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Franklyn Richard "Rick" Macy (born October 18, 1953) is a Latter-day Saint actor who has played the role of Joseph Smith, Sr. in several films and has also played other roles in films produced by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, in Latter-day Saint cinema and in films produced in Utah or by Latter-day Saints aimed at a wider audience.

A viewer shares his thoughts on IMDB, "Don't bother with this unless you want to watch for a specific reason, I only watched The Last Man(s) on Earth starring Rick Macy because there were zombies in it but even they were few and far between. If they had cut out the 1st hour of the movie would have been OK but as it is below average and is nowhere near as good as the fake reviews say it is lol. Most of the reviewers became members around the same time and have only reviewed this movie all giving it a glowing review. Obviously, they are connected to the movie may be cast and/or crew members. It was only 86 minutes long but felt like 3 hours, it wasn't funny at all with childish lame humor that was so dull I began thinking about what housework needed doing."


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