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Former Employee - Solutions Architect says

"Bad management - revolving doors and a new C-level of the week Not a leader in the cloud or any other technology Every existing customer wants to leave when you speak to them"

Former Employee - Custom Service Technician says

"Company will not value your knowledge or the fact that you went to the Rackspace owned school but only qualify for lowest technical position job that anyone can get"

Current Employee - Account Representative says

"- poor leaders - the cycle of the revolving door of leadership continues - poor sales dept and terrible on the support side - this company isn’t the rackspace of 10 years ago - a lot of customers will leave because there is such an internal mess. they constantly get new reps and account managers and some customers haven’t been talked to in years. they do seem to get their bill no problem though... - quotas are too high! poor path of career development - the best sellers are consistently leaving because they are underpaid and promises are left unkept - this company finds ways to bend the numbers each month - rackspace wants to be something it’s not. A leader in the tech industry. - my advice get in and use company as a stepping stone. Look for companies like Google and AWS as next. - the reality of the fact is that this one of the few tech companies in San Antonio but it doesn’t compete with similar ones up in Austin."

Former Employee - Cloud Sales Specialist says

"I moved to San Antonio for the job and was laid off 7 months later. I was a top performer in sales. That should say it all. Due to “restructuring” my entire team (and part of the department) was laid off. I was pretty grossly underpaid, but again, San Antonio is cheap so they leverage that you will make slightly more than the city. After picking up a “filler” job to have tide me over for the job hunt, I was recruited for a top tech firm making 3x what I made at Rackspace. The moral of the story - underpaid, overworked, made to make commitments that they don’t keep"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Management has no direction. priorities change everyday. Employee moral suffers. many people leaving the company. Do not recommend company to pursue long term career. Company is losing customers because service is horrible."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Middle management is lost and afraid. Kevin the CEO is flying around the world posting internally about the great time he is having, not a good morale booster when raises are not good and spending has been cut. A lot of good people have left or are looking to leave. Not the place it used to be."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"This place thinks they’re one of the heavy hitters but they’re not even close. I’ve never seen an attrition rate as high as I have here. It’s definitely a great place if you’re looking to set your career back ten years."

Former Employee - Cyber Security says

"In the five years I have been with the company we had 3 different CEO's and one interim CEO. With all that change came a lot of turn over in leadership and employees. Just when you think you are about to make some head way, someone from senior leadership leaves and you are right back to square one. They were public, then private, and are now trying to IPO again. In my opinion it seems everyone is holding on bated breath and the attitude is "just get by" until Rackspace does IPO thinking things will change for the better. I felt like a rabbit chasing a carrot on a stick attached to my back, putting in a lot of work for little reward."

Former Employee - Salesforce Engineer says

"Complete lack of direction and clear definition of job duties."

Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"Rackspace used to be a sought after place to work with tales of flexibility, career development, work-life balance, energizing culture, a company that treats its employees like family, and so much more. This was all true when I joined the company 5 years ago and now, that is ALL gone. The company's number one priority is making money and there is no culture to speak of. Pay- the party is the lowest in the market and industry and they used to say the benefits made up the difference. That was true for me and a lot of others until all that started changing. Culture- First they took away funding that was used for team members. There used to be a budget for things like birthdays or promotion celebrations, team building activities, sending flowers to a Racker who may have been ill, lost a family member or recently had a new baby. That no longer exists nor does Rackspace care about any of these life events. The company would also regularly host happy hours as a way to network across the very large business. Yes, they would include alcohol and sometimes was even on company grounds. That has since be completely stopped. Then the castle used to be full of "fueling stations" where items like tea, coffee, soda and fruit were always available to help you through your work day. All around the castle there were maybe 8 stations and that has been reduced to one station with nothing but a kitchenette. Now they have announced that there is no circumstance in which you will be allowed to work from home unless approved by the CEO himself. Good-bye flexibility. The cultureI met great people here.Everything else."

Software Development Engineer in Test (Former Employee) says

"I wrote automated test software in (older version) python. The developers made it obvious that quality developers were secondary to them. Some developers were nice, but others would stab you in the back whenever possible."

