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Ramsay Health Care Sucks. Ramsay Health Care is a provider of private healthcare in the UK, Australia, France, Indonesia and Malaysia founded by Paul Ramsay. It was established in Sydney, Australia in 1964. The company specialises in surgery, rehabilitation and psychiatric care. In May 2018, Ascension the private, tax-exempt, nongovernmental health system in the United States partnered with Ramsay Healthcare, in a new global supply chain venture.

A current Bank Nurse talks about the Extremely bad management at Ramsay Health Care in a review posted by INDEED UK: "The managers/leaders are lazy, incompetent, and dangerously incompetent with no sense of professionalism. Racism is very common and incidents reported are managed effectively. Patient care is not the top priority in this hospital. I had to quit because of risky practices carried out here."


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Former Employee - EBay Customer Service Representative says

"Poor Management, work place discrimination regarding cultural background"

Former Employee - Medical Secretary says

"Where do I start? If you value your mental health and you are considering applying for a job here do not do it to yourself! By far the worst decision I have made. At interview you will be promised the world but nothing ever follows through. It goes downhill from the get go. This place has a huge bullying problem and nothing is being done to prevent or put an end to this. Management are rude, obnoxious, difficult to speak to and uncomfortable to be around.You will struggle to find someone to speak to as nothing is ever confidential as most of the team leaders/supervisors are friends of senior leadership. Staff turnover is huge and it is always ignored and brushed under the carpet. You are simply a number to them and you will be replaced very quickly. They would rather get rid of you asap than have you there. If they don't like you, your face doesn't fit, or you happen to speak up because you're not happy or don't agree with something, then god help you. Your life will be made difficult.You will find that the majority of people employed in admin areas are all friends of management. There is absolutely no encouragement or team work. You will not be praised, even if you do your job well. Morale is a strong 0. I have never worked in a more negative atmosphere, quite frankly it is depressing and an awful place to be. Workloads are not distributed evenly and certain staff members are working significantly harder than orders. Your job is more like the role of a typist, but you aren't able to type your own consultants letters as your work load is dictated to you every morning by the team leader. Salaries are varied. You have staff members that have been in the same role for 15+ years being paid less than new starters with no experience. Certain staff members are totally unappreciated and undervalued. Yet they still stay in their roles as they feel like their lives will be made even harder if they were to hand their notice in. Communication is minimal. You usually find out whats going on or any important information around one to two weeks after the date, if at all. You will look as if you have no idea what's actually going on. Management speak to their staff awfully and have no respect for you and always made to feel at fault. If you speak out about something you don't like, stick up for yourself, you will be called for a 'catch up' or a 'one to one' almost immediately, without any prior notice, just to add an element of surprise. Management have a terrible way of getting their point across to staff, some examples of this include: shouting ''oi'' when asking to speak to you, clicking fingers at you when you leave the room in order to make you turn around and go back in, continuous and unprofessional swearing and bad language, telling staff members they smell (like a wet dog) and even telling a staff member that they will ensure that they do not have the opportunity to get a new job within the hospital. Do yourself a favor, save yourself the stress and anxiety and don’t bother applying role."

Former Employee - Pharmacy Assistant says

"no management interaction with staff"

Former Employee - Administrative says

"Horrible blame culture No support"

Current Employee - HCA says

"Useless managment. All staff paid very differently, more qualified staff payed less than staff with no qualifications or experience; it just depends how desperate they are for employees at the time you are interviewed. No progression opportunities and they con you out of money where they can."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Bunch of bullies with no morals and ethics. Upper management turning a blind eye. They will terminate your employment if you speak up. Besides that, limited to no training and inefficient old fashioned processes."

Former Employee - SLT says

"Corporate support is non existent. Onbaording and training are basically learn as you go or be “beaten” and bullied by the corporate team. Salary is far below competitors. Bonus not paid for years."

Current Employee - Registered Nurse says

"Dreadful nurse patient ratios (10-1) Micromanaged by CEO Senior managers promoted above skill set"

Former Employee - Health Information Services Clerk says

"To much undermined bullying and ganging up on people. Over working staff to the point of frustration and confusion. Too much is expected of one person to do. The psychological abuse I endured was unfair. I confronted them about bullying and they terminated my employment. They did not help me."

Former Employee - Finance/Administrative says

"This review is for a Hospital site for a non-clinical personnel, head office may be different. One would think that at a site level it would feel more like a family environment working here but reality is micromanagement, clock watching is ripe in this place, position hierarchy emphasized . Flexibility on time applies only to senior management and department heads. Productivity, job output, and skill is not what is recognised but petty things such as 5-10 mins longer on the mobile, 5-10 mins longer on lunch break, irrelevant things only inept managers will pick on. Non-clinical middle management lacks basic skills for the position and hired due to friendship with Senior management. Work area is depressing as it is at the dungeon of the hospital. Frustrating environment to work for if you work in finance as hardware and software is dated (still use MS Office 2010). Where everyone is going paperless Ramsay is all for paper. Non-clinical middle management require management course on how to be people managers and not "boss". If you are a skilled Finance person and would want to grow further in your exposure and career do not work at a hospital. For such a big company there is no policy on Sustainability and caring for the environment ie. Styro cups in staff tea rooms."

