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The Buick Rendezvous, introduced in the spring of 2001 as a 2002 model year vehicle, is a Midsize crossover SUV that was sold by Buick for the 2002–2007 model years. The Buick Rendezvous and its corporate cousin the Pontiac Aztek were GM's entry into the crossover SUV segment. As a four-door crossover with a front engine and optional all-wheel drive (Versatrak), the Rendezvous featured a four-speed automatic transmission with a V-6 engine. The SUV used the same platform as GM's short version minivan, Pontiac Montana and Chevrolet Venture. It assumed the load carrying duties that were previously handled by the Buick Estate station wagon.

A dissapointed customer said this in a review: "Buying a Buick Rendezvous is by far the worst investment I have ever made. It is one thing after another with this car. Once you fix one problem another arises. To start with it was a speed sensor(wheel bearing) then is was the oil sensor. Then it got to the point where EVERY TIME I fuel up the car would not want to start again. I would literally have to wait 2-3 minutes and still press the gas before it would start again (how embarrassing) very inconvenient. And to top it off last night the battery light came on".


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