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Real Life are an Australian new wave and synth-pop band who achieved international chart success with their 1983 singles "Send Me an Angel" and "Catch Me I'm Falling". Both singles appeared on their debut album, Heartland, released in 1983.


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Night Aid (Former Employee) says

"Workers considered disposable and pay doesn't go above $10. Workers needs rarely considered and even ignored."

Direct Care Staff (Current Employee) says

"They have so many problems with payroll and getting people there money also management will cut your hours just because they are upset with you for not breaking rules you are supposed to follow."

Direct Care Worker (Current Employee) says

"The pay sucks, if you even get paid, or paid on time. They do not gives raises. The company has a high turnover rate. They have trouble hiring and retaining qualified staff."

Quailty assurance coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Company does not pay their bills or employees. Often leaves elderly with no care because they have no staff, high turn over rate. Low pay and no benifits. Cons: Everything"

CLS Worker (Former Employee) says

"Worst place to work for if your looking for employment and it a two week paid job but take three weeks to get paid and when you go on vacation your clients wont get the services they need that you thought they would get while your gone no one came for mine while I was gone very disappointed with this company and they cant keep office people or employee for these reasons and always unorganized with there paper work. Cons: Have to make sure your paper works in on time or dont get paid but check are never on time"

Direct Care Staff (Former Employee) says

"Lots of favoritism in the staff, company doesn’t follow state guidelines. Company appearance is more important than clients health, safety, and plan of care"

Direct Support Staff (Former Employee) says

"Horrible treatment of staff , training, discrimination against physical statuses, race. Bullying. Dogmatism. Abuse of authority , retaliation. If you made the boss upset, you would magically lose hours. Cons: Staff, attitudes, unprofessional"

Direct Support Staff (Former Employee) says

"Zero benefits, zero paid time off, long hours, vey low non competitive pay, poorly managed all the way up to the highest levels. Awful communication, I was called in at all hours without a regular schedule. my paycheck was constantly being "sent in the mail" or I was shorted hours or mileage. When calling corporate to ask questions about your check, they lie to you. When calling to ask anything they lie to you. They expect the world from you, but the pay is garbage and the management is worse. This company preaches about compassion and care, but really they are a failing, poorly run s!@? show Cons: Everything"

Direct Care Staff/ In Home Health Care (Former Employee) says

"You're changing houses every 2-4 hours depending on their need, driving to the next home may be 20-30 miles away and you do not get paid driving time or mileage, using your own vehicle, and sometimes it's some rough terrain. Most of the clients need meal prep and cleaning done, some need bathing. Cons: Killing your vehicle, scheduling does NOT take into consideration your availibility, so I'm not sure why they ask."

Caregiver (Former Employee) says

"The job and it's duties are very rewarding. You meet a lot of amazing people and great personalities. Cons: Horrible Management, Empty promises, Inability to take responsibility for their own mistakes"

Area Supervisor for 3 counties; Direct Care Staff (Former Employee) says

"I would not recommend this company. They are not good to their employees, having very unrealistic expectations for them. Expecting people to drive huge amounts of miles with no compensation, paying the minimal amount for their employees, trying to deny requests for time off at the last minute, working this employee 6 days a week.for over a year and a half, there are no benefits, and no paid time off, mileage is only paid if a client actually rides in your car and this is very poorly compensated. Cons: See above"

Home Health Care Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"This company could be a good company for maybe part time but if you are full time they work you to the bone. They expect alot for their supervisors, don't provide proper training or tools to complete each task for each resident, The pay was not work it. Cons: Everything"

Direct support Staff (Current Employee) says

"Not fond of the place but its an ok place to work. The supervisors are sometimes not productive.The most enjoyable part of the day is nothing. Some coworkers come in late or will call off so staff will have to stay for 2 consecutive shifts. Cons: no breaks"

Direct Care Staff (Current Employee) says

"I travel to my clients using my car, I have been with the company for almost 2 months without getting paid. And the one person that was helpful in the company when us new girls had questions, they ended up firing her. No communication other than our schedules coming out at 3am Friday morning so No time to plan for family functions, they schedule us anywhere from 3 hrs a day to 13 hrs a day. Cons: No breaks, no pay, no communication, no benefits."

Direct Support Professional (Former Employee) says

"Management was very unprofessional. There is no physical office in the whole Macomb region. Never received a check in time (on payday). Would not recommend working for this company at all!"

Certified Nursing Assistant (Former Employee) says

"This was an okay company to work for. They do not pay for gas mileage and there were no benefits. This is a Home Health Aid Agentcy. Therefore you do not have to be CNA certified to work there, I received the "highest" amount of pay, only after submitting my TB in one day. For being a CNA, even though they had my license on file. Which really did not make sense to me. I worked a lot, and they gave me clients not in my county. Every weekend I had to drive 30 minutes away, but the amount of driving was like 2 miles under the amount I needed to be compensated for my gas and mileage. I felt like I was not appreciated for the amount and quality of work that I provided day in and day out. I resigned without noticed and they still accepted and understood. Cons: Pay, Poor Managment, No Gas Compensation, LONG periods WITHOUT Paychecks"

Direct Support Staff (Former Employee) says

"Experience has been shortened due to availability but overall this is a nice company everyone is friendly. Cons: limit availability and clientele"

Coordinator/Caregiver (Current Employee) says

"A typical day at work is spending time with your client. Helping them with their individual needs and goals. You could be cleaning, cooking with them, or taking them to a doctor's appointment. Helpful and supportive co-workers and management. The hardest part of the job is having to be flexible with your client's needs and the best part is when you feel like you are helping make a difference in their lives. Cons: Low pay"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Not very hard work but stressful at times working with clients and other staff. Special needs patients were a pleasure to work with and make the job worthwhile"