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Progress Energy, headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, is a subsidiary of Duke Energy and prior to its merger with Duke Energy was a Fortune 500 energy company with more than 21,000 megawatts of generation capacity and $9 billion in annual revenues. Progress Energy includes two major electric utilities that serve approximately 3.1 million customers in the Carolinas and Florida. As an independent company, the last chairman and CEO of Progress Energy was William D. Johnson; his predecessor was Robert McGehee, who died on October 9, 2007 at the age of 64 of a stroke while on a business trip to London. Progress Energy is the majority owner and operator of the Brunswick, Crystal River 3, Robinson, and Shearon Harris nuclear power plants. On October 16, 1999, third quarter earnings of Florida Progress Corp. fell 20.5 percent as damage from Hurricane Floyd. On August 24, 1999, Carolina Power & Light Co. said that it would acquire Florida Progress Corp. for $5.3 billion, creating the nation's ninth-largest electric utility. The company's current slogan is, "People, performance, excellence."

An angry former employee shared this in a review "Your employment as a contractor at Progress Energy is at the whim of your department manager, which is really not more than a supervisor. Depending on their mood that day you can have a job for another day or get a phone call when you get home that they no longer need you. The department manager/supervisor does not have to qualify why you were released to anyone above in management. There is no check and balance system. I was told my work was great but I did not socialize enough."


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"I have been working at Progress Energy Cons: Where do I begin 1) They grandfather people into technical roles...if you come from the outside they require for you to be highly educated and have years of experience...not until you begin working you realize everyone else in here were not require to have a degree for similar role as yours...and they lack the experience or expertise 2) The good ole boys is alive and well in this company. Forget about moving up on your career here...unless you know someone who is willing to pull strings good luck 3) There is no diversity here barely any African Americans, Asians or Hispanics working here. 4) People get put on technical roles without having no education....all due cause they know someone in upper management...I have seen first hand folks who have the education and experience be shot down due to not being well connected and they cant move into roles that fit their education and background. 5) The company does not pay for performance..You can be walking on water and you will still get your standard 1-3% raise a year.If you spend most of your time playing their games you may get 5% 6) Most folks in upper management have no clue about technology... 7) The more skills you have or the willingness to go above and beyond the more responsibilities they will throw at you 8) There is no accountability for mistakes meter techs make or anyone else for that matter....even when the mistakes cost the company millions...the same attitude is found thru out the all who you know. 9) The managers are cheap and get ticked off if you try to signed up for training...anything that has to do with payin little extra money you are discourage from.No clear direction from Management how to improve your role thru training or additional courses outside of work. Feels like you are working at Burger Joint or as garbage picker... 10) I hate to say this but due to the lack of diversity most things are one sided... 11) Yearly raises are a joke and almost non-existent 12) you are under paid and good luck trying to get a decent salary when they offer you the job. 13) Almost non existent information sharing about the job and roles and lack of communication with issues goes all the way to the top. 14) Am not sure how this place can be one of the most admire utilities to work for.. 15) IF YOU EVER get a job offer here MAKE sure you have in writing your will find yourself doing other responsibilities not in your job description!! I know this is the same for other industries but they take it a step above. 16) If you happen to be vital to the operations...and you are looking to move to a new role...THEY CAN AND WILL BLOCK you from moving...PERMANENTLY...EVEN IF YOU DECIDE to leave the company they rather loose an employee than allow him or her to move to a role more fitting to their career....what sort of logic is that? I been here over two years and am ready looking to leave and not look back. There are some good people but the way management acts shadows that."


"I worked at Progress Energy Cons: Supervision is poor and there is absolutely no training given. People in the department don't want to share what they know and I was told if I wanted training I'm in the wrong place."

Customer Service Representative says

"I have been working at Progress Energy Cons: If you have a degree, ambition of any kind, previous call center experience or have high moral standards, forget customer service. I agree with previous posts - the company certainly "pigeon holes" everyone within customer service. There are limited lateral positions within the company, fewer if you made the mistake of becoming associated with customer service/call center operations. Supervisors and managers don't know the technicalities and nuances of using the proprietary software systems required to execute the job. Said persons are forever in "rotation" indicating the company's loosey-goosey lack-of-future plan sharing with the rank and file employees makes the company an environment you can't count on for a "career" unless, of course you were lucky AND smart enough to be in its unionized operations. If you like unnecessary stress and a too-rigid scheduling system and indeed being owned by a mega corporation and being forced to make unethical decisions versus keeping your job on a regular basis, then go ahead and apply. This is NOT a transparent sunshine law compliant organization. Nepotism and asskissery abound."

