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Radisson Blu is an international chain of hotels operated by Radisson Hotels. With roots dating back to the 1960s, the Radisson Blu brand name came into existence in 2009 with a rebranding from Radisson SAS. Its hotels are found in major cities, key airport gateways and leisure destinations.

Clow mentioned, "Radisson Blu Hotel Durham was not what was expected for the price of room,2 single beds pushed together instead of a double bed that came apart in the middle of the night, carpets were all strained in room, room keeping knocking on the door 20 min before we needed to check out asking us to leave."


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commi 2 (Current Employee) says

"The worst property I have ever seen. especially the owner and the management are terrible. I suggest everyone not to go for Radisson blu or Radisson towers kaushambi, Delhi ncr Cons: late salary, unwanted cut on salary, no management, no rules no regulations. horses and donkeys running together."

Kitchen Porter/Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I was worked so hard in their kitchen that it ended in injury.. Cons: Long hours"

Горничная (Former Employee) says

"В отделе работы с горничными несколько дней бесплатной стажировки. Затем просят работать без выходных и не фиксируют отработанные смены. После, даже не пытаются открыть журналы, чтобы проверить фактически отработанные дни. В итоге, не платят. Не советую работать в этом отеле, тяжёлый труд, где каждый раз несколько дней в месяц Вам не будут оплачивать. В моем случае, мне заплатили за 4 из 8 12-часовых летних загруженных смен, отработанных подряд без выходных (не по моей инициативе). Найдите место получше. Удачи Cons: Часто не оплачивают смены. Будете работать бесплатно"

Güvenlik (Former Employee) says

"Çeşme radisson blu otelde güvenlik olarak çalıştım...diğer guvrnlik bayanlar ile güvenlik müdürü ahlaksız ilişki yaşıyordu.nobete geç gelen bayanlar i şikayet ettiğim için güvenlik cansu bana bıçak çekti..securitas guvenlik ilgilenmedi beni işten cikardi..2020/15535 soruşturma nolu çeşmede şikayetim var.sirketten şikayetçiyim Cons: Fuhuş oteli."

Assistant HR Manager (Former Employee) says

"If you been called here better run or you will ruin your life for years of working here. There is no job security and you can be terminated without a fair trial."

Housekeeping (Former Employee) says

"Fired people don’t pay over time and GM fired people by the phone housekeeping manager careless and don’t care about her employees 😮 Her answer usually was if u don’t like you can go but not sort out issues and find way to keep people happy Cons: Don’t waste time"

Housekeeper (Former Employee) says

"If your not Polish or don't have an opinion you don't fit in they treat you poorly don't care about you at all would never work there again and as I say if your not Polish or if your not mean to people you won't get in I got sacked for sticking up for some1 them they brought me back a few months layer and things had just got worse never again awful place to work"

housekeeping supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Staff should not be biased based on their performance. Learning should be focused more rather than corercive behavior for any job not done properly. Job security 0"

Hotel Assistant (Former Employee) says

"As long u got a pulse and you can cover any shift. Congratulations you been promoted."

Front of House Staff (Former Employee) says

"Management were not welcoming or forthcoming, expected everything to be done at once, when jobs were all completed and there was nothing to do management would shout at you for talking to other colleagues"

Restaurant supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Radisson Jersey worse and most unprofessional hotel I ever worked In my life,the worse pay from the island,worse treatment and old food for staff has nothing to do with Radisson Group Hotel .No professional procedure in anything nothing to learn untrained staff with no skills and no previous experience in hospitality....they keep the stuff in zero hours contract with years...always working in short staff I do not reccomend!"

