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Pull&Bear (Spanish: [pul am ˈbeɾ]) is a Spanish clothing and accessories retailer based in Narón (A Coruña), Galicia. It was founded in 1986 as New Wear, S.A. and it was officially launched as Pull & Bear in 1991. It is part of Inditex, owner of Zara and Oysho brands.


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Isabel M Arroyo M says

THIS IS NOT A LEGIT SHOP DESPITE HAVING PHYSICAL STORES. THEY WILL SCAM YOU IF YOU ORDER ONLINE, PROCESSS YOUR ORDER, TAKE YOUR MONEY AWAY AND THEN PROVIDE YOU WITH A FALSE TRACKING NUMBER. YOU WILL NEVER SEE YOUR ORDER. MASSIVE SCAM!!! They HAVE STOLEN almost £200 worth of an order I made two weeks ago where I requested to have the order delivered to a Royal Mail collection point at Mare Street (my local post office). My order was split in two parcels, one has been delivered to a Royal Mail collection point to where I have been provided a tracking number. That order has been stuck in that depot for two weeks and when trying to follow tracking to select delivery options it says it are not options for that tracking, hence being a FALSE TRACKING NUMBER. My other half order placed TWO WEEKS AGO still on preparing status according to the shop. I have been to the Pull and Bear physical store and THEY REFUSED TO HELP AS THIS IS AN ONLINE ORDER. I am trying to call RM and they do not answer their phones (anyways the tracking is a fake, so they will not be able to help, I am sure). I have tried to call Pull and Bear and they do not answer their phones either. They have stolen my money and now I have to start a process to recover my order money through chargeback and probably start a small court claim to recover all my loses (phone calls, transportation and interest on my money held, plus two days of work lost that I had to ask for to sort out my problem to no avail). I will be reporting them to TRADING STANDARDS AND THE FINANCIAL OMBUDSMAN BUT I AM CERTAIN ALREADY THAT IT WILL TAKE MONTHS TO RECOVER MY £200.

Please whatever you do, do not order from them, they are PROFFESIONAL THIEVES. THEIR ONLINE STORE IS ONLY A FACADE TO SCAM CUSTOMERS."

Erik says

"I bought a jacket and shortly thereafter local guidelines went out about staying at home. It wasn't a good idea to be out shopping in the first place, but it's definitely not a good idea to out to return the jacket now. When I finally got to chat with an actual person in their online chat support, I still just got a "sorry" and "you have to go the store to return" plus the macro answer about returns. All I wanted was to extend the return period so that I can at least go on a non crowded day."

Aimee says

"If I could give 0 star review I would- I ordered from PULL&BEAR just over a week ago and they failed to deliver my order past the expected delivery date. They also owe me £20 worth of clothes they they are made from order. I’ve contacted them via email, tried the number they recommended that isn’t even running and called them out on Twitter and I’ve been ignored and insufficiently dealt with on all occasions. I will not be shopping here again!!!!!!!"

Mr A Morton says

"For Christmas my mother in law ( who is 86), bought me two Tee shirts from PULL&BEAR WESTFIELD STRATFORD, which are the wrong size. She kept the receipt but they ended up at her accountant with all of her paperwork for her annual tax review. Now I didn't know when she had purchased them as she couldn't remember, until we went and collected her paperwork yesterday. It turns out that she purchased the items in November. So the deadline for returns was 3/12/2019. Christmas Day is 25th December. So even when I opened the presents the deadline had passed.
Anyway today finally I got the opportunity to go to PULL & BEAR to exchange the items for the correct sizes. Now I understand that the deadline had well and truly passed, but all I wanted was to exchange and not a refund. The customer service representative said that I was to late and also the item has been reduced, ( I wasn't expecting to be given the difference back, in fact I told her that I was happy to forego any refund as I just want a different size). She told me that I would have to speak to customer services, so she gave me the number. I called them and I got more of the same.
The thing is is that the items still have there labels and price tags on and are still in the Christmas bag that PULL &BEAR put things in if they are to be a gift.
So now I am stuck with two Tee shirts that are far too big.

I am very disappointed with the level of inflexibility shown, and I will never return to one of what used to be a favourite shop for me.
I suppose they will make very good dusters
Disappointed doesn't come close...?

On the other end of the scale, she also bought me some White Tee shirts from John Lewis at the same time, they where quite happy to exchange for the right size."

Abby Fermont says

"I ordered a gift card on 30 December and it has still not arrived. I have contacted Pull and Bear 3 times, but have just been told things like 'hopefully', 'we are very busy after christmas'. This was a birthday present which is already late. I asked for a refund, but 2 days later I still have no confirmation of this. Do not use this company, because if you have any issues you will not be able to get them resolved."

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