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Renta 4 Banco is a financial institution specializing in investment products and services and is the only investment services company listed on the Spanish stock exchange and a member of the General Investment Guarantee Fund (FOGAIN). Its head office is in Madrid, 57 offices are throughout Spain and international offices are in Chile, Colombia, and Peru.

Renta 4 app is tedious and unfriendly, it has no display, a lousy landscape, meaningless buttons, and information is limited to customers, according to RodrigoFernandez at

"without doubt the worst banking app I have ever seen. It is limited to giving information with a WebView that does not even work well. very poorly made, no display, and a lousy landscape, many meaningless buttons, they should simplify the interface to make it more user-friendly!. It would be passable in 2008, but not anymore."


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