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QMC@Home is a distributed computing project for the BOINC client aimed at further developing and testing Quantum Monte Carlo (QMC) for use in quantum chemistry. It is hosted by the University of Münster with participation by the Cavendish Laboratory. QMC@Home allows volunteers from around the world to donate idle computer cycles to help calculate molecular geometry using Diffusion Monte Carlo.

The abstract from Paulo H. Acioli's journal "Review of Monte Carlo quantum methods and their applications" (published in 1997), points out a particular problem with this method for studying electron correlation, created by QMC@Home, in the "Sciencedirect" website:

"We also review some of its applications, such as the homogeneous electron gas, atoms and the inhomogeneous electron gas (jellium surface). The correlation energy obtained by Ceperley and Alder (D.M. Ceperley and B.J. Alder, Physical Review, 45 (1980) 566), as parameterized by Perdew and Zunger (J.P. Perdew and A. Zunger, Phys. Rev. B23 (1980) 5469), is one of the most used in DFT calculations in the local density approximation (LDA). Unfortunately, the use of the LDA in inhomogeneous systems is questionable, and better approximations are desired or even necessary."


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"Huge recent turnover in management. Owner of the company is making several changes. Some of which I am I complete disagreement with. I do not feel that he has the best interest of his employees or the patients they care at heart."

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