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Princess Cruises Sucks. Princess Cruises is a cruise line owned by Carnival Corporation & plc. The company is incorporated in Bermuda and its headquarters are in Santa Clarita, California. As of 2018, it is the second largest cruise line by net revenue. It was previously a subsidiary of P&O Princess Cruises, and is currently under Holland America Group within Carnival Corporation & plc, which holds executive control over the Princess Cruises brand. The line has 18 ships cruising global itineraries that are marketed to both American and international passengers. The company was made famous by the American television series The Love Boat, in which its ship Pacific Princess was featured. In May 2013, Royal Princess, the first Royal-class ship and the largest ship constructed for Princess at the time, became the flagship of Princess Cruises.

According to LOS ANGELES NEWS On August 26, 2013, the crew of Caribbean Princess deliberately discharged 4,227 gallons of oil-contaminated waste off the southern coast of England. The discharge involved the illegal modification of the vessel's on-board pollution control systems, and was photographed by a newly hired engineer. THE NEW YORK TOMES AND USA TODAY REPORTED the ship subsequently berthed at Southampton, the engineer resigned his position and reported the discharge to the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency. An investigation launched by the U.S. Department of Justice Environment and Natural Resources Division (ENRD) found that the practice had been taking place on Caribbean Princess and four other Princess ships – Star Princess, Grand Princess, Coral Princess, and Golden Princess – since 2005.


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Current Contractor - Anonymous Contractor says

"Long hours bad compensation poor bonus scheme no crew loyalty they would happily throw a small fry under the bus to save themselves"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"long hours & low compensation"

Current Employee - Cruise Vacation Planner says

"It is definitely a Sales job, but the explanation of the job in the very beginning, did not reveal the complete guidelines of how to achieve a wage that is reasonable. In addition, the atmosphere is extremely regulated."

Current Employee - Consumer Sales Agent says

"Pay is not enough for stressful job and customers, Not a very high bonus system thus far. Not alot of option for working from home..."


"the management staff, not being heard by management"

Former Contractor - Anonymous Contractor says

"Is really look in to skin colour"

Current Contractor - Bartender says

"Long hours without days off, especially for galley and housekeeping. Constant and rigorous supervision which is very similar to military style discipline. Living in tight quarters with 2-3 strangers from all over the world. If employed as a crew, not staff or officers, it is a requirement to stay away from all guest areas when off duty. Being away from home for 6-8 months per contract. Spending lots of money on calling cards and Internet."

2nd Commis Pastry Chef (Former Employee) says

"Maltrato esclavitud moderna debia pagar por mi aguaseguro medicono hay descanso, no hay cafe de calidad, hay que pagar por el agua, cabinas chicas compartidas sin ventilacion, mala comida, mal descanso, exceso de trabajo todo mala combianacion"

Operations Manager (Former Employee) says

"Management is only looking out for themselves. Lack of respect for their team. Poor communication and when they do communicate it is vague or changes the next benefitseverything else"

Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Executive Management are taken care of REAL GOOD, Period. Colleagues are fake and will stab you in the back. No advancement, minimum perks. Great holiday dinner on ship, big wow."

Staff Member (Former Employee) says

"Princess Cruise lines doesnt respect the crew,doesnt adjust the crew accordingly to the crew needs.They change the rotations in last minute and they hire managers whom doesnt know the job description and whom has own favourites.Lot of crew are thefts and no one bother."

Shop Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Any Cruise Company is salves project in 21. century, but if you need to go on the ship to make money Princess is not one option even just for experience,yes, they constantly promote work for them as a opportunity to travel for free see the world but with princess cruises you have no enough time to go out, they keep you busy and on the ship they said to you if you need travels book a cruise. Management this years becoming crazy, all high positions in hotel departments(restoran,bar,shorex,ships) are psychopaths. Go work for RoyalCaribbean or any other company under royal."


"Horrible company, doesn't care about their employees. The help desk department treats you like a child, and management okay with it. Horrible work PLACE!! I wouldn't recommend my dog to work for them."

