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Quora is an American question-and-answer website where questions are asked, answered, followed, and edited by Internet users, either factually or in the form of opinions. Its owner, Quora Inc., is based in Mountain View, California, United States.

John mentioned, "Quora, the place where people can get away with writing any comment, spread propaganda or harassment, be offensive as long as they don't use the word $#*!.

However if you, God forbid, call someone out when they blatantly offend you using hypocritical and passive aggressive lingo, your comment gets deleted because it's straight to the point.

If I can't write it there I'll write it here. Quora can go $#*! itself along with it's employees who should get killed for being stupid $#*!ing imbeciles who can't judge nor care to judge properly."


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Mazkal says

"What a disgusting place Quora has become. The platform is supportive of racist and misogynistic tirades and deletes comments where people attempt to put the racists and bigots in their place. The platform has become more than useless. Once upon a time it was a great place to read and learn. Now it is nothing more than a home for people whose opinions don't belong in modern society."

Technical Author (Current Employee) says

"I enjoy my time there. I write lots of questions, but have been distracted with work and what not. Good place to be. Not easy to become a partner, you need to be invited"

Amish says

"People get too personal with you whenever there is differing opinion...... way too personal. I honestly do not know what is wrong with some people in Quora. I read in other reviews just now that some people actually got stalkers because Quora. One person even said someone killed herself because of Quora. Does management knows about this? I can't say I'm hardly surprised though, I've seen people get bullied there so often and mods do nothing. With all that bullying it will be more of a surprise for me if no one thought to kill themselves after they use Quora. It's so horrific."

Glenda Nash says

"this app is incredibly stupid I'm trying to delete my account I completely hate thee experience it serve me no purpose if you're try to avoid the trap un fair practices it seems very personable inappropriate for people with disabilities un fair treatment"

Eric Wolfs says

"Quora is strongly biased and only certain answers are allowed. I answered a question that didn't fit and in just a few minutes it was removed without a notifications. Cleared things up for me because I was wondering how it was possible that all the answers were almost the same. It's a fake forum. If you want to find answers, don't go there."

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