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Rado is a Swiss luxury watchmaking company founded in 1917 and headquartered in Lengnau, Switzerland. In 1962 it launched the first scratch-resistant watch, the DiaStar. Today the company produces about half a million watches a year with a staff of about 470.

A customer under the name of ¨rdoder¨ shares his/her opinion about Rado Watches ina a review posted for WatchUSeek, (Watch Forums) after someone started a debate about The Bad quality check and material on Rado ceramics watches: "Rado watches are hard but not indestructible. Although our high-tech materials are resistant to scratches, Rado watches must be treated with care. They should not be dropped, and sharp knocks should be avoided. If hit hard enough, the materials may break." I wanted a Rado ceramic watch in the past because the ceramic case/bezel/band would be more scratch-resistant and keep the watch looking nice for much longer. I also wondered why Seiko or other brands would not make more watches with ceramic case/bezel/band. Then through a lot of online research, I found that ceramic is shatter prone. I decided that I'd rather have watches that get scratched up, than have watches that shatter and become unusable without repair. Rado does indicate that their watches may break upon dropping/falling, so you can't say that they didn't tell customers. But it is for sure sneaky, as I couldn't easily find that information from navigating their home page, and only found it directly via Google search. This is a case of caveat emptor (haha, pun).


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Manesh Kumar says

"I got the worst quality masks ever possible!! Beware!! They are horrible.. worst manufacturing unit!"

ahmed nasir says

"I never got the items, I reached out to customer service numerous times and no response. They said I had to wait 7 days from delivery to file a claim and then never had any communications back. Horrible experience buyer beware, never again."

Larry Yi says

"Product came late and damaged box"

navdeep sharma says

"the masks I bought were the worst quality .. the thread on right upper side comes out for all masks. very bad experience."

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