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Primark is an Irish fast-fashion retailer with headquarters in Dublin, Ireland, and a subsidiary of the British food processing and retail company ABF. The company is named Penneys in the Republic of Ireland, where it was founded. The Penneys brand is not used outside of Ireland because it is owned elsewhere by American retailer J. C. Penney.

Primark is a hard place to work, management is deficient, practices are unethical, and lacks personal development, according to a review by a former employee at

"Overall, this place is nowhere near easy, caring, or fun. The lack of personal development, unethical practices, and inadequate management team, you will regret joining this company. Please be mindful when being recruited or applying. This company and most that work here can not be trusted."


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Former Employee - Brand Assistant says

"Biweekly pay Rude managers Corporate is very rude There’s no music in the store so all you hear is white noise Unprofessional uniforms"

Current Employee - ASM- Assistant Store Manager says

"People who work at Primark USA are robotic to the leadership team. Situations were always handled based on level of risk management rather then having one on one conversations. It’s very discouraging to watch people and situations to be treated this way rather then morally right."

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"Hostile work environment HR department is awful"

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"Almost everything management act like tyrants"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"They treat you poorly so you don’t feel appreciated"

Current Employee - Department Manager says

"Too stressful and treated poorly"

Former Employee - Retail Assistant says

"Working with some the people"

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"Very rude, condescending managers, they talk to lower workers like dogs and unrealistic with their expectations. They will also work you like a Slave for low pay. A lot of people are leaving every week they hire hundreds of people to try to replace workers so they will start nit picking to get you fired of so that you can quit. I definitely don’t recommend no one should be treated like crap for no reason"

Former Employee - Retail Sales Associate says

"Hostile environment Management is very unbecoming Supervisors are rude , ghetto, negative, lazy etc"

Former Employee - Manager says

"No work life balance, absolutely worked like a dog. Males get paid significantly higher than females, no higher managerment support."

Vendeuse (Former Employee) says

"Les conditions de travail sont horribles avant d'y avoir travaillée je ne pensais pas que cela puisse exister en France les managers ainsi que les superviseurs sont des tortionnaires et je pèse mes mots, j'ai démissionné au bout de 8 mois car cela devenait vraiment invivable j'ai failli perdre confiance dans le monde du travail mais bien heureusement il existe des entreprise où il fait bon vivre avec une direction respectueuse et humaine !!AucunPlusieurs"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"The amount of work requested was high, each night increasing. The day management was never pleased with the job done, extremely rude and with a terrible attitude, especially towards the night workers, regardless of the fact that the shop was left by us much more tidy then how we founded after their shift. The day shift was always chatting with at least 30 min before their shift was over, hiding between the shelves. No tiding up was done by them. Some of the members of the night team were never to be seen, not knowing if they were working or not. If you finished your duty, you were send to help others on other departments, even if you haven't seen them working there all night. The payment was always less then it should. Nothing recommends them as employers. The worst experience ever.noneHard work"

Verkoopmedewerker (Former Employee) says

"Ik ben net gestopt te werken bij de Primark, en omg wat valt er een last van mijn schouders! Er is afgelopen jaar naar mij en een mede collega belooft dat wij konden solliciteren voor een supervisor functie. Frapant was dat nadat ik bijna fulltime had gewerkt de hele zomer aan het einde van de zomervakantie te horen kreeg dat deze functie niet zou vrijkomen. Als antwoord op waarom ze dat nu pas aangaven kreeg ik het antwoord "Ja houd het maar in de gaten, er zal wel weer wat vrijkomen". Beloftes, empathisch vermogen en begrip tonen zijn dingen waar p&c en het management alles behalve vanuit gaat. Als je zelf in een moeilijke situatie zit verwacht Primark dat je hoe dan ook aan hun denkt en afbelt/mailt. Vergeten wordt niet gezien als reden vooral door persoonlijke omstandigheden. Hiernaast zijn er 2 managers erg klef op de werkvloer en wordt hier niet op ingegrepen. Dit vooral omdat zelfs klanten het opvalt en raar vinden. Ik raad het dan zeker niet aan om hier te komen werken. Je wordt als een simpele 'medewerker' gezien en mag heen en weer rennen voor het management. Er wordt geen rekening gehouden met je wensen en ambities en compromissen sluiten is al helemaal niet aan orde. Mijn advies is dan zeker om goed te bedenken of je echt wel werkzaam wilt zijn binnen een bedrijf wat pro kinderarbeid is, nauwelijks tot geen rekening houdt met jou als persoon en jou ambities niet serieus neemt. Ik heb er vooral een hechte vriendenkring aan overgehouden en weet wat stressmanagement is. Verder heb ik helaas vooral geleerd wat voor de gek gehouden worden isHechte vriendenkring aan overgehoudenManagement doet alsof het superieur is en p&c is alles behalve een steunpilaar voor het personeel"