Bank Nurse (Current Employee) says

"The managers/leaders are lazy, incompetent and dangerously incompetent with no sense of professionalism. Racism is very common and incidents reported are managed effectively. Patient care is not the top priority in this hospital. I had to quit because of risky practice carried out here.Clean environment and good foodUnsafe, unprofessional, money centred approach used widely, without considering safety of the patients of staff."

Care Assistant (Current Employee) says

"It was a horrible management. They don't care about the staff they treat you like a number. All they care is about the patient none of the staff. Horrible! Don't work here."

Administrator (Former Employee) says

"Very poor management. Unprofessional and unfair, don’t listen to staff and managers should have training in people skills not just box ticking. Training is very poor.Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. We are sorry to hear that your experience of working for Ramsay Health Care UK was not positive. We pride ourselves of being an employer of choice and as such, we are keen to learn from feedback from our previous employees on what we can do to make Ramsay Health Care a great place to work for everyone. If you are willing to discuss your feedback further, please do email us at HR.Support@ramsayhealth.co.uk so a member of our corporate HR department can make contact with you."

Health Care Assistant (Current Employee) says

"Wouldn't recommend working here, Clients go severely downhill when they are put in the care of Ramsey health care. Dangerously understaffed when caring for individuals with complex needs, Staff just rush try and get patients ready as fast as they can then put them in the lounge all day with no interaction, stimulation. Management couldn't care, all about profit.Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. We are concerned by the comments relating to the care that we provide. The safety, care and comfort of our residents within our neurological centers and that of our patients within our hospitals are paramount. We ensure robust and comprehensive training is provided to all of our staff to ensure that the needs, requirements and preferences of our patients and residents are met. We also review the staffing needs on a daily basis to ensure safe and sufficient staffing levels. If you are willing to discuss your feedback further, and are able to provide context around why you have this perception, please do email us at HR.Support@ramsayhealth.co.uk so a member of our corporate HR department can make contact with you."

Temp Chef (Former Employee) says

"I'm a temp and was filling the hot side of the catering department at Joondalup Hospital, Although I'm not a full-time employee and don't know the main structure of the organisation, it is badly run and mismanaged. They expect you to know everything by the time you start your shift and have very poor communications and not tell you, if there's any changes, the equipment on the hot section is broke and once something breaks it doesn't get replaced, so I've heard from a employee that worked there full-time for many years. I wouldn't recommend anyone to work at this place they only care about the money for corporate profits and doesn't reinvest the money back to fix the broken equipment. As well as the ignorant managers and staff that has been there for years and are set in their ways, not a good environment to train new employees.Stay awayMore bullcrap than it's really worth"

Health Care Assistant (Former Employee) says

"long shifts (12 hours), did not get my weekends off that were agreed in the interview, Risk assesments were not adhered to, causing injury to my back.nonelong hours, low pay"

Health information services clerk (Former Employee) says

"Bad workplace bullying culture in admin/medical records. They sneak, coniive and play with your head. They know how to use gaslighting and mobbing techniques to make you questions your own sanity. So you have a breakdown. Then they blame you and make you get mental health care. They put me in the psych ward because of the mind games that they were playing. There is no way I would recommend Ramsay health to anyone. Another Ramsay health hospital are trying to sue a friend of mine for breaking a contract because the contract was making no money. It's all about how much money they can get. They don't care about staff. There were countless times that I was set up to loose the plot at work."

Secretary (Former Employee) says

"A lot of in-house bullying going on. Management does nothing. Management rude and abnoxious as well. Nursing staff lovely, just shame about management and admin staff can be rude too. Makes it so hard for new people. I will never work there again. Shocking for a private hospital. Facilities are nice for patients and consultants can be lovely. Just a shame about management and lack of support and fairness.Cheap lunchLong hours, rude staff and awful management"

Team Leader/Customer Liaison Officer (Former Employee) says

"Micromanaged and unable to get proper training. Can be quite hard to do work as not supported by Team Leader. Expected to learn as you go along.N/aLong hours"

Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Management dont care. So many staff have come and gone. Pay is bad also. Long hours. Had on site parking. Thats gone also. Everyone is literally related here. Should be called family clinic. From managers to nurses to receptionist. If a job advert goes out, literally they have like 2 interviews one being the daughter/son of one of the staff members and suprise suprise guess who gets the job.NothingLong hours. Bad management. No support. Low moralwThank you for taking the time to leave a review. As an equal opportunities employer, we take pride in our professional and robust recruitment processes and as such, we are concerned by the perception of unfairness. We are lucky to have a very successful “Refer a Friend” program in which many of our existing employees recommend working for the company to friends and family alike. We believe that this demonstrates a happy and engaged workforce. However, this scheme does not deter from following a thorough process of selection to ensure the right candidate for the role is successful. If you are willing to discuss your feedback further, please do email us at HR.Support@ramsayhealth.co.uk so a member of our corporate HR department can make contact with you, we really value feedback from our previous employees to allow us to continue to improve and remain an employer of choice."