Customer Service Technician (Current Employee) says

"Job was presented as a stepping stone to greater salary and opportunity but there is none. No raises, just a promotion cycle that is hidden by HR and only applies to those in nepotistic positions. Training is vague, you must learn most on your own and work/study off the clock. Turnover is super high here which leaves those that stay with more work than we are compensated for. New hires get paid more and generally do less. No process in place to retain talent or scout internally and openings go to friends and family first. If you ask your manager for help meeting and/or shadowing other departments you are interested in they will tell you to walk around and offer to buy people coffee or lunch to pay for meeting with them. They cut all overtime and keep laying off or outsourcing departments through divestiture. I was told this place used to be great but other than the casual dress code there isn't much I would recommend here.CasualLow Pay, No Growth"

Significant position of authority (Former Employee) says

"Can't say as I would recommend this company. Too many competing agendas and internal competition for practically anything. Good that they shared financial information with employees, bad when end of February comes around every year - 3 years in a row of company wide reassessment of staffing needs. Loved the people that I worked with but Rackspace leadership really is responsible for poor performance. Many senior leaders have turned over. Dim prospects for anything but more of the same.Fun if you can take advantage of on site ammenitiesNon collaborative environment, internal competition for resources, apparently don't believe in not hiring brilliant jerks"

Systems Administrator (Former Employee) says

"Stared out a fun, enjoyable, and hard working place to be. As financial issues hit the company the fun left. The culture slowly died. Everything started depending on the numbers rather than going above and beyond helping customers. My entire section got demoted in title and pay. They increased workloads so there was never downtime. Very few opportunities to advance unlike when I first started.Free sodaEverything"

Linux Engineer II (Former Employee) says

"Rows and rows of techs sitting tightly together.always on the phone.Supervisors hovered making sure you were working. Modern day version of a tech sweatshop.Food trucks, bonusesNo breaks, young inexperienced supervisors on power trips"

Linux Administrator (Current Employee) says

"Applying at Rackspace should be last resort before unemployment.Management and Job Culture should receive -2 stars.For details; read all the other negative reviews.Pays better than unemployment.Everything else."

N/A (Current Employee) says

"Do not bother applying at Rackspace other than as a last resort. This company is no longer what it used to be. You are going to become a glorified secretary for customers. As long as you can be polite and are willing to sweet talk customers, leadership will not care if you are technically skilled or not. Definitely not a place for technically oriented people. Management, c-level, is a joke as the current attrition shows. Finally, no career advancement.Really noneLeadership, c-level, is awful and that is causing the company to tank fast, lack of career growth, definitely not a place for technical people."

Business Development Consultant (Current Employee) says

"This organization has no sales structure, they believe that services will sell themselves. The hardest part of the job is to get everyone other than sales to row in the same direction."

PM (Current Employee) says

"Very large number of middle managers with very few reports. Constant change, unclear objectives and no clear direction. Some very good technical Rackers completely overridden by managers with no technical knowledge. Pay is a joke (about 20% below San Antonio average) and opportunities for advancement don't exist. Clearly the company is waiting to be acquired.A slide in the officeNo management, no advancement, poor benefits, uncompetitive pay"

Racker (Former Employee) says

"This is the worst company I have ever worked for. The sophomoric culture with silly flags and straight jacket awards is better suited for a fraternity. They claim to show fanatical support but do not for customers nor employees. The employee attrition rate and customer churn speaks volumes. Despite their yearly change in CEO nothing changes."

SRE (Former Employee) says

"Management knew the axe was coming... to get rid of private cloud. This was orchestrated by Apollo Mgmt in order to boost their profits... before the axe fell... we had directors leave for other opportunities... strange but not completely unusual... then it was obvious about why... they knew about the layoffs... one day, without warning.. over 350 people were laid off... not given the opportunity to find other work in the company... just an email, a video meeting and...buh bye... This was also orchestrated to happen corresponding with bonuses... RS didn't meet their numbers, but Apollo opted to pay in for the bonuses... so we "received the bonus" BUT... then being laid off... no severance pay... it WAS THE BONUS!!!! With many years in the industry... I have never been treated this poorly... no apologies... no assistance... it was, simply, about putting money in the owners pockets...NoneManagement"

Employee (Current Employee) says

"Can't make up their mind, and if they do, you must belong to their BFF Club to get anywhere. Centrally Managed from Texas, the rest of the teams are a "Rubber Stamp" If I hear about their "Culture" one more time, I'll loss my lunch Existing Mgmt. is afraid of bringing in real talent and experience that would demonstrate how inept they really are.Good MoneyBad Sr. Mgmt."

