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Publix Super Markets, Inc., commonly known as Publix, is an employee-owned, American supermarket chain headquartered in Lakeland, Florida. Founded in 1930 by George W. Jenkins, Publix is a private corporation that is wholly owned by present and past employees and members of the Jenkins family. Publix operates throughout the Southeastern United States.

An angry customer said this in a review "Customer service in Publix refused to accept returns on items purchased in error during the pandemic. They say it's a policy not based upon wanting to keep the extra money, but rather for our health and safety. They certainly don't discard the tens of thousands of items picked up by customers and returned to the shelf! They don't discard items from the store if an employee has worked there with Coronavirus!! They only conveniently refuse to offer refunds on items purchased? Hmmmm. ridiculous. I purchased a 12 pack of Seltzers that was returned in its cardboard box and they refuse to accept it! If a sick customer is coughing and sneezing as they shop they conveniently discard NOTHING."


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Former Employee - Deli Clerk says

"mean mangers and no discounts"

Former Employee - Support Worker says

"If you work part time please be healthy because if you are ever sick and out of work you have no financial backing like full time workers. There is no disability insurance no vacation time to use! And holiday pay before and after will dwindle think 100.00 pay check with like 17 hours a week!"

Former Employee - Publix Deli Clerk says

"Hard work goes unnoticed Work your butt off for Full-Time and never get it They make promises they never fulfill They will make sure you don’t get the hours to meet the minimum requirement for benefits"

Former Employee - Cashier says

"Management was horrible did not care about the employees and there was a lot of discrimination"

Current Employee - Assistant Bakery Manager says

"No time for family Associates make more than you Zero care for you as a person"

Current Employee - Bakery Team Member says

"Overworked No help Unrealistic expectations Promote people who clearly aren’t ready Selfish"

Current Employee - Sales Associate/Cashier says

"All of it sucks hard ween"

Current Employee - Deli Associate says

"Random schedule, money hungry managment."

Current Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"Overhyped work place. Their retirement benefits are great but these managers are working 12 hour shifts or more"

Current Employee - Scan/Price Clerk says

"Management makes or breaks the job."

David Shehadi says

"Publix has too much of their own name brand stuff in the store bakery does nothing but But heats up in banks stuff The butcher shop nothing ever changes their sos"

Lynne Cobern says

"Purchased the wrong product. Took back what I got and was told to go and get what I needed. They did not have what I wanted so I went back to the customer service area where I waited a really long time. Finally ask a girl if someone could get someone to help me. She knocked on the manager door. He stuck his head out and went back in. Did not want to deal with customers. He is in the wrong business."

jose says

"Two Sunday in row no Jam Croquettes, only chicken in Publix Miami Beach, Collins and 68 st. I tasted chicken one: HORRIBLE!!!!!. Something change??. If yes, for worst!!!!!!!."

marc mosko says

"July 31st I went to Publix and spent over $200. Among my purchases were 2 lbs. of ground beef at cost of over $10. Tonight we were going to barbeque our hamburgers until we unpacked the meat and found that Publix had cheated us. How? The raw meat was red and beautiful on the outside but there was old, brown and decomposing meat inside. We were fooled into thinking that we were buying a fresh loaf of hamburger. I have photos to prove it."

Liv Rain says

"You should be ashamed of the prices you charge people. Yes the stores are nice and the products are great but when you can get something like, say, cream cheese for .79 cents at one store and you charge $3.50 COME ON.... and that's just one example. Instead of giving 30 million to charities, how bout passing that on to every day families that need to be able to feed their children and still afford essentials like a tank of gas."

Lil T. PT cashier says

"Worked here for 2 years, never got to cross train, dispite me asking multiple times. Learned things in different departments boss didnt like it. Was eager to learn. Boss was selfish promoted all the people that never worked. You dont get to keep your stock either unless youve been there 3 years btw. Cs is full of petty drama. Dont bother, if you have potential trust me when i say this. Dont waist your time, your skills and potential would be appreciated elsewhere. Goodluck"

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