Cuisinier (Former Employee) says

"Esclavage moderne, seconde de cuisine raciste et très agressive un petit bulldog Cons: Tout"

Chef de Partie (Former Employee) says

"Nobody cares and standards and quality of individuals are questionable. No teamwork and quality of service is lacking. Most people there are lazy and like to avoid working hard. Shift patterns aren't great and they have no discipline and employ a lot of unemployable morons too. There pay is as low as possible and there NO tips. Probably stolen by middle management. Avoid working here unless your an ex convict or never had a job. Or disabled Cons: Everything"

Reception Manager (Former Employee) says

"Nightmare of a place don’t expect to work here long they have a high turn over on staff and managers treat you like a dog, simply a number. Even management have no clue how to do their jobs so expect not to be trained correctly. Also all the staff here sleep with each other and have affairs. Cons: Everything"

Chef de rang (Former Employee) says

"Environment de travail tres toxique Cons: Aucun avantage"

Accommodation Assistant (Former Employee) says

"The work load was far to much. Cons: The time given to complete the work was too little"

M and e Assistant and room service (Former Employee) says

"its very toxic lot of people willing to stab you in the back and its very disorganised and the f and d manager wasn't the best person for the job there was a better person there working already"

Front Office Executive (Former Employee) says

"RHG itself a great chain to work with though I just worked with one outlet. My experience was ruined because of the spoiled rules which gts tend as person to person. This outlet needs alot of improvement in concern to avoid attrition. The administration is way too gud bt thre are few of the people who will make you realise you are at the wrong place. Cons: Politics, misinterpretation, communication gap. spoiled Hierarchy rules"

Ayudante de camarero (Former Employee) says

"No me gusto nada la mala leche de los compañeros y encima el meitre no te explica nada el primer día d trabajo para saber el sistema . No volvería a ir aunque esté pasando hambre . Hay mucha gente que conozco que ha firmado bajas voluntarias Cons: Todo"

Front Office Manager (Former Employee) says

"Geschlossen, nicht innovative Manager und Mitarbeiter, die seit vielen Jahren in diesem Hotel gearbeitet haben, und einige von ihnen haben Angst vor ihrem Geschäftsführer, der seit über 13 Jahren in diesem Hotel arbeitet. Mangelnde Führung, keine Wertschätzung oder Anerkennung der Mitarbeiter Cons: viele"

Rahul kapoor says

"First I will say the worst hotel and the hotel team. one guy is staying here almost 5 years now he is doing doubtful job here .he is staying with a women and many ladies coming and going to his room .all support is doing GM mahadevan and the whole guys in the hotel? this is my serious complaint against mahadevan .I will inform every where so please terminate the manager and his team .if no possible any families wont come to the hotel ..pls take serious action"

lesley ward says

"Very unhelpful customer service Bucharest - no compassion for a genuine booking error"

Spang22 says

"Radisson Blu at Stanstead airport - average for an airport hotel - surprised at the 4* claim - carpet outside our room had multiple repulsive stains and the 3rd bed in our room looked more suitable for a child, it is a good job I am a very small person! They should be throwing Moneycorp and their rip off ATM off their premises. Their response when we queried the humungous charge to take out Euros...it is for the convenience of our customers- how convenient is it to be ripped off by such an enormous extent I don’t know! All in all - we are unlikely to stay there again, there is always a choice and we wouldn’t choose them."

Johan says

"Parking On the night of the 3rd August 2019 I parked for a short time in the Parking at the Radisson Blu between 23:55 and 00:35 the next morning. Stansted As I had no small change and my mobile phone ran out of battery power I proceeded to the hotel reception to pay as advised on the Radisson Blu Parking lot information board. (Photo of information board attached). I went to the reception on 2 occasions. The first time the Duty Manager advised me that the paying machines were not working and I was free to exit the parking area without payment. I returned to the Radisson Blu Parking area and the Payment Information Board which advises that payment can be made at the Radisson Blu Reception. I walked back a second time to the reception and again spoke to the Duty Manager and showed him the photo I had taken of the Radisson Blu Parking Payment advice. The Duty Manager then entered my details into a device situated on a desk in the Reception Area of the Radisson Blu. The device advised that no payment was payable due to the limited period I had parked and the Duty Manager confirmed that I could exit the Radisson Blu Parking without making a payment. I then received a Parking Charge Notice from Parking Eye Car Park Solutions “PECPS”, addressed to my wife (the Registered Owner) for and amount of £100.00. I was invited to submit an on line appeal which I did submitting the facts as set out above. I received what I assume is a standard letter rejecting my appeal. The reason given for the rejection is given as “despite there being payment methods available” no payments were made. No reference is made of the fact that I had twice explored one of the payment methods and despite being willing to pay was advised by an officer of Radisson Blu that payment was not necessary. No indication is given that my advices were checked with the Radisson Blu or that the log of the device used at the Radisson Blu was checked to verify the truth of my statement. Just another way of making money by appointing unscrupulous 3rd party administrators"

