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Rite Aid Corporation is a drugstore chain in the United States. The company ranked No. 94 in the 2018 Fortune 500 list of the largest United States corporations by total revenue. It is headquartered in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, near Harrisburg. Rite Aid is the largest drugstore chain on the East Coast and the third largest in the U.S.

Angela mentioned, "Didn't receive some of my online purchases from Rite Aid. Called customer service and the man was so RUDE. He didn't resolve the problem. Instead said call back in a few days. It'd be great if his boss heard that call. Will never buy from them again!!"


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Pharmacy Technician (Former Employee) says

"Not the best. pay could have been better for being a certified technician. The people were great that I worked with. Location was close to home. Management was iffy."

Cashier/Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"Alot is asked from you to do but will not pay accurately. With only 8.00 and hour and denial of covid pay is making it hard to get by. I dont make enough to take care of my family or even pay my rent. Miscommunication and lack of team work make the work environment nearly impossible to even want to continue to work for them.No covid pay and bare minimum pay"

General Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"Dealing with hr was the worst experience I have ever been through. It’s all politics the upper management where afraid to lose there jobs all the time wichh made us all feel the same. Like we where working on egg shells all the time None what so everEverything"

Warehouse Associate (Former Employee) says

"I would not recommend this job to my worst enemy. There is NO air conditioning so it often reaches 90° in the building. There is never enough staff so you are always behind schedule. For example, my shift here was supposed to end at 3:30 every day, but I NEVER went home before 5:00, and often times left as late as 7:30-8:00. The breaks were WAY too short, only 15 minutes every 4+ hours, and the break area was about a 5 minute walk from the work area, so it was really only a 5 minute break. Since there was never enough staff, the management had such ridiculous expectations that could never be reasonably completed within the given time frame, and you were therefore reprimanded for it. This company does NOT care about its workers. They are treated like slaves and are worked as such. No respect whatsoever for the employee, and shameful management to boot. I would not recommend this “job” to anyone in a million years. None whatsoeverNever enough staff, poor management, poor environment, short breaks, slave like conditions, horrible work/life balance"

Cashier and Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"Dont work there. Management is a joke and the pay is no good. I'd never suggest anyone to ever work there the main manager is very mean and make you do ten things at once and wait on customers No prosNo breaks"

Shift Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Please don't apply for a job there. I worked during the beginning of the covid19 out break and they did not provide any protective gear to employees and every person who entered the store was a potential carrier of the disease. Rite Aid does not care about their employees at all!NoneEvery employee was a thief and the manager was an incompetent bafoon"

Cashier/Customer Service, Pharmacy Technician (Former Employee) says

"Pros- the other employees that were there at the same time as me were great people to work with. Cons- Everything else. Pay rate is horrible and you never get the recognition that you deserve for doing a good job."

EDDA Dental Assistant (Current Employee) says

"After 15+ years they eliminated my job instead of someone who had been there less time. No warning. No nothing! Took 16 months to find another job after burning through my 401K just to survive."

Forklift Operator (Former Employee) says

"They will work you to Death, It seems like you’re always there. And their Employees that’s been with the Company they don’t appreciate or Value them, No Communication, They also took half of their Vacation away without Warning. I wouldn’t recommend anyone working for this Company 5 days offBuilding is poorly Run"

Pharmacy Technician (Current Employee) says

"The work itself is not hard but the company and its policy make for a very difficult and hostile work environment. The district managers operate as elitist and the employees are often mistreated, used and abused. They have a terrible turn around rate.I like being a pharmacy techEverything else"

Pharmacy Technician - Retail (Current Employee) says

"They expect you to do the jobs of 3 people in half the time. They expect you to do miracles and when you do become certified they only give a few cents more for a raise.NoneWay to many to list."

