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Rakuten, Inc. (楽天株式会社, Rakuten Kabushiki-gaisha) (Japanese pronunciation: [ɾakɯ̥teɴ]) is a Japanese electronic commerce and online retailing company based in Tokyo. It was founded in 1997 by Japanese businessman Hiroshi Mikitani. Its B2M E-Commerce platform Rakuten Ichiba is the largest e-commerce site in Japan. The company operates Japan's biggest Internet bank and number one credit card company b


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daniish ahmed siddiqui says

"this is the second time I faced the issue with Rakuten. I ordered and they did not send the rebated to my account. Even it is more than 45 days. I am emailing them so many times and now they do not even answer the emails. Don't trust this scam site and stay away from this rubbish."

Gertrude says

"(english below) Même (et surtout) si le prix vous semble très alléchant, vérifiez le vendeur, vérifiez tous les commentaires. Cette plate-forme héberge des vendeurs qui vous trompent sur la marchandise. Par exemple, des smartphones soit-disant "neufs" mais qui, après vérification technique, sont en fait soit de qualité inférieure/reconditionnés, soit dysfonctionnent, souvent les deux. Ne vous laissez pas berner par une jolie boite qui semble officielle et neuve. La pluspart des gens ne réalisent pas cela et finissent avec un mauvais produit qui finit très vite pas tomber en panne ou être inutilisable - ou pire, contenir des malwares et autres logiciels espion. Ne participez pas à cela. En droit français, cela s'appelle du dol, et c'est illégal. Rakuten, par contre, semble sciemment fermer les yeux sur ces pratiques. ----- Please, even if you saw a nice price, check the vendor twice, check all the comments. Why: this platform hosts vendors that will mislead you on the product they sell. E.g selling smartphones as "new" but when checking the phone is and/or of lower quality/refurbished. And EVEN IF the box you receive looks brand new, and 100% legit. Most of the people don't see that and are happy a few week/month with a low quality / malfuntioning product (and that might as well contain malware). Do not contribute to this bad business. Those people are crooks, and Rakuten looks the other way."

Sandeep says

"Pathetic. These guys did not pay for a valid transaction and they had an offer on Lenovo website for 15% off during the cyber Monday. Placed an order but no credit. When raised a ticket they said it would take up to 45 days. Patiently waited for 45 days and asked for an update and no response and no cash back. If you cannot credit what you promised then please don't advertise either. Disgusting service."

Antony says

"I signed up through a member invitation and did not receive the promised bonus. By email I received some options that would be the reason for not receiving the bonus. None of these options apply to me."

Liz M. says

"I was a huge Rakuten advocate until this past winter. I referred someone during their $40 referral bonus promotion. My referral signed up and made a qualifying purchase. We both saw the referral bonuses in our accounts. Then, out the blue, Rakuten removed the bonus from our accounts without any explanation. It's the epitome of false advertising. - I do not have more than one Rakuten account. - I did not create accounts for other people. - I do not live outside the U.S. or Canada. - My account is still available and active. - My referral did not share an IP address with me. She doesn't even live with me. There was literally no reason for them to remove the bonus. This is an unethical company and I won't be referring anyone else to them."

Tanmoy says

"Signed up for Rakuten with a referral link and was promised $40 bonus for a $40+ purchase. I even received a email saying i have qualified for the $40 bonus. Saw the cash back posted in my account, but then it disappeared. Customer care keeps giving the same response that 'you should not have multiple accounts and live in the United States'. Even after confirming that I meet both the requirements, I get the same response. And they take weeks to respond. I do not think it is worth my time anymore. Better check other cash back sites which atleast follow up on their offers."

Linda Ealey says

"I refered 5 people during the $40 bonus and I recieved the bonues but then days later they took away the sign up bonuses. Rakuten is just using people to sign people up and they don't actually pay you for the referrals like they claim they do. They don't. I'm going to be closing my account with them. Never again. Plus when you shop through them, you never get more than a $1 back unless you spend thousands. Scam website!!"

Jake says

"Total scam, push out so many false advertising and not honoring. Even have the balls to label everyone with the one big fat excuse that we are the ones cheating using their service so that they can simply walk away scamming new customers! Good job and karma is coming your way! Stop falsely advertising that you are going to give 40 bucks to people for referring other people, because lying to people doesn't work in today's transparent internet age, and please stop paying fake reviewers to boost your already scam-ful reputation!"