Dispatch Technician says

"I have been working at Progress Energy Cons: Extreme favortism, unfairness, no concern for life-work balance, rules vary on a per person basis depending on how much rear end kissing is done. Some receive disciplinary action and some actions are shoved under the rug at the discretion of supervision. This company preaches diversity, but does not practice what it preaches."

Former Employee - Administrative Assistant says

"I worked at Progress Energy full-time for more than 8 years Cons: Went downhill after merger with Duke Energy! Duke doesn't really care about Progress Energy employees! New CEO was suppose to visit our dept and never showed up!"

Former Employee - Contractor says

"I worked at Progress Energy full-time for less than a year Cons: Very disorganized. Bullies are rewarded with promotions. No conscious when it comes to hiring or managing contractors. They are more than willing to let a person relocate (actually highly encouraged) with their entire family and then fire them on a whim. Contractors are treated like rag dolls. Every manager finds a favorite contractor to leverage for political purposes as well as having a personal scape goat. The managment style is humiliating. The "solutions" that are chosen have more to do with executive relationships and less to do with making practical, logical decisions to better the business. Work/Life balance did not exist. If you weren't running the clock (even hourly contractors) you were viewed in a negative light. This was ridiculous because there wasn't work to be done. Management was too busy promoting stagnation rather than productivity. I have never witnessed such a negative and unhealthy abundance of ego at a job in my entire career. Teamwork was discouraged. I was told more than once not to interact with other workstreams. If you had any talent to contribute, you were better off keeping it to yourself or risk losing your job because a full-time employee suddenly became threatened by what you could contribute. A very, very dissapointing experience."

Business Systems Analyst says

"I worked at Progress Energy Cons: The department acted like they own you 24/7. Managers hid things (hours worked) from upper management. Difficult to have a benchmark when not all the hours worked by employees were entered."

Senior Engineer says

"I have been working at Progress Energy Cons: Little to no focus on employee development. The focus is on getting your specific job done with no regard to the future."

IT Analyst says

"I worked at Progress Energy Cons: Very politically charged work environment. Hard to get a promotion or pay increase; internal job openings are not always posted."


"I have been working at Progress Energy Cons: Limited opportunities and hard to advance"

Facility Access System Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I have no knowledge of anything related to the purchase by Duke Energy thus I would not have any perspective about the culture there nor pay or any benifits"

Customer Service Associate (Former Employee) says

"Good company, good salary, bad shifts, you have to go to work under hurricanes and rain; even when your life can be in danger, you have to report to your shift..."

Customer Service and Marketing Associate (Former Employee) says

"Worked for Progress Energy Fl formerly, Florida Power Corp, now Duke Energy. Retired August 31st 2012 due to merger with Progress Energy just a few months short of 20 years. Cons: no cons"

Title Examiner (Former Employee) says

"Your employment as a contractor is at the whim of your department manager, which is really not more than a supervisor. Depending on their mood that day you can have a job for another day or get a phone call when you get home that they no longer need you. The department manager/supervisor does not have to qualify why you were released to anyone above in management. There is no check and balance system. I was told my work was great but I did not socialize enough. Cons: too much politics in the office environment."

CSR - Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"This company is very rude to you during training and will drop you without a explanation. Felt very high school working there and if you want popular enough you had to go or was made fun of. Cons: Supervisors abusing positions and destroying lives just cause they can"

Safety (Former Employee) says

"Worked at Progress Energy Canada (Most of these reviews were from the states for a totally different company) and found this company to lack discipline, character, and morals. As an example, this company went through 10 health and safety professionals in the field in 2 years. This is an incredible wake up call to anyone looking to work for them. They are running themselves like Jed Clampet won a billion dollars and can't figure out how to spend it fast enough. If you want to work for a gas company that is still living in the 70's, and is part of the good ol' boys club then feel free to sign up. Cons: incompetent management, old camps, horrible food."

