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Rich Communication Services (RCS) is a communication protocol between mobile-telephone carriers and between phone and carrier, aiming at replacing SMS messages with a text-message system that is richer, provides phonebook polling (for service discovery), and can transmit in-call multimedia. It is part of the broader IP Multimedia Subsystem.

Rcs has a hostile working environment, low salary, lack of training, and micromanaging, an ex-employee claims at indeed.com

"The company culture is miserable. They don't train you properly, but you're supposed to know all of the millions of parts of the radios and their equipment, in an industry that most people have never heard of! I saw upwards of 20 people go through the door in less than 6 months, because 1.) they were not trained properly and were frustrated, 2.) treated like dirt because management thinks it can, or 3.) they were fired because they weren't understanding the material (since they weren't trained, how could they know?!). If you ask questions, you're treated like a moron, because you don't know an accessory part or you don't know how to do a form (that you've never done before). You take care of a customer, even though the situation is out of the scope of the two-bit training, and send them off happy, but you get written up for it. The pay isn't worth the headache of driving in Louisville during rush hour just to work for that little pay. You can't live on it. Coworkers are disrespectful, back-stabbing, and condescending, which seems to fit the demeaning personality of the company. The only good thing about this place is it's weekday 8am-5pm. Most learning curves are 6 months to a year. You're expected to know your job in less than 4 months, and do it without mistakes!"


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