Pharmacy Technician (Former Employee) says

"I worked as a pharmacy tech. The tech portion of the job is fairly interesting but getting screamed at all day by customers is not. I was promised a substantial raise after completing the pharmacy tech program, but then I was only given 25 cents. We were paid well below the average for other pharmacy techs at every other pharmacy. It's simply not worth the stress for the amount of money you will make. Good coworkersTerrible pay, hateful customers, awful corporate management"

Lingerie Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Wouldnt give me ice cream, they had an abundance but would never give me any because they said id get diabetes and they didnt want fat boys with diabetes"

Certified Pharmacy Technician (Former Employee) says

"Pay was horrible. Work equipment often broke. District manager visited frequently but pretended techs didn't exist. Pharmacy was always super busy and incredibly overstaffed. Great health insuranceEverything else."

pharmacist (Former Employee) says

"Way overworked. Numbers driven at patient-care expense. Hard to practice good patient care. Basic time for tasks does not give any time for actual chart review unless you want to be behind and thus stay after work for 3 unpaid hours daily. Over time expected but not compensated for if FT due to you being "salaried." Not even enough time to eat during 12 hour shift or use the bathroom. When ask district leader for help, demote or fire you as "your skin is not thick enough." Immunizations numbers driven with metrics that must be met or you get in trouble. DAILY quotas on certain shots. The uppers making the immunization metrics have ZERO clinical knowledge about what is best for patients. Almost all employees unhappy. Saw coworkers cussing at each other on a regular basis. VERY little ancillary staff or technician help. No one wants to work for them bc they are running people ragged. Saw many pharmacist, techs and cashiers quit and go to the competitors. THIS IS THE LAST PLACE YOU WANT TO WORK. Change careers instead if you must. Message to corporate: Burning good pharmacists out will bite you in the butt. The new grads are sub par now and you will quickly have incompetent people making life altering decisions with not enough time. Consider staffing appropriately and actually allowing pharmacists the time to clinically evaluate each prescription instead of forcing them thru as if they are orders of burgers and fries. If you get sued due to lack of patient care, do not say you haven't been warned.NoneNO breaks, too much work, not enough staff"

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"Good for students would not make this a career job. Needs to raise pay for employees this company pays you the bare minimum but wants you to do a crazy amount of work."

Assistant Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"Upper management dont care about anyone your just a number. They will work you non stop till your exhausted. No team work, worse training possible. Benifits are a joke 4 hrs pto accumulated a month. Insurance is so expensive and they don't cover anything. I left after 4 months I've been a manager for 6 years its to toxic to be around.noneeverything"

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"Back stabbed by fellow employees as well as district managers. The pay is ridiculous, barely above average and definitely not enough for the grief you endure.NonePay, schedule, upper management, no one has your back ever."

Pharmacy Technician (Current Employee) says

"Licensed Pharmacy technician Bad management Union doesn’t do anything take your money for nothing HR is bad No one gets held responsible or repercussions do not happen"

Pharmacy Technician Trainee (Former Employee) says

"I was terminated after having a 2nd trimester miscarriage and having severe complications from it. I did call off but had all my doctors excuses but they fired me before even seeing them. I was in training to be a Pharmacy technician. Now within 3 weeks I lost my child and my job, and now I'm left with a very big medical bill and jobless."

Busting Bad Businesses says

"Ordered a package online. Over a ENTIRE month went by and I never got anything. Contacted customer service 4x, all 4x were beyond rude to me. Refusing responsibility and hanging up on me. I will be disputing this with the bank. Avoid this careless company at all cost."

M Diebold says

"Terrible on answering the phone. I wanted to talk to the pharmacy. I called and got the store answering outgoing message, and pushed 3 to talk to the pharmacy. The phone rang 8 times then went back to the same message. I'd push 3 again and go through the same process. Over and over. I also pushed 5 (talk to a store employee) and this was the same except the phone rings there 12 times. I went through this cycle over and over. How long did it last? After 15 minutes I got in my car and drove to the store, while still connected. They finally answered literally as I pulled up in the lot. There were two clerks in the front (one was actually the manager) and I saw 1 customer. No one in line. I explained my issue with the manager and she said they must have been busy. I went back to the pharmacy. There were two people behind the counter, one helping a customer who was finishing paying. There was also a customer filling out a form, but not occupying the pharmacists attention. That's it - no line. I asked why they couldn't be bothered to answer for 30 minutes, and the pharmacist told me "believe it or not, there was just a crowd here a minute ago". Ok - she gave me the choice, and I don't believe it. And I don't appreciate people lying to me. Terrible customer service."