Sales (Current Employee) says

"f you do not subscribe to the hive mind of the employees and management, you are a social pariah. Gossip is a problem. Humor is a problem. Being "socially correct" is mandatory. Pretend that you work in utopia at all times. Agree with whatever nonsense is popular. Its like something in a dystopian movie - Stepford employees without the good looking women.no pros. The employment atmosphere is cold, clinical and socialistic.no pros. The employment atmosphere is cold, clinical and socialistic."

Telecom Engineer III (Current Employee) says

"Worst manager ever! Dishonest and unfair. Company is like romper room on steroids. Poorly run company. Unfortunately impacts workers layoffs always occurring"

Linux System Administrator (Former Employee) says

"I have worked here for 3 years and I have to admit it is the worst place to work at. I personally know that there have been several contracts that we work with as in clients that we have that have been hacked into thier accounts and the company has not even report it to the clients. We have had an accounting firm that was hacked and thier company was not the first. To me this is still useless if we do not help our clients then what are we here for."

Software Developer III (Former Employee) says

"Manager was abusive and a bully, he was also extremely incompetent not only technically but showed very little to no experience being able to manage a team.Free SodasSoftware projects as a whole at this company appear very dysfunctional"

Manager, Global Talent Development (Former Employee) says

"Lots of uncertainty. Company is trying to find their identity and is struggling. Satisfaction level will depend on manager as their are no set ways of leadership.Hi Racker - thanks for your feedback. We are going through exciting times and continue to transform our business to meet the needs of our customers. With change comes challenge, but challenge we are excited for and prepared to meet. We wish you the very best !"

HR (Former Employee) says

"Promoted from within to a fault, where people were in over their heads. Good work/life balance with solid mentoring programs. A culture that focuses on team building, social activities, and recognition. An attempt to focus on diversity, although not organized and thoughtful at the company level.Pockets of good talent and leadershipLeadership turnover impacted employee's ability to be successfulWe work hard to create a culture of investment in our Rackers that includes the numerous programs you acknowledged! We look to promote first when new roles open, which can create challenges as new Rackers stretch & grow within their new roles. Thanks for your time at Rackspace!"

Desktop Support Engineer (Former Employee) says

"The building is great and really a fun place to be in , staff are great and really helpful. Management are chancers who have got where they are because they happened to be there at the right place and right time , or they where friends with people who helped them out. Most of the management wouldn't get a job in any other company so are holding onto there curren tole with dear life!Great building, and great staffManagement needs to be chopped"

Joe Totah says

"My experience with Rackspace is the absolutely worst web host in my 10 years of publishing. First of all, my firm was looking for a solid solution and were willing to pay more for such solution. They offer a "Fanatical Support Agreement" that spells out some very high service standards. I paid more for these service standards because it was what I was looking for. I noticed during our on-boarding , they were constantly violating the Fanatical Support Agreement and not only violating it, but not even coming close to what they promised.

The first two months were horrendous and we were given an excuse on why they couldn't meet the support agreement. They basically said that I had to call in rather than submit a ticket in order to get their fanatical support promise. Nowhere in the agreement does it state such as thing, They stuck to that and continued to disregard the agreement, not even acknowledging their agreement does not make mention of how we contact them. Also who in this day and age with a high tech company do you call into? Nobody does that anymore. In addition to this, the staff always told me they were extremely busy and as far as I can tell they were racing around to get work done. Hence, it appears they were understaffed to handle the workload and their sales team was still selling the fanatical support agreement even though they probably knew they could not fulfill it.

Then more recently, I got a notice stating that they are going to charge me a credit card fee. Well we have a two year pricing agreement and nowhere in that agreement does it say they can charge me this fee, actually the price is fixed for these two years. So now if I pay my credit card, they charge a 3.5% fee. My firm pay around $700 a month for their services, which includes a number of additional ads on, so we are not a real low paying client.

