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Relative Values (film), a 2000 British comedy film adaptation of the 1950s play of the same name by Noël Coward Relative Values (play), a three-act comedy by Noël Coward. It stars Julie Andrews, Colin Firth, William Baldwin, Edward Atterton, Stephen Fry and Jeanne Tripplehorn, and was directed by Eric Styles. It was filmed on location in the Isle of Man, mainly at The Nunnery, with scenes at Kirk Braddan.

A review from a viewer shows dissapiontement" ¨This has to be one of the very worst films I've seen. Admittedly, getting free on the front of a magazine didn't bode well, but this was beyond all expectation, it was truly awful.

Not in the least bit funny, just plain boring, my family and I endured this travesty of a film in the hope that it might get a bit better. Even the high profile cast (Julie Andrews, Colin Firth and Stephen Fry) failed to redeem.

Most of the film time was spent discussing with my Dad the fact that it was filmed near my cousin's house, a conversation a whole lot more enthralling than the dragged out dialogue dirtying my television set.

This truly is an awful film.¨


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