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Founded as Transiris over a decade ago by Silicon Valley business leaders, engineers, and marketers and establishing itself as a leading martech consultancy, Retina launched to meet client and market demand for the company’s world-class martech offering – including artificial intelligence, marketing automation, CRM and business intelligence/data solutions – integrated with award-winning marketing strategy, creative and brand/demand go-to-market solutions. While many agencies talk about delivering digital transformation, Retina actually does it by introducing AI, machine learning, Robot Process Automation (RPA), and other emerging technologies with breakthrough creative/content and media strategy to build modern brands and drive demand for the likes of Thermo Fisher Scientific, Cisco, HPE, BMO, IBM, Vodafone, The State University of New York, ING, the US Department of State and others.

A former employee shares his unsatisfying experience on, "Retina's CEO thinks he's a Marketing Genius, but he's only an Engineer. The entire focus of the "Sales Team" is to target the people in organizations that hire consultants in order to "place" Transiris employees and then use these employees as a means to bring in additional support from the company to back them up. Too dependent on their relationship with IBM--90% of what they recommend and support. Use their relationship with IBM to disguise their marketing communications so that the target thinks they're talking to IBM."


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Billing Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Typical day consists of a busy telephone calls and clinical staff avoiding patients calling with problems. Doctors are so unaware of the incompetence of the clinical staff. Good doctors, well educated and care deeply about patient care. The bad employees make the good employees miserable until they give up and just quit. Not sure if management cares. The office culture is diverse. The hardest part of my job was to travel to all of the locations. Most enjoyable part of my job was to talk with and learn from my long-term co-workers teaching me using their wealth of billing knowledge. These employees are often under valued. Cons: Travel; most days no lunch period, no remote work"

Nurse (Former Employee) says

"Overworked, under paid, long stressful hours, overbooked patient load because money is their priority The HR lady is very back stabbing and only cares about a few employees Employees have their favorites and if you aren’t a part of that group you will be treated extremely poorly Cons: Over worked, under paid, long stressful hours, no quality patient care, unfair management, snobby employees"

Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"They are not family oriented, driven by profit and power. Controlled by anger and favoritism. If you aren't Mexican and the office managers favorite you're treated with disrespect. Billing manager is explosive, rude, disrespectful and a disgusting human."

Patient Care Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Unfair work place manager really rude they not realize good work employee no appreciation about your extra time working . The head of company Dr. Vu is really rude and mean him not even some of his the patients.. Not a good place to work Cons: Everything"

Front Desk Receptionist (Former Employee) says

"This place is all over the place, petty front office staff. Just horrible place to work and travel for. You get paid horrible even with experience and you also put wear and tear on your car."

Medical Technician (Former Employee) says

"It was okay place to work right out of college but they outsource their hiring to Medix which is awful in itself. I wasn’t happy at the job because I often felt like an outsider. I was once pulled into a room by the head of HR and fully confronted by my “dissatisfaction with the job.” I had never even outwardly expressed this to any staff and was ultimately why I left. I was also berated in front a lobby of patients by the clinical manager. There was a big learning curve but never knew if I was doing well or not because there was little to no follow up...just a bunch of gossip. We were required to wear white scrub tops and bottoms. Also, it felt like we had to bow down to the least that’s what the head RN made it seem like. A very weird sexist environment. The only people that were happy there were ones who knew how to brown nose to get ahead or fit in with a certain clinic. Cons: Culture, gossip, sexist, scrub color"

Ophthalmic Technician (Former Employee) says

"No loyalty to the employees. Doesn’t matter why anyone can be replaced. Travel required. Long hours but they want to cut the days you work to cut overtime. Long wait for patients severely overbooked Cons: Doctors are nice but unloyal to staff. Only care about their pockets. New senior doctor, lots of change"

Technician (Current Employee) says

"Nepetism. Favoritism. Hostility and dishonesty abound in this cut throat atmosphere which condones it. You can feel it in the air. Nobody is happy except the office "favorites" or family members. Worst place I ever worked for in my life. Patients were great. One of the doctors there will disrespect you right in front of the patients.... Greed and power are the running force behind this place. Cons: Too many to mention"

Technician (Former Employee) says

"Although I loved my job, poor management made it difficult to advance. The patients were great and I even got along well with my co-workers. However, the doctors don't know what goes on as far as their employees go. It's all up to the office manager. Unfortunately the office manager selects pets within the office where some people get by without getting in trouble while she finds reasons to get other certain people in trouble. Again, the doctors don't know much about this due to them always being busy and not really getting to know their staff. Most of the employees have no experience and learn as they go. However, I wasn't taught. I was basically thrown into the mix to learn on my own which came with mistakes here and there that I learned from. I was a very hard worker but none of the higher authorities cared unless you messed something up. They focus more on your mistakes than your accomplishments. You rarely get a promotion unless they absolutely need someone in another place. They don't start anyone out at the same wage and will give raises under the table to people who don't deserve it. You could work your butt off all day and even stay late and it won't get you anywhere unless you are the officer manager's buddy. Cons: How the doctors and office manager may treat you as well as pay and hours."