I tried to work with one of the upper level executive and while he meant well, but this went nowhere. This executive indirectly acknowledged that they have got away from their roots of providing "fanatical service" and he was their to change this. However as he tried to help me, he could not get anywhere.

In closing, my firms pay up for quality service , we have partners we greatly appreciate and almost all our vendor partners do a wonderful job. In my humble opinion, this is a very poorly managed firm, a firm that lacks quality upper management or they have some very serious financial issues. Again I don't know if this is true, it's just my opinion and say this based on my own experience with them."

Jose Enrique Calderon says

"This company offers impressive services but be very cautions about getting a virtual server. They offer me a windows server with an estimate of $127 per month. For the first 2 month everything was ok but suddenly a bill came in for $1600 and 1400. They bill stated that bandwidth spikes.

After getting a consultant to review this situation, I learned that the Rackspace defaults all ports open and sure enough a DDS attack conveniently for Rackspace ran-up my bandwidth resources. The account manager offer a refund after the next bill. But when the next statement closed with another $3200, Rackspace refused to meet their refund promise and demanded full payment.

From reading previous review here and in other social media comments, it is obvious that there is reason to conclude that exists a deceptive deliberate pattern from Rackspace to scam clients with charges from bandwidth spikes.

I hold the company responsible. Further investigation returns that most of their IP blocks are listed in abuse lists around the world. They are negligent protecting clients with conveniently weak firewalls that runs bills conveniently to their favor but greatly hurting developers, business owners and clients subscribed to Rackspace server service."

Ratan Baid says

"Rackspace is a money extorting business with Zero to Negative customer service. We signed up for a server with firewall etc with Rackspace for our critical websites. Our Account manager was John.
Rackspace charged my credit cards with un-authorized amounts of $7874.48. Our monthly cost as per the contract was $751 including the Firewall etc. We contacted our Account manager John and he promised to get the un-authorized amount refunded back immediately. Several calls and emails were exchanged with John and every time he promised not to worry – Un-authorized charges will be refunded. John also promised that he will put us on a different level so that such bandwidth overage will not be charged anymore and promised that the amount will be refunded. Our refund request went on with John for over 2-3 months and finally he informed that we need to speak with one Mr. Chance Bonner. Bonner informed not to contact John anymore and he would contact his Finance committee and get back about the refund. Meantime Rackspace did another un-authorized charge on my card for $3467.36 compared to the monthly charge of $751. We were alarmed at that time and immediately contacted Bonner again and other customer service people. Bonner was mostly not available. Other customer service people were extremely rude and un-helpful when we requested them about the un authorized charges. Bonner took another 3 months to get back to us about Un authorized charges. Bonner finally said the credit committee is not willing to refund the money but Bonner can make sure that there will be no overage after 6 months of charging un-authorized amounts. Bonner quit as our account manager and someone else took over the account. Around July 24th we received a call and message from Rackspace that: We have discovered or reasonably believe that your server has been compromised at a system/root level. We asked Rackspace to fix immediately as this is a very critical server and we would lose over $12,000 each day. Server was shut down and we kept on incurring losses everyday. Rackspace did not bother to fix anything. We told them that this is a very critical server and we need this fixed immediately but it did not bother them. It took them over a week to come back and tell us that we need to pay several thousand dollars to go with another server. By this time we had lost over $84,000. All they said after a week that it will cost more money and gave us several options to spend few thousand dollars to create another server. Firewall was provided by Rackspace, Server management was provided by Rackspace, but they did not provide any service of managing their servers nor firewall. If there is a server compromise- they could have replaced or done something to get our business up and running after few hours or at the worst next day. They failed to provide any service. All they wanted was extra money every time and provided no service or negative service. This company has absolutely no service and they are only interested in extorting money by hook or crook. We realized their business practice is not to provide any service at a very high cost."

Martin Carrion says

"Horrible experience closing an account, see what they say when you request a cancellation and be aware of their bad practice:

"I'm sad to hear you are leaving Rackspace especially after years of our business partnership. I must inform you now that Rackspace does require a 90 day written notice for cancellation as stated in the Global Service Agreement (GSA)""

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