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Regions Financial Corporation is a bank holding company headquartered in the Regions Center in Birmingham, Alabama. The company provides retail banking and commercial banking, trust, stockbrokerage, and mortgage services. Its banking subsidiary, Regions Bank, operates 1,952 automated teller machines and 1,454 branches in 16 states in the Southern United States and Midwestern United States.

According to THE NEW YORK TIMES in 2011, Regions paid $200 million to settle with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission over mispricing risky mortgage-backed bonds in its conservative mutual funds in its Morgan Keegan subsidiary. Also back USA TODAY reported that In April 2015, Regions was fined $7.5 million by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau for charging consumers with inappropriate or illegal overdraft fees. Regions did not obtain affirmative opt-ins from charging overdraft fees on ATM and point of sale transactions. The CFPB also found that Regions misrepresented overdraft and non-sufficient fund fees related to the bank's short-term loan program.


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Former Employee - Mortgage Specialist says

"poor management and discrimination, no advancement opportunities. People are allowed to stay in their jobs even if their work is subpar."

Former Employee - MOrtgage Loan Originator says

"Low pay under industry standards"

Former Employee - Loan Originator says

"Terrible pay. The worst pay structure that I have seen in the 15 years I have been in this business. Cannot make money working for this company. Underwriters don't want to take time to review financials and instead will give short time to suspend & decline and have to frequently fight with them to give extra time to get stipulations to clear. Underwriters just don't care. Customers are not the number one priority. Lost potential realtor relationships."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No training for job hired for, negative coworkers, micro managing managers, almost no thanks for jobs well done, ridiculous tasks expected"

Former Employee - Loan Processor says

"Inadequate management, upper management is severely out of touch"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The pay is not enough for all you have to know. While you do get raises yearly, they are low. No real room for growth as managers have been there for years."


"Pay is lower than industry standard and management not always supportive of staff workload can be overwhelming"

FSS Financial Service Specialist (Former Employee) says

"It is hard to move up unless you up kiss or are white. If the manager likes you, great, if you don’t participate in the bullying on the employees they don’t like, good luck to you."

Financial Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"This job sucks! I left after working there for two years. They wanted you to eat, sleep, and dream Regions. When it comes to outside of work there was no such thing! This company is all about sales, sales, and more sales! Always making you work hard to force products down customers throats! It was mandatory to have conversations with every customer about a credit card or financial review that way you can get cheeks in the seat for the banker to Try to talk them into getting a loan or credit card. Meet new people via customersHighly stressful"

Banker (Current Employee) says

"I was out of work for few days due to illness. When I returned I provided papers from the Dr. But was written up for attendance even though I was sick"

Financial Relationship Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Management isn’t great toxic work branches are everywhere advancement is more difficult than actually needed and takes too long a process special treatment is everywhere"

Assistant Branch Manager (Former Employee) says

"This company has a HIGH turnover rate due to their inability to realize needs on an individual branch level. Towns with less than 20k people are expected to yield the same results as towns with 100k. The goals are straight forward all across the US with no leniency. Also there are no "bankers hours" you sometimes are at work till 6-7 at night why yes you are paid it is still ridiculous. There is also LITTLE helpful training, you better hope you get someone in your branch who has figured everything out because if not you are on your own, and if you make a mistake they would rather fire you than own it is their own inadequate training that is to blame. This company is all about the numbers and could care lessa bouts its people."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Upper management will relay wrong information a large percentage of the time, only for field employees to have to figure it out and clean up the mess - this gets old."

Financial Relationship Consultant (Former Employee) says

"This was the worst company I have ever worked for. Impossible expectations from management who only look at you as a number. If you are looking for a job, look elsewhere."

Financial Services Specialist (Branch Banker) says

"Retail Banking: Upper management repeatedly lied, threw people under the bus to protect their own skin, gaslighted whistleblowers, protected unethical sales personnel that met goals through lying to customers whenever it didn’t go too far, and used HR at the time to enforce these unethical behaviors. Like Diet Wells Fargo. Also, high branch manager turn over for a reason."

Financial Relationship Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Worst back I've ever worked for. The leaders, and I hesitate to use that word as their is no leadership demonstrated, are bumbling fools. Unethical lending practices are promoted."

Financial Relationship Consultant (Former Employee) says

"If you are lucky to work at a busy branch to obtain your goals, the job will be easy. If you are lucky to work at a branch where there is not a high turnover, the job would be great. If you are lucky to work at a branch where the branch manager or team lead is knowledgeable and want to teach you, you will be lucky. My experience at Regions was horrible, a lie from the door."

Accounting Specialist III (Former Employee) says

"Regions is an awful place to work Upper management doesn’t care about the employees. Only about making the already rich VPs even richer. They do not offer fair pay and promote those who kiss up the most."

