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RepliWeb, Inc. is a computer software manufacturer headquartered in Coconut Creek, Florida that develops Web content deployment, file synchronization, managed file transfer, and SharePoint application lifecycle services. RepliWeb’s commercial products include RepliWeb Deployment (R-1), RepliWeb Managed File Transfer (R-MFT), RepliWeb Operations Suite for SharePoint (ROSS), and RepliWeb Directory Synchronization (RDS). According to the vendor, these are used by more than one thousand enterprise customers in the financial services, banking, media, healthcare, retail, automotive, aviation, and defense industry verticals.


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Warehouse Associate (Former Employee) says

"The management sucks They dont pay enough They work a lot of temps but will never hire you on permanently..they play favoritisms. They have temps working there now that have been temps for 3 years or more so DONT expect to get hired on.."

CNA - Certified Nursing Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Gateway is the worse nursing facility I have ever been in or heard of. Patients are treated with any respect. Most don’t get a bath and oral care is never given. Water containers never get washed and straws always have mold in them because they are never changed. Bedridden patients that can’t talk or have no visitors aren’t fed or given liquids. Management doesn’t want to be bothered except when the state is visiting"

Production Worker (Former Employee) says

"horrible place to work. Management is horrible. Packing bags that are always ripped or wrong size. Diverse culture. they treat the temps like they are not important."

Airport Customer Experience Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Do not do it. Management is horrible every new employee quits as soon as they get the job. I loved it when i first started, now its dreadful. Work here only if you need a job not if you want to enjoy it. Part time means full time theyll take every second of your life and time if u let them. - The pay is 15. It pays bills but thts it - arrive 30min before your actual shift - wait for a relief to let u go home - no relief holdover up to 8 extra hours past your 8 hours shiftThe payEverything else"

Support Worker (Former Employee) says

"Poor management no staff support ko time off no team work not a nice place to work bad place to work no time off always short staff no good training that staff would néed bad team leaderNothingLong hours no thanks"

SALES (Current Employee) says

"This is my current job and my least favorite so far. I do not approve of the way management treats its employees. Salary packages are poor with little to no other benefits."

Mental Health Technician (Former Employee) says

"Gateway will always be understaffed. The pay is not worth the stress management brings on the job. Burn outs are frequent. Schedules frequently change with no fair warnings.Free foodEverything"

Desktop Support Technician (Former Employee) says

"Was in orientation 1 day and was terminated for answering a text message. The time and money I spent and the low salary offered isn’t worth the time. Find another company to work for.NoneEverything"

Behavioral Health Instructor (Current Employee) says

"You will enjoy the clients they job security is a major issue. The clients are wonderful management need more training on how to run a establishment and the proper way to communicate with your employees."

Fulfillment Associate (Current Employee) says

"Please do not go here to work the clients peace on all the staffs and the CEO does not do anything about it they feel like the class of wrong the class around the campus and I'm being so serious in February 2018 do not ever work here they love to put cans all staff they do not have me the kids right the kids get mad because they don't have enough food and want to jump on the staff. the upper management class every 2 weeks about your pay and they do not pay right so I do not recommend for anyone to work here this facility needs to be closed down.NoneNone"

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"high school job i loved getting free movies best time to have my girl friend come watch with me family and friends got to meet famous people and learned how movies work behind the moviespay"

Mental Health Worker (Former Employee) says

"That place is hail on wheels management is the worst. The clients run the campus. Its sad because the population is whats going to be future prison populations. If they call back hang up on them that place will try to ruin anything thats humane.NoneEverything poor management no breaks very violate with no protection for staff"

Student Services Associate (Former Employee) says

"Metropolitan State University is an organization with alot of fear-based, insecure leaders that do not develop people. Extremely toxic environment. Feeds on insecurity and fear. Thus perpetuates relationship of distrust. This is on the Student Affairs side. The academic side provides a phenomenal and an affordable education to students.I do not recommend this organization. People with limited integrity and broken moral compass recommended to apply."

Passenger Assistant (Former Employee) says

"My days were spent running ragged to cover for few employees, horrendous communication systems, and a hindrance from management."

Mental Health Technician (Former Employee) says

"Poor management does not stand behind good employees clients control the campus able to elope easily campus not secure staff punished for clients thoughts & actions not a good place to work unless you just really need some change & I mean change because the pay is not enough for stressed endured Gateway Residential is said to be psych under 21 thats a lie Gateway Residential really should be shut down 90% of their employees have just as much sense as the clients.Free breakfast lunch & dinnerNo breaks low pay poor management no raises"

Social Services Worker (Former Employee) says

"This agency is being driven into the ground by a management staff that has very little regard for the actual agency mission and the people who have dedicated their lives to the service of others. The way that the director and majority of the HR staff treated people boarded on unethical and illegal. They lure people there under false pretenses and then pull a bait and switch. The agency is being run into the ground and it's unfortunate.You get to help those in needTop heavy management that is unapproachable; no regard for the humanistic side of social services."

Vice President of Sales (Former Employee) says

"I enjoyed managing the employees. Dealing with headquarters was very unpleasant.Managing employeesPoor headquarters"

administrative (Former Employee) says

"There are two different Gateways being reviewed here. The computer company and the Substance Abuse organization. I believe the good reviews are for the computer company and the bad for the substance abuse. I agree with the Gateway Foundation substance abuse reviews: poor pay, no support, short staffed, lousy benefits, pay cuts, no raises, no respect, equels large employee turnover and they wonder why?! NO CLUE!!! Most employees work 2 jobs.peers are nice and hardworkinglow pay, no raises, upper management does not support"

Direct Support Professional (Current Employee) says

"Gateway expects your whole life to revolve around them. It's one big show. They cover up incidents. They spend the individuals money on whatever they want but then tell the people they are broke. If you have half a brain don't work there because you'll be labeled trouble.The individuals are life changing sunshine.Family doesn't matter to them."

Security Monitor (Former Employee) says

"That place is a joke. No matter what you do you are wrong. Management will tell you to do something, then throw you under the bus if it comes back on them.NoneEverything"