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Blue Coat's secure Web gateway (SWG), the ProxySG, is among the leading products in the SWG marketplace. Like its competitors, Blue Coat ProxySG is equipped with user authentication, Web filtering, data loss prevention and inspection. But Blue Coat has engineered additional features into its SWG, most notably the WebPulse Collaborative Defense, which provides real-time defense through the vendor's global threat network.

Here is a list of cons, written by Laurent Tremblay, a Cyber Security Architect on, "Cons of ProxySG: On occasion, content analysis needs some tweaking. Specifically, when huge files our downloaded. For our organization using cloud-based applications and services is very discouraged. However, the universe seems to be trending towards cloud-based offerings. It may be reassuring if Symantec ProxySG and Advanced Secure Gateway (ASG) could enhance protection in dealing with cloud services, particularly in protecting data."


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