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The Rugby Football League is the governing body for professional rugby league in England. The name Rugby Football League previously also referred to the main league competition run by the organisation. This has since been supplanted by Super League, the Championship and League 1.

A former employee mentioned, "The main disadvantages of working at the Rugby Football League are: Lack of strategy when it comes to the match officials department. - Review of officiating is poor, often with voluntary assessors giving poor or inconsistent feedback. - Poor pay and constant cost-cutting with officials. - Poor organisation, with information about games often given on Tuesday's when officiating on Thursday's. Which hinders preparation. - Until recently, weren't treated as employees so no holiday or sick pay."


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Calderdale council (admin) says

"was ok i guess at the company only thing was no one was guaranteed anything long term wise and no progression Cons: future opportunities limited"

Rugby League Referee (Former Employee) says

"It's a privilege to work in the sport of Rugby League. However, due to my proximity with parents at the junior level of the sport, i can say with confidence that a job at this level is not for those that struggle to deal with abusive behavior in the appropriate manner."

Development Officer (Former Employee) says

"Was a long time since I worked there but I was able to balance work around my personal life. Management were supportive and would happily work for again"

customer says

"Cashed in my points for Grand Final vouchers only to find out you have to wait 5 days for the voucher to come through! What’s the point of that when you need to book your seats ASAP for risk of not getting one??"

Christopher says

"I didn’t spend my points. I claimed my points as I wanted to use them to book tickets for a game straight away. You have to wait up to 5 days for the voucher. I called up and said I didn’t want the points and they gave me my points back. Also, the person confirmed on the phone that they didn’t have any vouchers so it was likely to be more than 5 days. It would be better if these were instant vouchers so you can claim and book at the same time."

Jamie Clarke says

"Spent my points for a £10 voucher to use for Lovell rugby and it has still not been sent to my email a week after! Emailed you but still no reply!"

customer Paul Hailwood says

"My voucher arrived after date of earlybird grand final tickets offer preventing me using both vouchers and offers to by tickets for myself and son ! I don’t know why it took nearly a week to get vouchers? Hence I haven’t yet purchased a ticket yet and probably won’t bother little the grand final crowd won’t be a full house"

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