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Red Devil is a manufacturer of caulking, glazing, sealants and related surface preparation tools for glaziers, painters and masons. They are a privately owned family business with manufacturing facilities in Pryor, Oklahoma. The company is currently headquartered in Pryor, Oklahoma.


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Shipping Clerk (Former Employee) says

"Was there 6 weeks. Given a good review. Thursday the boss said see you on Monday. Plant was on skeleton crew Friday for electrical repairs. Got a call Friday from the temporary service I worked for. They said the contract was completed and to not contact the employer. No reason was provided to the temporary service from the employer. Management was not honest or forthright."

Shipping Clerk (Former Employee) says

"Very bad place to work. Plant manager treats his workers like trash. Overheard him calling some employees names you wouldnt call your worst enemy. Employees feel stuck and are scared to say anything back. He tried this with me and I walked out on him. Lied about wages with the company that placed me there and myself. Said I'd get a raise after a month and was there 6 months with no raise. Check in paperwork was excellent every month but used my "lack of getting work done as an excuse" Shipping manager was actually a decent guy though and my lead person was awesome as well. About the only things I'll miss at that place. Cons: Everything. Honestly."

HR Generalist/Payroll Manager (Former Employee) says

"family owned business, did not groom its senior management to maintain the original family style corporate culture that originally made the success and growth possible.A century and a half old business deteriorated due to poor middle/ upper management. Cons: unable to compete in the manufacturing industry"

Packer- Box calking tubes (Former Employee) says

"For the short period of time, until the night boss said I had to call and get help with the machines because he couldn't get ahold of the guy himself. That guy just happened to be someone I knew, so he said I had to use my cell phone to call and get a hold of the person."

Packer/Shipper (Former Employee) says

"very fast paced packing, and taping. very short frequent breaks. The work environment seemed friendly enough though I never spoke to many of my co-workers"