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Procare is a childcare management solution designed for childcare centers, daycare, after-school programs, school districts, and child activity centers. Procare’s modular format allows centers to choose the modules they need. The software helps users manage the tracking of family data and accounting, meals, payroll, employee data, activities, payroll, expenses, and attendance.

Procare Software is hard to use, the fingerprint reader stops working after a year, and tablets have to be rebooted constantly, according to a review by Mirta at

"Absolutely nothing was easy about this software... It is based upon patents being responsive to checking in and out and the fingerprint reader stopped working in less than a year. Tablets have to be rebooted constantly."


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Teacher (Former Employee) says

"The position I applied for was advertised as full time. After I applied I later found out it was part time. I was told I would be working with a certain group of students that were well behaved. The students never had a teacher for most of the school year. When I came down with bronchitis and the flu I was forced to begin work sick. The recruiter threatened me via email that she gave up many candidates for the job. There were no other candidates. No one wants part time hours and with no benefits. Cons: Awful communication, awful pay, the worst assignments ever"

Caretaker (Current Employee) says

"I worked hard at company and the reason to move is because of my contract finished, i need also to upgrade myself and learning more from my next job Cons: 8 hours"

Home Health Aide (Former Employee) says

"Did some cleaning, got to sit down and talk to people and learn about who I was taking care of. Wasn't a hard job. Management was horrible, wouldn't work there again unless that changed."

Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"Pro Care Therapy was a very difficult place to work as an Account Executive. Sink or Swim sales strategy- once they complete their 2 week training you are off the the races. You are competing for the same accounts and candidates as the rest of the sales floor. Plus another division which is more established. You are required to complete sales cold calls of leads that are over called-which ultimately leads you to no candidates or schools as clients due to their irritation. Cons: Poor Management, NO Flexibility, Micro-Managed, Low Salary"

Implementation (Current Employee) says

"ProCare RX (not ProCare therapy) The worst company I have ever worked for. The long term staff are lazy, will not share information, and are not proactive. Management and staff say inappropriate things that are really HR issues. Lack of a structured training or plan for new hires. Pay was good but benefits were not that great. Cons: Management, Existing Staff, Holiday Schedule, Excessive Meetings"

NURSE (Former Employee) says

"i have learned alot frm the experience.i got a world class oppertunity to serve my patients.I developed leadership skills."

Regional Sales Director (Hospice Care Division) says

"Required to travel extensively. No clear communication regarding territory boundaries. Constant change with little or no communication in field. Hostile work environment. Cons: Hostile work environment"

Senior Recruiter/Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"Cubicle warehouse atmosphere. High turnover rate. Don't recommend."

Speech Language Pathologist (Former Employee) says

"Horrible communication. Posted jobs that had been filled or were 1 hour+ away. Didn't get the paperwork finished for a school contract and lost the position after I had left my job."

RN (Current Employee) says

"Horrible company. You will never get anyone on the phone, Your recruiter is always unavailable. Please avoid this company! They Have probably the most contacts with hospitals but you are not much more than a warm body. Money is good but god forbid you need something from them. You will get no one to help you. Remember money is not everything! Cons: you are on your own., even as a very experienced rn i was shocked by the lack of professionl\alism of the staff."

School Social Worker (Current Employee) says

"Absolutely zero health benefits unless you want to pay 800 plus per month. When there's no school that usually means no work for you, which means no pay and there are a lot of days off. Zero sick days or any paid days off. If and when meeting get out early then you also don't get paid. The rate of pay for masters level clinicians is far below average. No job security. Cons: the pay is horrible and no health benefits, paid days off, or vacation."

Health Care Technician (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at work,I am working for 12 hours per day with no regular off most of the time I am working continously,. I learned to be strong due to the difficulty that I endure from my past employer the management is more on earning money and profiting are supervisor is a boss and never a leader. thou I'm always thankful for the opportunity that they gave me. My co-worker are good I have a good relationship with all of them. the hardest part of the job is we are force's to work like a machine but in the end of the day I'm happy seeing our client happy and satisfied at my work make it all worth it. Cons: no off, no medical"

Physical Therapist (Current Employee) says

"If the owners want to take a vacation, they close the business and dock their employees. Additionally, they will make you make up any hours that they take away for vacation time because they want to leave for the shore! They rarely give raises and if they do, they are so minimal, you can't live. The hours are horrible too."

Adapted Physical Education Teacher (Former Employee) says

"I did not like working for ProCare Therapy at all. First, it is a contractual job and I had never worked in that manner. It was not for me. I prefer salaried, but I didn't realize, at the time, what a night-mare job this was. I was an adapted P.E. teacher. The schools were in an urban area, run-down, some unfriendly people. There were several Teach for America employees that called themselves 'teachers'. They were unfriendly, snooty, know-it-alls, quick to criticize as it made them feel powerful and special. Cons: Pay should be more. PCT can't control the schools. However, they should be supportive."

Hospice Mail Order Pharmacy Technician (Former Employee) says

"This company hails from Florida and extended their company in the West Coast area. It caters mostly to the hospice patients via mail order.Less orders Cons: gossip and drama"

Patient Account Representative (Former Employee) says

"I loved what I did at ProCare however there were some employees who made it very difficult for you to do your job. A lot of backstabbing and favorites."

