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Rejoice is a wholly owned subsidiary of Perry Group International, LLC and has become the first choice for many top retailers around the globe. Rejoice’s trusted products are currently stocked in well over 80,000 retail outlets in North America alone, with more joining every day.

A former employee said this in a review at Indeed website: "Failing company with zero brand recognition, old school management style, not willing to change or evolve. Nepotism is common practice. Management and owners do not trust employees. Poor benefits and expensive insurance. Do not work at Perry Group International".


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James Norman says

"Customer service doesn’t exist. Tried their Instagram and their website and got no response despite several attempts at contacting them."

Stefano says

"I bought two mugs, one working good and one defective directly form their site. Customer Service is inexistent. They simply don't reply after their first default answer. They state on their site "For customers outside of the U.S., please message us through this link and we will work with one of our international distributors to have your Mighty Mug fixed or replaced." Look for "12000016658-what-can-i-do-if-my-mighty-mug-stops-working-" Apparently there are no distributors at all and they state something different in another part of the site. The customer reviews on their site are filtered."