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Quality Hotel Oppdal, formerly Opdal Turisthotell, is a hotel in Oppdal, Norway. Part of the Choice Hotels, it was established in 1924 by Norsk Spisevognselskap, a state-owned enterprise that ran railway restaurants. The hotel is next to Oppdal Station on the Dovre Line.

Tony, a very disappointed customer shared his experience on tripadvisor.com, "Quality Hotel Oppdal is empty Monday through Thursday then invaded by locals at the weekend celebrating Christmas or perhaps they do that every weekend of the year. Very noisy at the weekends with many drunk locals littering public areas of the hotel from early pm till early hours of the morning (in fact until the next morning when we were there). The hotel is unsympathetic to complaints about noise and drunks bothering guests. On the plus side, hotel food quite acceptable. Of course, forget the drinks in Norway - fiver for a beer or [...] glass of wine in the hotel (nearly £3 for a coke). location is right next to the town's railway station and the old part of the hotel has the feel of a railway hotel. modern extension not subtle but somehow it works. we were in a party of about 12. Great variance in the quality of rooms. Some really rather good, others small with poor amenities but seemed to be the same price. Walls paper thin. Suggest if at all not happy try and get them to move you. They were quite good about this. Would I stay there again? Probably but only if I had to be in Oppdal and then only because there isn't much else. Could really benefit from some amenities such as a sauna and pool. there is nothing to do - no games room to speak of etc."


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