Accounts Payable Clerk II (Former Employee) says

"The salary is very low and the management expects each employee to be perfect and error-free. Nobody on this planet is perfect, and everyone makes mistakes. All the errors can be corrected, most fairly easily, but management makes a big stink about errors. They like to delay paying the supplier by using the clerk's error as an excuse, even though the error could have quickly and easily been corrected to not delay payment. A spreadsheet is kept with each clerk's name, number of daily invoice production, and number of errors. A ratio is determined by dividing the number of errors by the production number. The company requires no higher than .75%. This is not possible because an error could be caught from the previous day or from weeks ago. It may even be a tiny error made by the buyer who created the PO. The AP clerks are blamed for every error. Management shows favoritism toward the coordinators, and treats the clerks like children. There is a divide in the department, creating tensions and horrible working conditions. Even the coordinators harass and bully the clerks. The Accounting Director told the AP team that people are lined up out the door waiting to take our jobs. He also said "If your supervisor or manager tells you the sky is green, you better say what a beautiful green sky it is." There is a high turnover and morale is very low. The atmosphere is very military-like and you must ask permission before you can do anything. You cannot even leave a few minutes early for breaks without first obtaining permission. If you are late leaving for breaks, you better"

Assistant Waiter (Former Employee) says

"Princess was my second company and very disapointed. The worst bosses maitred elitist racist,shouting at you. Big mafia and no ethics at all. Supervisers maitred ,assistant maitred sleeping with girls and giving fast promotion, even some girls dancing in the room service office to the assistant maitred. In the restaurant you have to declare your tips, if the guest pull out gratuity the company take it from you to add in the DR pool...we saw some headwaiters counting money and keep it for themselves.Also very hard to get promotion some people wait 5 years.keepingthe money for them. Working 12 or 13 hours with not enough breaks between and sometimes you have to lie in the ilo so you dont violate your time to rest....which is wrong you are not supossed to lie. The food for the crew is bad. The cabins are not in good shape water coming out from the floor etc. The good thing the company pays your flight tickets and they have good hotels for crew. . Another bad thing safety is not good, in dinning room the ice machines are not in good shape, the hooks are not always there and nobody fix it, if you need ice of a glass of ice tea you have to take it from there....such a big company and no money for a small dispenser machine."

Accounts Payable Clerk II (Former Employee) says

"Princess Cruises does not have to be such a stressful, horrible employer. They choose to be by hiring supervisors to micromanage and belittle employees, treating them like children or prisoners. Princess Cruises does not utilize employee's skills to the fullest; they terminate good workers especially the whistleblowers who report bad management. I would never, ever recommend working there."

Waitress (Current Employee) says

"Management put a lot of stress on employee but they are not able to say JOB WELL DONE! We are never good enough.No motivation,no teaching , coaching , guiding as per role description. No time off , like in slavery...,, if you do this -you will get this,,. If you ,,get closer,, with a person on good position you will work less,otherwise you will work more. If you are a woman ,good looking woman- o my God!Watch out! So many tranings which nobady folows. Crew will never make passengers happy if the crew is not happy! There is no such a person onboard that you can sit and talk like human to human. If you have stripes you are a god. If you dont have you are a slave. Even the managers are not perfect hosts for the guest, but they are menagers nobady can say anything . Things are changing on worst and nobody is taking care of the crew. We dont want full day off, just a few hours off while all the guest are ashore. We make a difference for our guests,so please you make a difference for us! We will return the same way. Happy crew happy passangers!!!!Salary is ok, always on timeMenagers, long hours, struggle for few hours off"

Expediting Supervisor, Supply Chain - Logistics (Former Employee) says

"Princess pays very low, especially for being located in a high end Los Angeles suburb. Most coworkers had an additional part time job, which was frowned upon by Princess managers. If you are good at your job you get extra work to cover the slack of underperforming coworkers, but no extra pay and no overtime allowed. Most employees report to many managers, I had 5 I had to report to. They all dislike each other, which isn't great.Free cruisesLow pay, high cost of healthcare, poor management"

Jewellery Consultant (Former Employee) says

"You will work way too many hours, your pay will be nearly slave labour. You drink a lot so you dont care as much, your social life is decent, because everyone just wants to drink and forget about the day. You will hate yourself every morning and wish you were at home every (limited)84 hour work weeks"

Video Producer (Former Employee) says

"They took advantage of me and my co-workers. I was put in a position that I had to run a department alone, but was ignored by corporate until I was about to leave, when they finally told me I would not be paid for my additional labor. They take advantage of people from poor countries, and pay them significantly less for doing the same job. I was scolded for having an off day because a friend was murdered, and I had 0 days off in the 6 months I worked there.NoneLiterally the whole thing"