Theatre Nurse (Current Employee) says

"this company really think they are great employers trust me their far from it no work/home balance at all even tho they say they do if your face fits you will be fine if not you will get nothing but stress they work you so hard that you feel exhausted but when you need a break ie day off good luck getting it they take take take but no give all they think of is money not the staffbenifitsbad treatment of staff"

Hotel Services Assistant (Former Employee) says

"It started as a really enjoyable job, however after one of the lead chefs left it went downhill. I was left with no hours a week, the new manager promised me a contract that I had been asking for 2 years and then when I couldn't do a shift due to a uni exam she would text me calling me "unreliable" "not worth the job" etc etc. Management are pretty. Awful place act lik"

Pharmacy Assistant II (Former Employee) says

"I learnt a lot enough to be management. I learnt administration, I worked with the pharmacist. Worked in the dispensary, dispensed with the former pharmacist, worked well with the former pharmacist."

Nurse (Former Employee) says

"Nothing against Ramsay the Company as they are truly excellent, and the opportunities they offer are fantastic. Their hospital in Salford however leaves very little to be desired. Absolutely the worst hospital I’ve ever worked at. Management were unsupportive, unhelpful and very, very cliquey. School bullies in a playground would be an understatement. So who do you turn to when you feel at the lowest point of your career? Working here was the first time I had ever questioned why I went into Nursing and it made me ill with my nerves for a long time afterwards. Such a shame as when visiting other Ramsay hospitals in other locations (for training purposes) the atmosphere was completely the opposite. You know you need to change jobs when you start feeling slightly jealous of another workplace! Apparently some of the management team (not all of them) have changed since then. But I strongly advise any Nurse wanting to work for Ramsay to choose a different hospital.Pay, post op recovery skillsManagement... simple."

Health Care Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I worked 12 hour nights and was told on induction I would be monitored regularly to make sure I was coping. No one ever asked how I was. When I joined, other people had regular chats with managers about them settling in. I never was called. Training was awful, it’s not until I was doing the job that I realised how bad the training was as I felt completely unprepared and out of my depth the whole time. Managers had clear favourites, mainly the people that would do loads of overtime and colleagues from their own nationality. They’d all talk in their own language. When I handed in my notice, neither of my managers spoke to me for my whole notice period.Working nights means you’re home during the day for your kidsLong hours, woeful training and no support from senior colleaguesThank you for taking the time to leave a review. We are sorry to hear that your experience of working for Ramsay Health Care UK was not positive. We pride ourselves of being an employer of choice and as such, we are keen to learn from feedback from our previous employees on what we can do to make Ramsay Health Care a great place to work for everyone. If you are willing to discuss your feedback further, please do email us at HR.Support@ramsayhealth.co.uk so a member of our corporate HR department can make contact with you."

Care Assistant (Former Employee) says

"As a previous employee, i disclosed all health issues and relative concerns in the interview. Months down the line, being ill. Vicitimised by management, spoken to like rubbish, treated like rubbish. Management dont care about staff unless they're related. Understaffing was a huge concern, wasnt ever resolved, you were supposed to provide the care of 4 carers alone. Dont ever expect a wage you intend, they will happily take your wage and give you more excuses :))NothingThe whole lot of management"

senior PACU (Former Employee) says

"At time very understaffed over managed and under budgeted high stess levels with ataff could go on about lack of funding for a new off site training"

Support Worker (Current Employee) says

"is not a good place to work, Ramsay Health only cares about it's Share Price only, staff come last. it was a great place to work once the Management does not respect the staff any more, Ramsay health have made poor investment decisions, staff have been told to take shorter hours to work, and Redundancies, it is very upsetting as a loyal staff member."

Bookings Officer' & 'Theatre Reception (Former Employee) says

"I was pleased with the level of work training provided for my position. The staff I worked with were very friendly and their was a good level of support between staff. However, I was very disappointed at the lack of support from Management. There was a lack of care and understanding and concerns by staff were dismissed.Nice staff.Non caring Management"

Catering Assistant - commenced prior (Former Employee) says

"Poor practices in HR, Executive & Managerial roles had many staff leaving the company. Staff did make complaints about serious matters which were dismissed as lies or not followed up by HR. All staff were kept isolated from each other during HR complaints allowing HR to lie directly to individuals about no other complaints have been made, which was untrue,"

Doug Robinson says

"OK for day surgery or if you're operated on early in the week. At weekends they just want you out even if you're not ready medically."

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