NN says

"Checking in at Radisson Blu London Stansted took 2 hours, partly because the staff was very slow and partly because the hotel did not bother to have the reception area fully staffed."

A.Kellenberger says

"Our recent stay at Radisson Blu Zuürich Airport over Christmas 2020 was a big disappointment. The hotel was advertised as a luxurious hotel with 4-star rating for standard of service and facilities. During our stay, Radisson Blu did not able to deliver what they claim to be. Starting at the reception, an Email with confirmed online booking and credit card authorisation to deduct was presented upon check in. The room package was booked via “Zürich Tourismus “website. The lady receptionist on duty insisted on a cash deposit in the absence of the actual credit card. While it is normal to ask for up to 95% deposit for a room, it is outrageous my son was asked Fr 570.00 for our Fr 270.00 hotel stay. What was weird, he was instructed to withdraw the money at the airport premises. Since I was not present at the time and all transactions were made with my credit card, my son told the lady he will come back. Luckily, the lady was no longer there when we came back in the night. However, she deliberately cancelled our reservation shortly after my son left on that same day. A decision we found very discriminating considering she had all our contact details. She could have called or emailed us to explain or notify that we should not come back anymore because she decided to leave the hotel half empty for the night, literally speaking. It is sad that unfit employees are left in the front line to disappoint paying customers on Christmas Eve. We only decided to stay at Radisson Blu in the effort to give support to the campaign made by Zürich Tourismus” to promote Zürich Hotels. That explains why we stayed in the hotel located just 9 minutes’ drive away from our house. The Asian/Indian-looking gentleman on the night shift was more efficient. He rebooked us upon our return without intimidation and discrimination showing professionalism of a 5-star customer service representative. When we reached our room, we were dismayed to find the toilet bowl with a big yellow stain, toilet-paper holder dusty and carpet and floor tiles were sticky with barefoot. The study desk was worn out and the couch was full of sweat stains. The Mini bar was empty with no sign if its due to hygiene reasons. For 3 nights, there was 1 housekeeping visit but only to change the towels and floor was not vacuumed. No clean-up -Room-sign was available to hang. We did not bother to call the Reception because in our many experiences with 4 stars and 5 stars hotel, cleanliness, style and comfort comes automatic with the hotel brand. We came to relax and enjoy. The host/waiter every breakfast was pleasant and attentive. He made sure social distancing was followed and coffees were served to maintain hygiene. Two thumbs up. The omelette has a good presentation but watered down and not made from fresh eggs. The mini donuts at the buffet were cut in halves when they could have baked them to bite-size instead. Overall, breakfast choices are only 3-star standard. We understand the limited servings due to corona but please maintain style. We plan to book at Radisson in Basel next Christmas, we hope the standard will meet our expectations."

Kevin Bowman says

"Was really impressed on arrival. A beautiful hotel with character. Shame the service didn’t match. Stayed for 6 nights and the first 2 nights were fine. Then we were left with no towels, coffee cups, water and an unmade room for two days. Asked at reception who said they would deal with it but they didn’t. Had to chase towels down myself and used glasses as coffee cups. Also sat at the bar for 20 mins being completely ignored by the staff so drank elsewhere. If I return to Brussels it won’t be at the Radisson Blu."

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