Ophthalmic Photographer (Current Employee) says

"Love working in this field, very good as a medical assistant but main doctor treats his employees like they are nothing important..They go through employees and are always short staff for a busy clinic which is very overwhelming and you come home feeling drained."

Employee (Former Employee) says

"The staff is continuously changing and organization is lacking so your schedule is always up in the air until the week before a new schedule starts. Difficult place to find your footing."

Insurance Verification Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"the gossip is awful. employees do the bare minimal. management is afraid to due any type of punishment. the benefits other than a terrible health insurance plan are nonexistent. it is an easy job but the toxic people who work here who management refuses to do anything about makes it unbearable. the offices are disgusting as well. i have never seen a more dusty and gross office."

Former Employee (Former Employee) says

"Constantly changing schedule, management gives lip service but does nothing about any concerns, people that don’t work (and management knows about it) get away with it, those that work hard get no acknowledgement. Unless you are desperate for a job, run the other way! Cons: Everything else"

Opthalmic Technician (Current Employee) says

"Horrible pay and wonderful benefits. A typical day can range, its stressful and nothing will happen. Staff has its flowers and weeds, mostly weeds. Lack of care when it comes to patient satisfaction. Staff can be rather "rude""

Scribe/Medical Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Loved the actual job it self!! Did not like some of the people that worked there unfortunately they were on my team & they made it very hard to learn and move forward in any way positive. Had a so called Manager that had no idea & really was just there for(wait I have no idea actually what she did) Also BIG favoritism!"

Authorization and Eligibility Clerk (Former Employee) says

"Company is small there is a lot of work divided into 2 people if one person is out there is a lot of work for one to keep up with can get behind checking elig for 160 or pts a day and submitting authorizations."

Assistant (Former Employee) says

"This company unfortunately is not one I would recommend to anyone. Most of the providers are great but there are others that think you need them, they treat you bad. Turnaround is high here as well."

Medical Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Retina Associates is an ok place . Wouldn’t say it’s great . Pay isn’t enough for everything your expected to do, I believe they should pay more. People with a MA Diploma get payed the same as people without a Diploma I don’t think that’s fair. They’re very few Spanish speakers that are needed a lot but don’t get paid a little more for being bilingual. ! Management is great . Man in HR is really nice and understanding which at most jobs there not. The techs Supervisor is great , understanding and always there to help. Although when you start working here you feel unwanted sometimes by most of the techs, there rude they always have something negative to say about every new person, or talk about how dumb you are if your not catching up to there training fast enough. When you ask for help they expect you to know what your doing . Which in my opinion if you le asking is because you rather ask then mess up and get the doctor upset they see it as your stupid. You are expected to travel to its other two location nice thing is the supervisor always asks doesn’t just throw you there. Travel Mileage is payed for only one location. Cons: Not enough Pay, Rude techs"

Office Clerk, General (Former Employee) says

"Duties as a Ins. Specialist consisted of verifying & entering insurances information, Cons: short lunches, long hours of work"

Front Desk (Current Employee) says

"This place as an overall company is ok when it comes to work and home life, they make it easy to balance the two. They try to came sure you are all comfortable working there."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Retina full-time for less than a year Cons: Unprofessional to manage project and training new comers"


"I worked at Retina Cons: Leadership--CEO thinks he's a Marketing Genius, but he's only an Engineer. The entire focus of the "Sales Team" is to target the people in organizations that hire consultants in order to "place" Transiris employees and then use these employees as a means to bring in additional support from the company to back them up. Too dependent on their relationship with IBM--90% of what they recommend and support. Use their relationship with IBM to disguise their marketing communications so that the target thinks their talking to IBM."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Retina full-time Cons: The company has no structure. The CEO says no micro managing and that you are your own boss but you will be penalized for any decision made not consulting management. CEO has no communication skills, extremely rude and insults employees intelligence and abilities. Constant mixed messages will be given. Extreme favouritism as CEO resides in California and only knows employees out of that office, there are locations in Canada, Romania, Spain. There is no real training methods, Business Analysts are hired and expected to do QA or PM duties and fired if they do not understand because of lack of training. Most employees work remotely and cannot build relationships with co-workers. No work life balance as you are expected to be available at all times. You must use your own cell phone for all calls, printer, internet, etc. All in all worst company I have ever worked for, CEO is extremely condescending, they set you up for failure and use and keep you for immediate projects."

Former Employee - Junior Java Developer says

"I worked at Retina full-time Cons: Bad salary No bonuses Slow growth rate"

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