Financial Relationship Consultant• Teller (Former Employee) says

"DO NOT gravitate towards this job just because of the pay. This was absolutely the worst job I’ve ever had in my life. The manager was on vacation every other week and expected us to do her job for her, we even had to stop telling customers she was on vacation because they asking where she was so often. Kind of hard to take care of customers with no manager around. The assistant manager is just if not more incompetent as she is, he’s only assistant manager cause they’ve known each other for ten years and she got him the job. All in all if you want to be stressed and depressed over people who talk about you constantly and doesn’t help you just tells you to look things up then this is the job for you."

Branch Banker (Former Employee) says

"Love the customers. Too many expectations to reach quotas. Sales goals change during the quarter to make it where it's difficult to meet your sales goals. Micromanaging is too stressful. Your calls are tracked daily. If you don't meet your goals everyone knows about it. Digital banking is pushed daily to ensure you don't have a job in the future. Upper management wants the branches to have kiosks and video bankers instead of real people. If you want to work at a branch find another bank. Your job will be eliminated within the next 5 years.NoneToo pushy on making sales"

Financial Services Specialist II (Former Employee) says

"It’s almost impossible to break out of a branch role. The same managers sit in their positions until it’s time to retire. Also unethical practices. My old manager was under investigation."

Banker (Current Employee) says

"They don’t care about your well being. The team leaders are messy and two faced. All of them. The environment is childish; very childish. You can’t even go to the bathroom without someone questioning why you were in personal code. Employees come to the call center in bonnets and house shoes. Team leaders are vindictive if they feel intimidated by you. They hate an employee that challenges them. They have a saying “coach em up or coach em out” which simply means, constant irrelevant write ups to get you terminated.NoneHorrible company to work for."

Banker (Former Employee) says

"They have such a high pressure to sell . I would never recommend working there. The managers pressure to get loans out of nothing. Worst job ever. HR doesn't keep anything confident"

Assistant Branch Manager (Former Employee) says

"The culture is terrible. You are only as good as your last quarter. They will train you a lot. Then not let you use the training. Management will lie to you and about you. All performance goals are completely unrealistic. There is absolutely no 'work/life balance', unless all you care about is work. IF you chose to work there, you will put in more than 60 hours per week, and you will be stabbed in the back professionally. There is no chance for advancement. You will be a telemarketer. You will be selling products to those on your list that are in the best interest of the company - regardless of how those products may affect the customer. My best advice to anyone who is considering this company for a job? Run. Run very fast and far away. No job is worth what these people will put you through."

The producer (Former Employee) says

"Do not work for regions if you know you will be successful. Being talented and successful is a threat to leadership and your unprofessional peers. Leadership and your peers will go to extremes to backstab, gossip and sabotage you. If you see unethical behavior do not report it or you will be without a job. It’s not worth your sanity, reputation or health ."

VP (Former Employee) says

"Stay Away! The goals are inflated and nothing is ever good enough. You have to open 150 checking accounts a quarter along with 650,000 in loan volume. They claim they are not pushing product to clients with there new needs assessment tools. But you are forcing product down customers throats! This is not a retail store but a bank and needs to be managed like one!"

Collections Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Don't work for regions dont xare about their employees. They are all about numbers and what will make them some money. They scam on the elderly by issuing them credit cards with high interest rates knowing that they are on a fix income. Some of the Team leads and managers have nasty attitudes. Regions us always down sizeing as well. They xall it revitalizing and growth."

juneisfabulous says

"They are the worse. That's all I have to say. Pray they never get your loan. Each and every customer service rep we spoke to gave us different unuseful information about our loan. They will try to back you into a corner and take your home. We are fighting to keep ours. We are professional working people who can afford our home, but AmeriHome is making it impossible for us to keep it during the pandemic. If you ask me they are criminals."

Paul L says

"I'm writing this as I'm calling Amerihome for the sixth time in the last six weeks. I escrow my insurance and property tax and Amerihome's payment system paid my insurance premiums not once, not twice, but three times. Of course my escrow is now upside down, my mortgage payment has gone up, and I can't get Amerihome to send me a copy of the cashed checks to show the insurance company they were overpaid and owe me a refund. Everyone has been nice, but I've been told the last two calls I'll have the check copies later today or in the next three business days. Obviously that hasn't happened. What's also frustrating, they should credit my account, not raise my mortgage payment for their error they should be collecting on as opposed to leaving it to me to fix."

Daewon Lee says

"This company took 2 interests in a month and refused to fix their error. I've called them 5 times, but none of their representative was able to fix it. They just said 'we are working on it', and nothing solved for 2 months. What a terrible company!!"

Jennifer Shprintz says

"I have never had a mortgage company that I had to babysit to get them to pay my taxes from my escrow account. I had to call every day for a month before someone finally sent the first payment. Now I’m calling again because they haven’t made the second payment. I can’t refinance to pull my mortgage from them because I have been making extra payments and I think it’s horrible that that’s the only way I can pull my mortgage from them. It’s my mortgage and I should be able to transfer it to a mortgage company that can actually do the job."

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