Provident Financial

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Provident Financial plc is a British sub-prime lender,[2] also described as a "doorstep lender", based in Bradford, West Yorkshire. It specialises in credit cards, home collected credit (HCC), online loans and consumer car finance. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index.

A former employee said in a review: "There is too much pressure and lack of support from the leaders in Provident Financial. They keep threatening you that they're going to kick you out from the moment you walk in. They ask us for support for overtime, return to hours after closing, do not hire you directly with the company".

Provident Financial Reviews

Andy says "I had a loan with Vanquis for £1000 fell behind on payments in 2019. January 2020 paid all my arrears February paid in full March paid in full April paid in full May loan complete Yet VANQUIS reported to credit referencing agencies I'd missed Jan, Feb & March payments which I have bank proof I paid. Upon going through the Ombudsman they ruled in the companies favour but using data from months of 2019 which isn't what my issue was. If you don't want a DAMAGED credit file DON'T TOUCH VANQUIS"
Marion Harrison says "Terrible bank avoid avoid..."
B Cooper says "Invested £1700 April 2018. Never recieved ID, kept asking for it. Eventually got an ID (June 2020) which asked me for memorable words and info (how the hell would I have those without ever being able to log on????) Told I would get reminders re: memorable information. Just kept getting error messages. Not impressed. By the looks of things and other peoples reviews - next stop Financial Ombudsman."
Charlotte says "I transferred £7000 but they said they couldn't credit the account until I'd verified my bank account online. The user name they sent never worked and the password reset doesn't work. I've sent 6 emails asking for it to be resolved. 2 emails (18 May and 18 June) were to the complaints email (I suspect I'll get their standard reply here about emailing their complaints email as they don't read messages) asking for my money back but no reply. Writing to the ombudsman now."