jennifer ratza says

"I have a Rite Aid in my town and some times I need something quick but I get reminded every time that since I lost whatever phone # I used to get a loyalty card I have to pay double the price for my items. I can either sign up again or enter every possible phone number or pay $3.00 for a .99 cent bottle of gator aid. stopped in knowing this yet again to pick up some quick otc meds only to walk out once again empty handed. how does this place stay in business? update went to Meijer picked out exact same 3 products Musinex green znd blue tabs Musinex cold znd flye bottle $56 rite aid with no valid phone # $37 Meijer with no valid phone number. Thank you Meijer for not forcing me to use a stupid rewards card to shop with you."

Martin says

"Three times I've been to the pharmacy. Three times I've been charged for prescriptions I did not receive. No more I'm done. I have to be stupid to keep going back. NO MORE I'M FREE!!!!!!!!!"

Mark Ellis says

"I went to rite aid for a COVID test I was told 2 to 5 days for results then told 2 to 7 days it has been 14 days and still no results. I now believe it was lost .Free or not this is unacceptable."

Revan Redeemed says

"The people running this company are some of the most incompetent fools you could possibly find. Between marketing decisions, the way they treat both employees and customers, and the business decisions they make, you'd little kids were calling the shots. Instead of caring about quality service and making both customers and employees happy, they try to think up any possible thing to do to avoid addressing the issues. They constantly make decisions only to reverse on them in a matter of days. With just a elective business course in high school, I know that if you're making changes to a brand, you have to give some time to see the results, from a couple of months to a few years. Yet the only decisions they stand by and double down on are ones that not only don't make sense from a business standpoint, but they just don't make sense at all. This company is a sinking ship and will probably be gone within a decade unless they clean house completely at the top and middle, and bring in people that don't belong in a home for crazy people."

Eric Goldie says

"Don't waste your time going to Rite Aid for a COVID19 test. I had a COVID19 test taken at a local Rite Aid in Hesperia, CA and expected to get results in 2-3 days like CVS and other places. I was rudely awakened to find they ship the test across country to NJ and make you wait up to 10 days to get a result by email! That is so long, it's irrelevant. And you could be hospitalized by then! That is way to slow and way to long to wait for something important like this. Rite Aid, you should NOT be testing the public with such a ridiculous wait time like that!"

Clair Smith says

"I ordered two acne cleansing soaps which the pharmacy sent in an plastic envelope instead of a box. Due to this one of my cleansers exploded half of its contents inside said envelope because proper packaging and handling was not practiced."

Candace says

"Rite Aid has you put in the store location when you are looking for a medical item on their website. You see it and go to your local store because you need it now and the price is DOUBLE the cost of what it is listed for online. Clerk says they don't honor online price because it is too cheap?????"

Steve says

"Rite aid Roseburg is a joke! Prescriptions are never filled in the time they say they will. You will be lucky if you even get it the day after you are supposed to. Went in today at 12:00, to pick something up that was supposed to be ready yesterday at noon. They said come back after 2:00. Tired of it, have to find another place."

Candy Friley says

"The rite aid on main Street in Marion Ohio Most of store employees are terribly rude and very uninformed. I bought an item that did not work unfortunately I did lose my receipt but I bought it with my rite aid account number which the website clearly states your receipt can be looked up by your phone number or your account number they would not even attempt to look it up the woman said she was a manager but did not care what the website said or what the policy was instead just very rude and would only give me a fraction back of what I paid for it if you do go there which I would not recommend be sure you know the exact day time what you were wearing how your hair was fixed what color your nails were cuz they will ask you all these questions as if you're lying even though the package clearly states their name then they will try to tell you you didn't buy it from their store. and even if it was on sale 6 months ago or 6 years ago you will only get what it was on sale for. No matter what you paid for it.. I am waiting on corporate to call me back now. My family and I have been customers of rite aid for over 40 years if this is not corrected it will be the end of our relationship with rite aid permanently...... So we'll just wait and see what happens corporate customer service was very polite and very understanding. Hopefully they can correct and apologize for their actions."