Executive Chef (Former Employee) says

"A lot of staff that comes there are seasonal which most come with a clean slate and minimal skills which is very stressful from the beginning. The management clocked employees out and let them continue working without pay and without the employee knowledge which resulted in them sending checks at the end of the season to those that maintained their records.nice sights to seelong hours"

Direct Sales Agent (Current Employee) says

"Management was never available for questions I had. Many messages and emails went unanswered when I asked for guidance or clarification. I've felt unimportant and isolated. Just another number in the system. I was almost written up for something that was incorrectly reported in the system and all they said was 'oops'. No true apology or effort to make me feel secure that it wouldn't happen again."

Assistant Food & Beverage Director (Former Employee) says

"This place SUCKED!!!! I have never worked for such a horrible place and I was in the Army. Lots of racism. Lots of drama with Managers sleeping with their subordinates. Horrible... Horrible place to work."

Assistant Sommelier (Current Employee) says

"nothung good about it if you are American you are discriminated by all in the dining room lunches but the food is terribleno breaks only few minutes and working streight 13th hour a day"

Photographer (Former Employee) says

"I was a photographer and did not return for a second contract. It was a fun experience; food and accommodation is included, you get to travel, and there's awesome parties. I loved my job but there's very little training, you work 70+ work hours weekly and get paid way below your worth. Even then, I still could have spent many years working here if it were not for the condescending higher ups, Princess' complete lack of regard for their employee's health, and the unethical practices at Princess and in the cruise industry (They work everyone more than is actually necessary to be productive, have segregated cafeterias depending on your rank/department, pay many nationalities who often work much harder and have spent years with the company less than an entry level american citizen with no experience, they register their ships/company in other territories to avoid paying US taxes, I can keep going...). Management and many coworkers have very poor communication and are quick to get angry and retaliate against you if you do anything wrong or if they feel that you are in any way being disrespectful, whether or not that's the case. And my job was considered a "better" and more relaxed position! I can only imagine the mental stress that "lower" ranks have to endure. I don't regret my experience in the slightest but if I could make a suggestion to the company I would ask them to look past their greed, find their humanity, and invest in their hardworking employees because they are what truly keeps the company in, free food and accommodation, cheap alcoholLack of concern for employee health, hot and cold management"

Waitress (Former Employee) says

"As work en you are a slave There is not life, always you work Under presión ."

Assistant Waiter (Former Employee) says

"Even if you are hardworking, efficient and dedicated service staff, there is no chance for you to move up for promotion unless you are rubbing elbows with your bosses...too much politicking destroys one man's ambition to progress"

Christian says

"Morning Customer Care Following your email of 27th August 2020, it seems your commitment that my refund will be with me within 14 days has not materialised. You have also failed to contact me as to stated in your email My booking reference 922278 & 943558 I have no choice but to add another review stating how poorly have handled the situation. I will keep writing reviews until this matter is resolved, Seems that even when you write to Richard Downs he too ignores your emails. I will be escalating my issues to ABTA, IATA, OFCOM and other travel organisations, I am sure that at some point will meet its obligations. ABTA should not be allowing this to happen, and I will raise these concerns with them. Customers are been misled in terms of guarantees. 135 has way exceeded the 90 day promise even during this difficult period. Very dissatisfied customer!"

Stephen says

"Princess is now only a scam. I Received a message, after many attempts, from Princess, "we do not give refunds on non refundable payments". The fact that the cruise was canceled is not a valid reason. Princess no longer needs ships it makes more money stealing from us suckers."

Karen Myhill says

"It's 110 days (and counting), since we requested a refund rather than a credit note. Unable to contact them and last generic email received from them over two months ago. We were going to book another cruise with them for next year but have decided that we would never go with them again because of their total lack of any customer care and quite frankly 110+ days waiting for a refund is totally unacceptable and should be against the law!"

Ian Nelson says

"Worst customer experience ever!! My refund was supposed to take a maximum of 60 days, after 5 months I still haven’t received a refund so the travel agent I booked through have refunded me and are now chasing Princess for their money!! Zero correspondence from them too! I know it’s a bad situation for everyone at the moment but I would treat people correctly so I would keep their custom when all this is over! Would I ever book again with Princess.........NEVER, shameful of you Princess!"

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