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A technology-driven interactive media and marketing company specializing in traffic acquisition, monetization and product strategy.

Our core focus is matching relevant traffic to relevant products, while creating and adding value for consumers. Simultaneously, we generate significant secondary revenue for our traffic partners and high-quality consumers for our advertisers. We create unique online experiences that drive high-performance results by customizing the consumer experience.

Founded in 2007 by industry leaders RateSpecial has had explosive growth in its short life. The key to this growth has been a keen understanding of the marketplace, solid business acumen, and hiring talented hard working individuals that have a passion for building a great company.

An angry former employee said this in a review about the exprience working at RateSpecial Interactive: ¨Benefits are not good at all; likely to be cheaper if you were to pay private, out of pocket.

Environment is very micro manage-y
Lots of meetings, which means not a lot gets done. 
Mostly young employees who act as such
Vacation + sick policy is not good at all¨


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