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EFI Technology Inc. founded by Graham Western in October 1988 is an independent high-performance automotive electronics engineering company based in Torrance, California. The company is well recognized for innovative ideas, advanced digital electronics and software for both the aerospace and racing industries.

A former employee mentioned, "Since the acquisition by Siris Capital, EFI has gone downhill. The day they finalized the sale, they laid off 300+ employees, and they continue to make cuts. There is no longer a focus on producing a quality product or taking care of the customers. The field and professional service teams, those that took care of the customers, have been slashed. The annual users' conference budget was cut by 75%. EFI no longer cares about their employees or their customers. They only care about making as much money as possible for the PE's investors.

With all of the cuts, including a recent 20% pay cut across the board, the employees that remain are left working long hours and weekend, all while in fear of being the next to go. It is honestly a sad place to work with a toxic environment. I highly recommend looking else where."


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Joe Toupal says

"I would give Diesel Ops zero stars if it were available. Please read the entire review because it contains valuable info. I spent hours online looking for a diesel supply house that had my turbo in stock. There website said in stock ships in 24 hours. After 8 days I tried calling 15 times. No one answers the phone. I sent 3 emails and 5 minutes before they closed for the day I got 2 emails back from different people. One said it was delivered which it wasn't, the other said it would ship from the manufacturer in about 10 days. Keep in mind, their website says "In Stock" ships in 24 hours. Finally the next day someone called me and told me the other two guys were new and didn't know what they were doing but she said she had one and could ship it out that day. 9 days after I placed the order. Meanwhile I had been searching again to find one and the manufacturer had them on sale for $150.00 less than Diesel Ops. I told her I would take hers if she matched the manufacturers price. I asked this because Diesel Ops has a "Price match guarantee" right on their website. She said the couldn't match the price because it was too cheap. Isn't that why someone would exercise a price match guarantee? I canceled my order telling her I believe their website is misleading and a fraud and their business practices are unethical and they didn't deserve my business. When I told her I was going to get online and give them a bad review she told me to "Go for it" I own my own business here in Minnesota and would never treat a customer like this. I asked to speak to the owner and she said "He wouldn't talk to me if all I was going to do was complain. I would never use these guys again and I certainly would not believe a thing on their website. Joe Toupal / New Brighton Minnesota"

Dennis says

"Ordered a tuner for my farm truck and installed it and my truck ran worse than before it was installed. Sent an email for a return label and got a return email that said they don't except returns on parts that had been installed. I'm out $500+ for a tuner that does not work... Will never order from them again. Be careful about ordering from them."

Michael Couturier says

"They lost my package after I sent it to them for a refund because they sent me a defective tuner. So now I don't have no tuner, no refunds. they really don't care about customer service."

JE says

"Apparently Chris, you don't remember our conversation . When I called the person I spoke with said they would contact MBRP regarding my exhaust. At no point in our conversation was a faulty hanger mentioned or was the reason exaust came off. It was the wrong exaust that was sent to me. My complaint was for the fact I never heard back from diesel ops and I had to contact MBRP my self. Your trying to make it sound like Diesel ops helped me with my issue when the fact is when you responded to my post at the end of April 2018 was the FIRST time I have heard from diesel ops since my I called about the issue. MBRP and the fantastic sales department is who deserves the credit especially since they have followed up 3times with me since I called them. Just wanted to set record straight! Thanks, Jason E."