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Credit Administration Specialist II (Current Employee) says

"Daily work involves pulling Jobs from department que. Ordering Prelims from Title Companies. Running UCC searches to insure the new loan will be in first position. Drawing Loan Documents for review and forward to Loan Officers for signing. Funding and closing upon receipt of properly executed loan documents. Cons: High Stress"

Operations (Former Employee) says

"This company has a honeymoon phase where management would groom you within the first year with promises only to have them forgotten after the performance review. Individual performance is overlooked with you are in a team of people who constantly slacks off and let the work pile up. Office environment has a high school feel where management constantly favors a certain type. Cons: Micromanagement, no career growth, no work life balance"

Help Desk Support (Former Employee) says

"Great company, great morales. Very up tight people. Learned alot since the technology was so old. Management wasn't very involved. End users were awesome. Cons: SHort breaks"

VP, Office Manager (Former Employee) says

"The director that I reported to is no longer with the company. I assume the old, outdated ideas of how to perform went with. I believe the firm is going through some restructuring."

Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"Managed by what is best for the stock price, BPFH, which limits focus on employee growth and retention, otherwise an OK place to work."

Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"The Mortgage Loan Department Management is in need of proper training. Unprofessional comments and nasty attitudes from coworkers. Always watch your back or they will kick you under the bus. Cons: Unprofessional Loan Department Management"

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