Speech Language Pathologist (Former Employee) says

"I worked for this employer at a Colorado Springs school district. They misrepresented the SLP location I would be servicing entirely. When I discussed this, they suggested "Just do what you can and go home at the end of the week and collect a paycheck" which is not what SLPs do. When I resigned with 2 weeks notice, which is more than my contract required, my recruiter suggested that I may not be entitled to be paid for the time I worked due to breech of contract despite what the agreed contract specified. The company was professional until I refused to deal with the horrible setting they placed me in. Cons: vindictive attitude, threats of not being compensated"

Billing Specialist (Former Employee) says

"As far as work goes, not hard at all. Monday thru Friday 9-5. The issue there was communication with management, there was none. Cons: Lack of comunication"

Domiciliary Care Assistant/Support worker (Former Employee) says

"I do not rate Pro Care at all. It has got to be one of the worse company's I have ever worked for but that's only down to the management in the office. My duties there was I assisted a woman with her independent at her own home which included personal care, meal preparations, house duties and maintaining her privacy. Sometimes when needed night staff would stay the night making sure the service user safety is being looked after. The job was always challenging and always had it's unpredictable days as the service user is diagnosed with dementia."

Physical Therapist (Former Employee) says

"I just finished a year stint with the company and my first manager was amazing, would check in with me often to make sure all was going well and to see if I had any questions. That manager left the company and they switched me to another individual and she was HORRIBLE!! She would take 1-2 weeks to return a phone call or email. Yes they pay well and the benefits are good but if you need anything changed good luck. They were paying me the wrong rate for about 3 weeks and it took me looking and commenting multiple times for it to be changed. They stated they would find me a summer job... never happened even though I requested it. The company I was working for bought out my contract (thank goodness!!) so I requested information on COBRA benefits starting a month before my contract was up... It has been 2 months and I have yet to receive any information after leaving over 10 messages with my manager and 1 call to HR, they have let my insurance laps and needless to say HR will be getting another phone call from me. DON'T WORK THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at ProCare Therapy full-time for more than a year Cons: Management/ lack of diversity in Managerial positions"

Former Employee - Operations Generalist says

"I worked at ProCare Therapy full-time Cons: Management has conflicting interests. The credentialer's job is to make sure that the special education professional being placed on assignment has completed all necessary state and federal requirements before being able to treat children; the manager overseeing this department has a background as a recruiter, so their goal is to get people started ASAP to create revenue for the company. As a result, I was cornered by management multiple times and pressured to allow people to start working/TREATING CHILDREN WITH SPECIAL NEEDS before they were compliant with state/federal law. A lot of contracted employees with this company are pushed to start with a pending license (read: are unlicensed), even in states where that isn't legal, because it's "been approved by management." In short, management puts their numbers/commissions over the quality of treatment that these children with special needs are receiving. During my time with ProCare, I was frequently put in a position where I needed to choose between ethics/legality and my reputation at work/my job. I would recommend that anyone pursing this position carefully consider whether they would want their name attached to that which this company represents."

Former Employee - Account Executive says

"I worked at ProCare Therapy full-time for more than a year Cons: Commission is 2% No one stays more than a year They hire way too many people Management is terrible Sweat shop People call on top of each other because there are too many people hired and not enough business."

Current Employee - Account Executive says

"I have been working at ProCare Therapy full-time for more than a year Cons: There is an established group of “cool kids” in this company. Most of these people have established and maintained the viable business. It is very hard for new recruiters to come in and group their book of business. It is set up for those same 25 people to thrive while the new people just float for a year or so. In the year I was there, I saw 25 people quit or be fired. Think twice before wasting your time."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at ProCare Therapy full-time Cons: no benefits in the future no 401k no insurance"


"I have been working at ProCare Therapy Cons: Recruiter lied about pay and benefits Recruiter and company do not support in any way Schools needing a nation wide search to fill positions have something wrong happening not to be able to fill with local candidates"

Former Employee - SLP says

"I worked at ProCare Therapy full-time Cons: No year round benefits, no sick days or holidays"

Former Employee - Instructional Aide says

"I worked at ProCare Therapy part-time for more than a year Cons: Not a permanent position with them Not helpful with trying to find other positions Wouldn’t give me my rest of the paid leave"


"I worked at ProCare Therapy Cons: Once you've mastered the job, there's no room for growth. Job gets very repetitive and boring. While you can earn decent money if you're good at the job, employees are paid below market rate. Minimal room for advancement - managers are only paid a few thousand more than regular employees and are still expected to recruit. Very controlled environment. Zero flexibility in scheduling and overly micromanaged. Culture used to be good, but is quickly changing as the team grows. Environment has gotten cut throat and cliquey."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at ProCare Therapy full-time for less than a year Cons: ProCare does not honor the contracts it signs, and does not protect employees from bad working conditions. I signed a contract to work for a particular district from mid-September to the end of the school year. I was told I would be filling in for one teacher while she was on leave, but instead, I was assigned to work at two schools, doing a job that had been filled the previous year by two teachers (a full time and a half time). In addition, while there were two half-time aides for this caseload last year, I was assigned one aide who worked with my students three hours a day. I did not have a room to work in, and sometimes had to go from room to room looking for a place to see my students. My assigned caseload was higher than the legal limit for resource specialists in California. It was an unworkable situation. I asked for help many times. When the kids didn't get their services and parents and teachers complained, I was terminated without explanation or a chance to defend myself. In short, the district was allowed to avoid blame by blaming me instead. ProCare never discussed this with me; the company simply started advertising for a replacement. The contract apparently is meant to bind the employee, but not the employer. I also haven't received pay stubs for my pay checks which were automatically deposited, or my W-2 form, even though it's February."

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