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Cilastatin inhibits the human enzyme dehydropeptidase.


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Pharmacy support (Former Employee) says

"Poor training but high expections. Toxic work atmosphere. The supervisers and the management treat the employees bad . The management create toxic atmosphere at the workplace. Very stressful conditions caused by the supervisers and the higher management. Cons: Management treat the workers poorly"

Pharmaceutical Operator (Current Employee) says

"The pay is terrible. Management is terrible. Company don't care about you none!! Takes you 2 years to determine if they want to hire you permanent which dont make sense. You only making $11 hour to work hard."

E-Discovery Analyst (Former Employee) says

"They treated us like we worked in a sweat shop. Stand clear of this place. I did not like management, nor the culture at the location at worked in. No direction on how to move up. Cons: low moral"

Stability Lab Support Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Sweat Shop environment. Chaotic.1950's type of management. Good Ole Boy syndrome and network. A very Geriatric workforce. Extreme nepotism!! There is an air of hoarding info for job security and importance. The systems are labor intensive, and work flow needs to be studied and streamlined."

Hospital Representative (Current Employee) says

"Merck downsizes every 2 to 3 yrs. Lowest paid in the industry. Doesn't look at for their people once they are downsized. Not innovative or competitive. Don't go to Oncology, reps are tripping over each other to see docs who won't see you . Oncology is next to downsize too many reps in one territory. Cons: Low pay, nothing unique in their pipeline"

Maintenance Manager (Former Employee) says

"The culture just outright sucks! The Union environment is very adversarial with management, I worked for an A-hole PhD who was very condescending and treated me like a child. If you work in West Point, stay as far away from a certain PhD director in Maintenance and Engineering named Ira. Cons: The PhD director in Maintenance and Engineering."

Study Manager (Former Employee) says

"Management will throw you under the bus if they dont do their job and blame you, training is non-existent, incompetent co-workers are back-stabbing and liers."

Mentor (Former Employee) says

"management is terrible to many chiefs, the company itself it a great place to work but too many direct I really don't recommend no one to this company they don't have your back treat you unfairly"

Senior Animal Laboratory Technician (Former Employee) says

"Management was poor and not responsive. The hours of work were perfect for my schedule. The training was great and very helpful. I enjoyed being able to learn something different everyday. They do not hire up front just contract."

Maintenance (Former Employee) says

"A la tête du gros manque de respect., certains responsables ce la jouent... sont montés en grade on se demande comment, quand un problème ce présente devant eux et doivent prendre des décisions....ils ne sont plus là....Belle dignité..., pitoyable."

Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Good pay terrible politics and bad culture"

E-Discovery Analyst, Litigation Department (Former Employee) says

"Horrible nightmare experience. work like a slave with no human considerations or freedoms. you make a couple of mistakes and they fire you. No support from cold, remote staff and no paid sick days and no paid vacation time."

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"Extremely disrespectful management. Their HR needs a complete revamping. The management needs to go back to school to learn people skills and how to be a good people manager big time! There is so much to be desired. From the way that they handle matters of importance, and prioritizing the workload. We had heard about Merck having one of the worst management and it's true. They promote many into management from within who have absolutely no clue how to manage and are far from people managers. The managers need massive training."

EDiscovery Analyst - Data Entry (Former Employee) says

"Do not work there, its a revolving door and you have to look over your shoulder to make sure you do not get fired. They make you face a wall, and they micromange your life to the point that your body will break down from the stress while they tell you when to breathe or not."

Administration (Former Employee) says

"My manager had no people skills, she suffered from severe stress and couldn't manage her work load, only communicated by email, could do with some mentoring.Didn't know how to prioritise and didn't believe in work life balance. Very disappointed in my experience there. Some great people looking for a bit of flexability. MERCK need to move with the times. It's all about who you know and if you speak up you're gone. No work from home or proper flexability. Great learning curve makes me appreciate my new role. Cons: Senior Management need to engage with all staff. Train your team leaders. HR unapproachable."

Senior Scientist III (Former Employee) says

"Never offered a permanent position. The pay is 1/3 less, no bonus, time off, vacation or benefits, and no respect. Lots of overtime without pay. The cell line development group is run by all Chinese immigrants who favor permantly hiring Chinese immigrants. They do not have reasoning skills and work you hard, not smart. I don’t know how one of the directors keeps her job she is so awful. She physically attacked someone who is afraid to report it. Cons: Overworked, no respect, poor compensation"

Administrative (Former Employee) says

"Not a place for humans. Zero culture. A horrible place to work, horrible management. Environment disgusting. Dirty, overcrowded. No respect for the employee, Similar to the slave quarters on an ancient Roman galley."

Executive Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"It took leaving Merck to understand just how bad working there was. My manager was THE WORST I’ve ever had and they promoted him to director. Merck will not pay at a competitive level for Specialty reps. If you’re a primary care rep, Merck is the place for you. If you’re capable of independent thought and want to be compensated fairly for your hard work... Merck is NOT for you."

Sr. Clinical Supply Manager (Current Employee) says

"This company cares nothing about career growth. Plan to at least 10 years in a position. Most areas are extremely over worked. The culture of the company is very poor."

Práctica Profesional (Former Employee) says

"Siendo una multinacional, el salario de práctica era muy bajo. Pero, no era el único factor, ya que necesitan una máquina robot para hacer todo lo que quieren. Así se alcanzará lo del día no les bastaba y mandaban trabajo para el fin de semana y que tuviera que estar de sábado a lunes listo. Se pasan. Cons: Cultura, muchos jefes que no se ponen de acuerdo, ordenes que no tienen sentido por la variedad de jefes, trabajo de mas, no hay equilibrio entre la vida privada y profesional aún siento practicante."