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Raytheon Technologies Corporation is an American multinational conglomerate headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, United States. The company is one of the largest aerospace and defense manufacturers in the world by revenue and market capitalization. It researches, develops, and manufactures advanced technology products in the aerospace and defense industry, including aircraft engines, avionics, aerostructures, cybersecurity, missiles, air defense systems, and drones. The company is also a large military contractor, getting a significant portion of its revenue from the U.S. government.

The company is the result of the merger of equals between the aerospace subsidiaries of United Technologies Corporation (UTC) and the Raytheon Company, which was completed on April 3, 2020. Before the merger, UTC spun-off its non-aerospace subsidiaries Otis Elevator Company and Carrier Corporation. UTC is the nominal survivor of the merger but it changed its name to Raytheon Technologies and relocated its headquarters to Waltham. Former United Technologies CEO and chairman Gregory J. Hayes is the CEO of the combined company, and former Raytheon CEO and chairman Thomas A. Kennedy is the Executive Chairman. The company has four subsidiaries: Collins Aerospace, Pratt & Whitney, Raytheon Intelligence & Space and Raytheon Missiles & Defense.

A person who worked for Raytheon for more then a year in college, said it suckssssss sooo bad, everything goes soooo slowly, they give you like 2 days worth of work and give you goddamn 2 months to do it. They say everybody who works there is sub-par, the manager was a toolbox and the general intelligence of the people who work that was laughable.


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Former Employee - Supply Chain says

"The worst place to work I have ever experienced - the place is very backwords where management have very few morals and a bully like culture. There is no progression within the company and the salaries are less than other defence companies. Unless you share the same second name with another employee, have a "friend" in management you are going no where here."

Former Employee - Mechanical Engineer says

"Completely disorganized from the top down. Left hand never knows what the right hand is doing. After a year, I still didn't have a desk - and I had a desk job. I also had to pilfer monitors, keyboard and mouse from people that had left just so I had equipment to do my job. Management is not great, and it's just a boys club. They hire a lot of women - and it seems as though that is to check off boxes. They say they care, but they really can't be bothered with anything unless you can give them a charge number to charge their time to."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The US bosses only care about US people but pretended that everyone is equally important because they are keeping up with appearances."

Former Employee - Senior Software Engineer says

"You are just a seat warmer. They really do not care about you."

Current Employee - Field Engineer II says

"Pay is usually going to be on the low side Some program managers are crooked and just overran terrible. HR will not pursue complaints past filling out the paperwork with no punishment to the guilty party. Promotions within my program were based off of who you were friends with rather than performance. I watched many great employees quit because they stayed in the same position for 10+ years and a new buddy of the manager would come in and get promoted after a year. Keep in mind this is just my experience with the program and is not a direct reflection of the entire company. There are, from what I hear, great programs within this program."

Current Employee - Test Engineer says

"Still has older company mentality"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Be ready to be treated like you are in elementary school. New Management that came from automotive industry bullies people that have aged or they choose and they want to force them to leave through poor treatment"

Current Employee - Electrical Engineer II says

"Everyone is always overworked and every projects is always behind schedule. They try to sell you on work life balance just have you end up working 6+ days a week. They do not know how to train young engineers, period."

Former Employee - Integrated Product Team Lead says

"Corrupt Managers, Favoritism, Unethical practices"

Former Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"No burritos - must purchase yourself"

Assembler (Former Employee) says

"Working here has been such an emotional rollercoaster. They expect so much from you, but give you very little resources to be able to make you successful in your work position. Basically throw you out on the floor and expect you to learn the job so quickly. The person who's supposed to train you doesn't do their job properly and neither does the management. Got discharged before reaching the 90-day period; dropped like a fly. I felt way more appreciated and valued when I worked in a fast food place. Will not work for this company again.MoneyShort breaks, expensive insurance, union dues, management, schedules, drama"

Acceptance Test Technician (Former Employee) says

"Management has no realistic expectation of actual monthly quota of parts and has little to no regard for the employees. There is no work/life balance. Only work. Overtime is guaranteed though because they don’t know if they want you to work the weekend until Friday. Without a doubt, this is the worst job I have had. I am disappointed because I had very high hopes when I was initially hired on. The work increases and the pay stays the same. Communication between management and employees is dismal. OvertimeExpect you to work every weekend, Bad communication, Poor judgment, Poor planning, Bad resource allocation"

Shipping Clerk (Former Employee) says

"If you want a job that's going to suck the life out of you, managers that could care less about your personal well-being or family issues, or supervisors that threatened to get you fired or tell you to go home and kill yourself then this is a job for you. The employees are some of the most arrogant and self-righteous people I have ever met. I was in shipping and receiving at the Nashua branch. Unless you are single and not planning on having a family and dedicating you life to a company that will easily toss you aside then this is the place for you.Offered extended holiday time offIf you took the offered extended you were shamed and harassed."