Katy says

"I had worst experience with rakuten. I referred 2 of my friend who got their bonus, one who was living with me. So i was really excited to get my bonus which was displayed on my account and was due to get payment via check this feb. Around a month back when i checked my account, I didnt see the bonus and when i checked with one of the customer support people from rakuten, she told me it might be due to same ip address. My question is where is it written that you cannot refer person who share same ip address and i do not even have two email address i use for rakuten. I literally lost $70 bonus payment and rajuten is just giving excuse on not paying me this amount. Really DISSAPOINTED!!!"

Anne Bearden says

"Typically I am an advocate of Rakuten. I have always thought that the program is wonderful. I have been a member for about 4 1/2 years. Although annoying, I have been understanding regarding repeated situations where the cash back does not credit for valid shopping trips. In those situations I have worked through the online customer service process, taken all steps to provide proof of purchase and in turn have been rightfully credited for valid shopping trips. I recently referred a co-worker to Rakuten and received the $40 referral bonus, as did my co-worker. Due to Covid, my mother (who lives at our home) decided to shape online for Christmas. I referred my mother to Rakuten, as I have been trying to get her to use the app and told her that she could get a $40 bonus for signing up and trying it out. My mother signed up and used Rakuten for numerous shopping trips (spending far beyond the minimum required amount). After around 2 months her account still does not show the credit nor does mine. It shows "pending". I reached out to customer service from the online link and was surprised and upset to receive what appears to be a canned response informing me that I am unable to set up or create multiple accounts and in some cases members are removed from the program. This is not the case by any means. I have set up additional accounts and I am quite positive that my mother is a separate individual with her own funds, spending habits and should be entitled to have a separate Rakuten account. The fact that my mother lives at my address does not make us one entity. If referring Rakuten to others is going to jeopardize my account, I will refrain from ever referring Rakuten again. This experience has been a total let down. The lack of customer service, the canned responses and the assumptions made are offensive. Like I said at the beginning. I see real value in Rakuten for online shopping and rebates since I do 90% of all of my shopping online. I will not be referring new members moving forward."

ashley mataya says

"I looked at my account and Rakuten charged 49.00 to my card. I tried calling to give them first but was useless. They claim it not us it’s the business you bought from. I didn’t by anything that was exactly 49.00 from any company, person, merchant etc. an it says right on my statement “Rakuten charge of 49.00” called bank even and they said the charge was from Rakuten no other business/company. Free my A**. On top of that you don’t get anything back, It’s a waste of time."

tricia says

"They fail to provide accurate cash back or even cash back at ALL, blame it on the store you've purchased from and it will become your full time job to track down what is OWED TO YOU. Also, if you add the Rakuten plug in, they tell you you've earned cash back NO MATTER WHAT YOU BUY, but you actually have to read the FINE PRINT CLOSELY to understand how much, if any you'll actually receive. Its a COMPLETE SCAM ... while you're trying to get them to pay you, you are providing them ALL OF YOUR CUSTOMER BEHAVIOR data which they sell for HUGE GIGANTIC MONEY. DO NOT TRUST THEM, its a nightmare and they DO NOT honor their business model. Happy to provide AMPLE examples of this over the last 6 weeks ALONE"

Sammy says

"Rukuten sucks stole my money then deactivated my account after I reported the problem to then. No reply from custom service. This site use to be gone not its screwing everyone over. I saw alot of people having this problem. Big scam."

Robert says

"I signed up before they include bonus rules for only the United States and Canada residents. They excluded my account and the referral bonus. They shoulded apply the new rules only to new accounts after the date when rules was changed, so it would seem that the intention was to exclude those who registered before this rule, like me. What the reason for that?"

gabby says

"rakuten used to be really great about allowing you to submit requests for cash back on previous shopping trips. now they just tell you that if you didn't activate the cash back at check out, tough luck! i don't appreciate this because sometimes i activate it and it does not give me my cash back regardless!"

erika sanchez says

"I’m just disappointed with how much I I’d actually get back . For example a booked a hotel $90.00 and I would get .42 cents Like really . Then again they take for ever to give you credit ."

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