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As its name suggests, the European Network of Local and Regional Authorities for the Implementation of the European Landscape Convention (RECEP-ENELC) is a European organization for member regions working to put the European Landscape Convention into effect. The organization plans, preserves and develops all kinds of landscapes in rural and urban areas and is involved in making decisions about their management.

Gareth Roberts mentioned some critical feedback in landscape-e online: The paucity of good practice guidance to inform the implementation process, or, indicators against which to monitor performance, is a problem. Support networks such as RECEP/ENELC, CivilScape and UniScape remain embryonic and will quickly need to attract more members to 'champion' the Convention. Arrangements for educating and training professionals, and civil society about landscapes are generally poor. The Convention is seen by many to lack bite, as no economic benefits flow directly from implementation, compared to EU Programmes and initiatives. Landscape suffers from being seen as a fuzzy notion compared to biodiversity and, as such, is often overlooked when budgets get squeezed.


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