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Rachel Roy (born January 15, 1974) is an American fashion designer.

Donna M shared in SITEJABBER that Rachel Roy has a terrible quality and terrible customer service: “I ordered 2 items from RachelRoy.com and only received one of the items and the one I did receive was damaged. They sent out the missing item after I told them I no longer needed it so I waited to return the damaged item I received upon receiving the missing item. Both items were returned within the 14-day policy but due to a delay on shipping, they arrived 3 days after the 14 days so I was issued a store credit. When I contacted the customer yet again, I was almost in tears after the rep was so rude and simply refused to accommodate me at all. I will be contacting my cc company and issuing a chargeback. Buyers beware of RachelRoy.com. No wonder this horrible company is going out of business!”

A former employee from New York wrote a review for GLASSDOOR about working at Rachel Roy company expressing frustration: “On the surface, it’s all great. But once the novelty wears off, you’re left with a company that is severely struggling and will be defunct before long. In essence, the product quality is bad, the styles are outdated, the clothes are only sold at one major retailer, and that retailer has been struggling for years. Any other company would invest in e-commerce and social media, but RR is reluctant to any ideas that senior management can’t easily understand. There are budget cuts and incompetent managers across all departments, and with everyone drinking the kool-aid, there is no one at the company who will get up and actually fix the issues here.”


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