture, lack of all normal effective people and management process and skills"

Program Logistics Manager. (Former Employee) says

"Riverbed was one a great Company, after being bought out, the decline was quick. Back stabbing was rampant, people just trying to stay off the Kay off list. The first years were enjoyable.Enjoyable workBad Management"

IT Specialist (Former Employee) says

"My job and our department was always threatened to be discontinnued/farmed out offshore. Had to take my manager to Human Resources for abusive / hostile workplace tactics."

Engineer (Current Employee) says

"The half empty offices can't be explained by the number of people who are working remotely. The company and its revenue has been declining for years and management tries to keep people distracted with constant organizational changes. Some of these are probably sold to management as consolidation and cost saving. People are fearful because of the threat of layoffs. There are some good teams to work for. Unfortunately the team I am in is dominated by insecure, jealous old-timers who can't stand to provide information which they think might enable someone else to do something that they do. They like to justify this by pretending to be extremely busy, but they find time to show up with random criticism of your work. One of these insensitive, arrogant creeps even tried to blame me for something that happened on the day I took my dying mother to the hospital. The old timers take care of each other, and generally ignore everyone else. If you are looking for team spirit or a compassionate corporate culture, look elsewhere. Their idea of bang for the buck is to install your work on the last day of your employment.Being able work remotely 1-2 days per weekNo future, exclusive insider culture"

Enterprise Sales Executive (Former Employee) says

"The company is very distracted and trying to sell too many portfolio type platform offerings. Muddled message. Sales leadership is also a net negative."

VP (Former Employee) says

"Riverbed Technology, Inc. is an American information technology company. Its products consist of software and hardware focused on network performance monitoring, application performance management, edge computing, Wi-Fi and wide area networks, including SD-WAN and WAN optimizationPayShare save Scheme"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"No weight given to non-sales or non-marketing teams. At the quarterly business review/all-hands meetings, employees donly hear from Chief Officers of Sales or Marketing or Engineering. Not once has the CFO spoken."

Solutions Architect/Technical Channel Manager (Former Employee) says

"Riverbed missed the boat on SD-WAN but senior management wouldn't admit it. My immediate supervisor was great, knowledgeable, but upper management was clueless and very NON-transparent. Laid off roughly 20% of staff at one point in move to position company for sale/IPO, but wouldn't address it at the all-hands town hall that followed that gutting. I don't see how the company can survive."

Escalation Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Riverbed is working to maintain their culture while simultaneously cutting costs. Management provides feedback on a regular basis and I enjoyed the challenge of supporting the products. The most enjoyable part of the job was that we could see our customer surveys as they were sent in. It was always a tremendous boost to see a big customer mention your name directly to management via the surveys.Free carby snacks and coffeeNo bonus, frequent layoffs"

QA Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Riverbed was a great company until it got bought out, and all the core engineers left the company last year. Now every it is privately held, it is unclear what going now.free snacksdownhill after bought out."

Senior Director of Engineering (Former Employee) says

"- typical day at work is filled with meetings, which is typical of a large corporation - i've learned that Riverbed cares very much about bottom line financials at the expense of the employees - management is also very typical of a large corporation - workplace culture is Cisco-like - the hardest part of the job is making any progress"

Director of Channels, Americas (Current Employee) says

"If you are looking for a place that is run by HR, this is your place. You cannot trust anyone at Riverbed. Everyone is on the defense and no one supports one another. Terrible management and terrible culture."

Sales (Current Employee) says

"Very political work environment- must be very careful in social situations at work... Other than that...pretty ok place with good benefits"

Technical Product Owner (Former Employee) says

"Directionless and somewhat incompetent product management team with zero vision, driving product portfolio to compete in market. Lack of road mar and strategy increase frustration among highly qualified engineering team.Flexible work timingNo direction, frequent change in strategy, no planning"

lal says

"I enjoyed selecting my own boxes. Due to Covid, completely understand why this is not possible as this method of selection is not safe for staff. I bought their pre-selected medium box but found the vegetables small, dry and not much variety. It lead to food waste as I had no choice in changing an item. Not value for money anymore. Pre-Covid, vegetables were delicious. I miss the old Riverford produce. Completely understand it is not safe for staff. Hopefully when all this blows over they can go back to when customers could select what they wanted in their boxes."

Didn't like says

"Left deliveries out in the sun and deliver at different times so you can't wait in"

Eb says

"The apples were very small. I would not have bought such tiny apples if I had seen them. The amounts of some things seem large and yet others like potatoes are small."

Lucy says

"The quality of the last few boxes has been poor. I'm gonna cancel and try someone else now."

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