Engineer (Former Employee) says

"The biggest mistake of my career was leaving a very good company made up of experienced, professional, and respectful employees and management to move to this brutally disorganized and unprofessional company. Frightfully lacking in experienced and professional leadership, a Petri dish of liars, and backstabbers, with the main goal to spend without thinking, “lay off” the most experienced and anyone who dared challenge management decisions, that preaches safety but penalizes anyone that raises concerns about safety practices, and on and on. In theses economic times finding replacement personnel for the quality people laid off will not be a problem but if possible, find a higher level company to commit your career to if you value it at all. Cons: Incompetent leadership, lack of ethics"

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"I assists customer with billing, connections and disconnections. My other duties are to help customers manage there accounts by offering extensions. I am responsible for reaching my sales goals and proformance matrix each month. Cons: on the phone, stressful job"

Project Controls Manager (Former Employee) says

"No sense of direction at any level starting with the top."

R & D (Former Employee) says

"I admit the reason i was fired was justified but when a fellow employee did the same thing as my self if not more and nothing was done then theirs a BIG problem Cons: upper management"

Employee (Former Employee) says

"Previously was a good company to work for but in recent years has taken a steep decline. Current leadership is unethical, very political and hold employees back if viewed as a threat. Overall leadership is incompetent and is grossly high compared to number of employees. The overall work environment is quite negative as many employees do not want to be working there any longer. Would recommend avoiding at all costs if possible until some leadership changes are made. Cons: little upward movement, poor leadership, negative environment"

Bilingual Customer Care Specialist (Former Employee) says

"If you want a job that becomes your entire life and you love to be micromanaged, this job is a good fit. That is if you can survive the training class. Cons: Strict break and lunch rules, calls runs on a point system for judgement"

Team Leader (Former Employee) says

"the customer service department is cuthroat and most of the leadership had a mentality to burn through representatives without any desire to develop new leaders or better agents Cons: poor job environment"

Customer Care Specialist (Contractor (Former Employee) says

"My job was to answer phones and to help customer's with their electrical accounts. To answer any questions they may have had. To set up payment arrangements, disconnect notices and new services Cons: Multiple people telling you opposite things to do"

Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"Planned and develop systems and procedures to improve the operating quality and efficiency of the department. Analyze and document business processes and problems from process analysis and general department projects. Conduct interviews, hire new staff, and provide employee orientation. Establish employee goals and conduct employee performance reviews.."

FIELD OPERATOR (Former Employee) says

"Not the best place to work but when in need of a job in a pinch , it works , majority of operators a very great guys and easy to get along with , maintenance crew are great as well , management not too sure they know what they are doing , or should even be in the position they are in very poor training and explanation , get thrown to the wolves , and no mention if you are doing a good job or bad job"

Customer Service Associate (Former Employee) says

"I worked here for three years. It's not a good work/life balance. When there is a storm you can work up to 16 hour days to listen to customers complain about not having power. Even if you are qualified for a job 9 times out of 10 you'll get over looked for someone who doesn't qualify Cons: bad managers and the company doesnt care about you."

Planner/Scheduler (Former Employee) says

"Corporate philosophy has moved from one that was once focused on building the company in the industry to one that has a tunnel vision perspective to make the company attractive to shareholders. It is like painting rotten wood siding on a house to make it look better to those who might buy it Cons: poor leadership"

Pipe Welder (Former Employee) says

" per, BE&K.....No breaks during the oppressive heat. We ere only allowed to take..."a knee"...for a"

Customer Care Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Its what you make it. it can be stressful and there is a lot to remember. management is fair could be a lot better. all in all its a job with good benefits."

Steven Simpson says

"Genuinely can’t believe I’m reading all these amazing comments and wondering if I’ve been dealing with the same company as everyone else! Complete shambles from day one, wouldn’t recommend to my worst enemy! They have messed me around from the very start, only switched my electric over not my gas and I’m now currently paying two different suppliers £50 a month with seemingly no solution in sight."

Andrew Ioannou says

"Terrible company taken over by co-op refuse to come out a take meter readings refused to change my property to a smart meter poor communication tried to change my direct debit on several occasions without consulting me , would not recommend"

Em says

"None of the staff know what the hell is going on, each is more useless than the last - no consistency in their rules or guidance, hugely impersonal service and ended up costing me more in the end! Would never use them again and would warn anyone who mentioned using them. So disappointed"

Kaiser Ahmed says

"I have never dealt with Octopus Energy before This morning I found out that I have been charged for the past 3 months for their services.... I haven't spoken to any of their teams I haven't given them consent to take any funds from my account. Yet, without my permission they have taking money for no reason as I am not a customer of theirs and I never will with this disgusting behaviour."

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