Jo says

"Rite Aid should realize that there are Duane Reade, CVS, as well as other similar stores very near me to go and shop at! Last couple of months or thereabouts I've been truly irritated and annoyed whenever I've attempted to view the Rite Aid weekly circular on the Internet. As soon as I get to the page, a menu pops up and demands that I sign in (and if I'm not signed up already, I'm to sign up, including my address, age, birth date, as well as other such info I'm hesitant to provide online). Why should I not be able to read the flyer's pages with a view to going and shopping at the Rite Aid store (not to shop online)!"

traci sanchez says

"Rite Aid should be ashamed of themselves. Firing that lady in York, PA was so morally wrong. Not to mention ignorant. What if it was your mother, daughter, sister or wife in that situation, do you think they should be fired? It is not you corporate pigs working in that environment in that part of York, PA. It’s dangerous! Shame on you!!!!!"

Ka says

"I loved your stores. I loved my wellness card But you closed all your stores. Now I'm stuck with CVS, ugh."

Nicole Marie says

"ONLINE ORDER NIGHTMARE!!!!! I wish I would have read the reviews here before ordering online!!!🤬🤦‍♀️... I placed an order on Aug 12th 2020, called on September 1st, 2020, as I had not yet seen my order mailed or in progress any since August 13th, 2020 when I was sent an email stating that my tracking number had been created. I was told that I should already have the order...🤔... Well no in fact I do not and the tracking information doesn't even show it leaving the facility!!! I was told that it would take 7 days to research before I would even be able to request a refund!!! Wth?!!!🤬... So here it is September 11th, 2020,10 days past my last conversation with the last person and I am now told it would be 30 days to get refunded!!! DO NOT ORDER ONLINE THROUGH RITE-AID!!!! YOU WILL NEVER RECEIVE YOUR ORDER AND THEY WILL KEEP YOUR MONEY UNTIL THEY FEEL THEY RESEARCH IT ENOUGH!!! I WILL BE BACK IN 30 DAYS TO LET YOU ALL KNOW IF I RECEIVE MY REFUND BY THEN. AT THIS POINT I HAVE LITTLE TO NO CONFIDENCE IN THEIR ABILITY TO DO SO!! I WAS TOLD IT IS DUE TO COVID??? I UNDERSTAND THE PACKAGING AND DELIVERY OF MY ORDER TO BE DELAYED PER COVID, BUT TO REFUND MY MONEY VIA ELECTRONIC TRANSFER???"

cherry love says

"lousy 3 times i call for a refill they tell me the doctor cancelled the prescription and i have refills written on the bottle this is constant they also are slow to wait on you when you go in to pick up a prescription they are sometimes rude"

Mary says

"I was in the store yesterday to purchase Rite Aid brand diphenhydramine or Benadryl. The amount on the website said they were $3.99 for a hundred minitabs. When I got there the price was $9.99 because apparently they don't honor website prices. I always thought that Rite Aid prices were a bit High to begin with and this just confirms my suspicion. If I purchased it from the website I would have had to pay shipping unless I bought $35 worth of merchandise. I'm sure that the price and shipping would have brought the price up to the $9.99 or close to it at least. I think Rite Aid prices are ridiculously high"

Lisa Fitzgerald says

"Placed an order online July 23rd, received a email confirmation of order. Days later i still had no confirmation of my order being shipped. I signed up for text updates of shipment process but have received more than 5 changes of shipping dates. I am writing this review on August 1st, still no package in sight, shipment date keeps being moved now it says Aug 3rd. I will never purchase from Rite Aid again, whats the use if you don't get what you need when you need it! Im expecting the product to be damaged due to the extensive shipping time and the high heat. I will be refusing the order at this point and get a refund."

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