Subcontracts Manager - Supply Chain, Missile Systems (Former Employee) says

"Found Missile Systems, specifically Supply Chain, to be horribly managed from the V.P. level down. You always have the impression their priority is their bonus, nothing else mattered as they continued to demand more and more work with fewer people. They were slow to replace people when they quit and more frequently opted not to because they wanted to skew the numbers to make their bonus. The culture is toxic and the high attrition rate is the result. There are a few people that have been there for years and are willing to help but more often you’re thrown in and no one has time to help you so you drown at your desk until you just decide to leave. Nepotism runs high and definitely is a “who you know” environment. Also the constant Reorgs were ridiculous and added to needless work and lack of continuity. The best thing I can say about my three years there is I did meet some wonderful people that will remain lifelong friends. It saddens me to hear the toxic environment has gotten worse, I didn’t think that was possible. If you are choosing between a few offers and RMS is in the mix, I’d think long and hard about your decision. They promise the moon and up sell the every other Friday off but you’ll find you’re expected to work them, please don’t let that be the carrot that lures you in. The pay may be high for the Tucson area but is WELL BELOW the industry standard, do your homework and ask yourself if the pay is worth 12+ hour days (several weekends too). The attrition rate is high for a reason, Senior Leadership is motivated by greed, sadly that creates a high"

Infrastructure Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Disorganized, chaotic environment. Micro managing, millenials are telling Baby Boomer how to do their job. No proper training Worst Cafeteria Screwed up division.Great pay - Worst Cafeteria in the worldNo healthcare, no sick time, for contractors"

Senior Manager (Former Employee) says

"Simple would not recommend as Leaders lack vision and have a lot of insider politics, along with no facilities in place, no access control, nothing in terms of benefits etc."

Electrical Engineer II (Former Employee) says

"Summery says it all. There was always a good ol boys club, it didnt matter how well your work was or how thorough you were, if you didnt know the right guys, you got the shaft. Younger employees are also sabotaged and actively told wrong information to talk about or bad practices so that they look bad."

Electronic Technician (Current Employee) says

"If you are a minority don't apply to raytheon!! You will be harassed and looked over for advances. You are retaliated against if you bring forth any problems!! Union and company don't do anything about the wrong doings!!"

SR Test Engineer/QA Test Analyst/VDA (Current Employee) says

"Very bad company to work for. Management says something then they reject what they said so you cannot trust them. Bad place to work. Ethics problem at work by management.Free lunches for your time to attend the meeting"

Instructional Designer (Former Employee) says

"Not a place I would go back to, was not treated correctly, work long hours, pay very low, treated very poorly and disrespected. No voice, belittled, degraded, constantly in fear of doing something wrong or being yelled at"

System Administrator III (Current Employee) says

"I was interviewed as a site lead. Unfortunately there was no site lead therefore no direction. One of my co-workers found it her daily mission to harass me everyday for one reason or another. When the team lead was finally brought on from Raytheon he did nothing to alleviate the hostile work environment only adding to it."

Sr. Security Forces Officer (Former Employee) says

"Security field is without oversight or ethics. Company lays off employees 100 at a time with no severance and no reeducation. Company claims to value veterans but contracts out 100 positions to a subcontractor that causes incomes to be reduced by 50٪. Those 100 were about 80 percent. Several died because of loss of health insurance and lack of health resources after loosing income."

Deputy pm (Former Employee) says

"Back stabbers, liars, horrible benefits. Quick to change things that were agreed up. Insurance has no providers in the area. The leadership is all about punching tickets and check blocks"

Senior QA Engineer (Former Employee) says

"As a Senior Quality Engineer, one of the worst company that I have ever worked in my life. Poor management, with no experience and background. I was not getting paid enough. I had to worked in Raytheon to have my experience in my resume. Over all, I do not recommend to anyone"

Consulting Senior Principal Technical Writer (Former Employee) says

"Straddling responsibilities between two organizations is never easy. One manager (SDS) who seemed to think I was the Energizer Bunny. So... poor management, on one side. Fox hole protecting folks everywhere. Wouldn't go back for twice the money."

Senior Security Engineer /Senior ISSO (Current Employee) says

"Poor Employees morale and bad management from the top down could use an over hall. I would not recommend to Sailors Airmen or Marines because the pay sucksNonenone"

Senior Principal Systems Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Don't work at Raytheon in Fullerton Ca I would not recomend anyone in engineering to work there totally disconnected management lacks ability to see innovationnonetoo many to list"

Scenario Writer (Former Employee) says

"The compensation package was more competitive than most of the other Defense Contractors. Working on site, I had minimal contact with Raytheon Management, however they completely supported the contractors in the field when needed."

Senior Manufacturing Engineer (Former Employee) says

"GM manager brought in and ran the department as a auto manufacturing plant. Got rid of planners and made manufacturing engineer planners. The was not a good move"

Admi (Former Employee) says

"Management is not efficient. Lots of nepotism majority related to management. If one person doesn't like you then all of management doesn't like you. They will not let you advance, give you horrible reviews & except you to train contractors/new hires. No leadership, do not give you access to programs to do your job! Set you up for failure. Arrive to work everyone in cafeteria during work hours. Rules apply to certain individuals Do not train you- it's do or die. Lots of favoritism. Department managers are like used car salesman. I wouldn't want my worst enemy to work at Raytheon.Lots of freedom if you're familyManagement, Department Mngrs"

Former Employee says

"Absolute lack of culture. Staying in this role will not help you progress no matter how much you do. The company tends to lie about the positions on paper and although they say you\'ll be doing one job, it can be something completely unrelated. Do not waste your time. The glamour of such a large company is great but you are just a warm body as many employees stated in the short time I was there."

Richard Perou says

"The previous review turns out to be an ongoing story. The goods in question turned up. Delivered without warning, threst into the post box. The carrier, Fed Ex, recorded it as signed. This was not true. The goods were not correct. My request in the 'Special Instructions' were unread. They have now mysteriously disappeared. As it stands Marine Super Store will only accept the return of the goods if I pay for the transport costs both ways. This is not good customer relations."


"I didnt received my goods still now!"

Richard Perou says

"Not delivered. Fed Express made a big show in promising but despite waiting in all day noone appeared. Now there is no scheduled delivery. I made a specification about size when I ordered. I hope that they read it."

Terence Wickens says

"order confirmed S, sent box clearly marked M. Paid lots of carriage for fast delivery!"

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