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Raul Ruiz (; born August 25, 1972) is an American physician and politician serving as the U.S. Representative for California's 36th congressional district since 2013. He is a member of the Democratic Party.Born in Zacatecas City, Mexico, Ruiz grew up in Coachella, California. He was the first Latino to receive three graduate degrees from Harvard University, attending Harvard Medical School, the Jo


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Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"This is one of the worst companies I've ever had the displeasure of working for. Their supervisors are rude and incompetent. Raises and pay are a joke. Be prepared to have your work load constantly changed with no compensation. The company is unprofessional and extremely unorganized. Worked there for 3 years and never met the actual bosses. Also several instances of racism were witnessed. Cons: Pay, attendance policy, supervisors, work environment"

Lead Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Hours are not consistent. They dont communicate. They take advantage without giving a deserving raise. You don't have sick days or personal days you always have to find coverage when its impossible. No set hrs they schedule you all over the place. Office manager never leaves her hut only calls you in her office when you did something wrong and didnt know it was wrong in the first place."

Dispatcher/Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"Clear division between the front office and the people who actually do the work. The fire or find ways to get rid of all the young and fun people and find a way to keep all the old bitter people. You have to ask permission to go to the bathroom and often the answer is no. Incompetent trainer, training involves a 2 minute run through of a "script" then it's back to your desk to take the calls. Avoid Avoid Avoid. Cons: Everything else"

Agent (Former Employee) says

"This place was horrible. I worked there for nearly 5 years and was let go for a "silly reason" management doesn't care about you. They have no respect for their employees and they don't adhere to your availability or time off. Cons: management, breaks, pay, time off"

Everything (Former Employee) says

"This company is an absolute mess. I highly encourage you to never do business with them. You will not want your name associated with theirs. They are unethical, unreliable, not trustworthy and overall put a bad taste in your mouth. I couldn't possibly use them, even as a last resort and will never work for them again. Cons: Hours, Pay, Management, Negative Atmosphere, basically the whole package."

Phones (Former Employee) says

"TOTALLY agree with the "no pros" spot on description of this company!!! Really sums it up in a nutshell how truly awful the ENTIRE experience was there...had EXACTLY the same nightmare and would not recommend this uneducated group of boobs to work with to anyone!!!!!! Cons: Everything"

Call Agent (Former Employee) says

"Its a call center, and there is no communication at this call center, which is a surprise. The management are never on the same page, and they are super sketchy. They fire people on the spot for silly reasons. If you are not in the "IN" crowd, then don't feel too safe. They have :"pretend" supervisors, who as well aren't on the same page, which makes things far more confusing. This company needs to get together. The owners are nice, but the management is the worse. There is no room to grow within the company, and they tend to take advantage of the loyal employees that stick around through the nonsense. This is just a flat out horrible company to work for. It's like a classroom, dating scene, and a nightmare all together. I can not think of any pros at this company so BEWARE. There was nothing good about this job even the callers were just as much as a nightmare. My advice is to never work at call center boutique. The callers talk down to you once they know you are a call center. And these are business professionals doing so. So save yourself the stress and look elsewhere, I wasted a couple of months of my life here. Cons: short breaks, bad pay, horrible management, dysfunctional, the callers are so disrespectful, random changes within the company, silly rules."

QA/Lead (Former Employee) says

"Please, take the advice of others and DO NOT WORK HERE. I worked in Bourbonnais, IL, and the manager is a joke. She only tells you what she thinks will get her in the least amount of trouble. Be prepared to have your absence listed as unapproved, even if you get someone to cover your shift-it must be approved days before hand, so if you're sick, you're out of luck. The scripts are terrible and often unclear, but if you don't fill something in or ask irrelevant questions, you're reprimanded. I had listened to calls for quality analysis purposes, and I can say that they will hire anybody, even if they have terrible customer service skills, tone of voice, etc. They are only concerned with themselves. Even if you get made a supervisor, you won't get a raise until your 1 year mark, which is absolutely ridiculous."

Call Specialist (temporary) says

"Micromanaged and stifling you breaks it documented by the minute you have to read from hundreds of different scripts for hundreds of different companies and those scripts are very nearly incomplete"

Senior Web Developer (Former Employee) says

"I was hired to be a web developer but was constantly asked to put out fires and fix problems in production. There was no process or documentation to use, so everything was very haphazard and the production system was very finicky. They were hesitant to let me publish any upgrades or fixes because there was no way of knowing if it would break the site. Things that worked fine in testing would break horribly in production. Cons: constant stress, lots of overtime, no resources"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Received alot of experience but it was a very demanding job. One click noise and you're connected. Always have to go through promps even when it doesn't make sense for the call and callers would get upset. Some people didn't mind the job, others went to the bathroom and never came back. Cons: Demanding, breaks."

N/a (Current Employee) says

"The job itself is decent. Some of the people are great. I believe there is favoritism going on with hours and days/evenings/weekends. Not sure what’s going on..."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"You have to work at least 1 weekend day and you never get that off unless you ask for it. Holidays are always spent working since you are not allowed to request them off so forget spending them with your family unless you are management. Cons: Pay, sitting in 1 place all day attached to desk."

At Home Customer Service Rep (Current Employee) says

"High turn around rate but will give you an opportunity to prove yourself as an employee. Computers and other work equipment are up to date. Close access to freeway.. Cons: Pay"

Call Center Representative (Former Employee) says

"I had to quit my job because I got severely sick and couldn't find shift coverage so I was getting in trouble. I was only a level 4 and no one wanted to touch my crazy shift. You never get a set schedule you are forever bounced around. I'd have to work 2-10pm and come back at 10am. They don't tell you this until you put in your shift preferences but you can't change them for 60 to 90 days and honestly if a set schedule is something you need then you need to go elsewhere. The job is fast paced and easy to learn, but get ready because the clients can cus you out for doing your scripted job. Yes every word that comes out of your mouth is scripted and you must read it word for word even if it doesn't sound or feel natural. Just be prepared, don't ever miss work, and never exspect to truly help anyone you are just an answering service for thousands of companies and you may never know if the ppl leaving the messages ever get the help they need. Cons: Read what I wrote"

Software Developer (Current Employee) says

"It's a typical hurry a up and wait type of job. There really isn't that much to do on a daily basis. If you are looking for that type of work it's a good fit."

Agent (Former Employee) says

"It is a good place to work but the pay is not good. It is a good learning experience and every call is different. Never the same day. If the pay was better it would be a great job. Cons: low pay"