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Stapleton's provides a market-leading business to business online ordering system ProfitLink. ProfitLink allows customers to place orders directly via their computers as well as assessing manufacturers' technical information and view images of the tyres to help with the identification of tread patterns.

ProfitLink is easy to navigate with drop-down menus, live stock, and up to date pricing information along with the ability to manage accounts at any time by checking the progress of orders and viewing or printing copy invoices. It is also possible to access product purchase history to aid trend analysis and improve buying strategies. ProfitLink allows Dealers to view livestock information, extend their order cut-off time and view, download, and print all tyre labeling information.

ProfitLink is free of charge and is offered with full training and practical demonstrations.

A scammed customer writes " Take this as a warning and not a review. If you're still contemplating on working with this company, please desist. They are not professional in their dealings and have zero risk management. For those who have lost money to their fraudulent scheme, there is an hope of recovery if you report to your bank or attorney early enough to reverse the transaction. Unfortunately, I didn't report early enough though I was able to win a chargeback later through the help of judge Mila."


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