Supervisor/Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"I spent one year working for Primark as I've been hired for the Grand Opening in my city. I've been waiting for almost 6 months from the day they told me I was hired to my first day of work. During the induction they make you believe that Primark is a fun place to work to, that you can easily grow in the company and that all the employees are like a big family. That's complete bullsh** ! alwaysGood support between staff membersFast paced environment, rude management"

Vendeur conseil (Former Employee) says

"Environnement très stressant, les supérieurs mettent la pression et ne respectent pas les vendeurs, et la direction vous considère comme un numéro. Tres mauvaise expérienceAuncun respect, stress, pression"

Vendeur polyvalent (Former Employee) says

"Je recommande Primark Créteil ou autres à personnes , que ça soit en a cdi ou alternant , car il vous traité comme des chiens , Mon conseil , n'est pas rentré.Rien de positifsTous es négatif, la direction, le management, des manageurs qui couché avec des vendeuse"

Sales Advisor (Part-time) says

"- poor management, verbally abusive and manipulative - all make sexist management, only offer opportunities to male workers, let poor behaviours from male workers slide but not female workers - good luck progressing from your starting role if you’re a girl - there’s a reason there’s always jobs available, people leave very quickly - treated like dirt - made to go into intimate detail about sickness/ reasons behind holiday - management have no sympathy for mental healthNothingEverything"

Floor Associate/Cashier (Former Employee) says

"The company is an organized too many people telling you to many different things to do in the same shift sales associates never stay for long everyone has their own way of doing things"

Retail Assistant presso negozio (Former Employee) says

"Lavoro molto stressante, organizzazione pessima e stipendi ridicoli anche accettando le numerose richieste di straordinari"

Temporary Christmas Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I had my first job at Primark and it made me never want to work ever again. I was newly diagnosed as diabetic and they forced me to work 8 hour shifts with no break, making my condition worse. When I brought this up to my manager, she told me that it goes against Primark Policy to give a break for less than eight and a half hours. The heating was broken, so it was constantly boiling hot in there. At 16, I thoight the pay was wonderful, but now I realise £4.30 an hour is a joke. I did apply to stay on at the end of my contract but was told "Sorry, because you have diabetes we don't want you to stay, we want healthy people, there are hundreds of 16 year old looking for jobs". Just don't do jt!Next door to KFCMy whole experience there"

Customer Assistant (Former Employee) says

"not the place to work and the management is all over the place and i would strongly suggest do not apply for this job at all just had a really bad experience"

Vendeur polyvalent (Former Employee) says

"la pire expérience de ma vie professionnelle supérieur incompétenteaucun8h debout a plier des tshirts, vulgarité des client, aucun sens de l’équipe, salaire mediaocre pour la difficulté du travaille"

Operador de loja (Former Employee) says

"Mau demais. Direcção má. Managers impreparados, falta de ajudas."

Cash Office Assistant (Former Employee) says

"if your face fits , very clicky , no progression only if your bessie friends the management team, managers take their bad days out on staff , managers rude treat you like children no respect , your just a number on payroll might as well be working in factory, minimum wages whilst company making millions"

Vendeur polyvalent (Former Employee) says

"Management de flicage, stresse, effort physique, conflitRasStress"

Primark (Former Employee) says

"There are too many departments managers and so many channels of communication, causing tasks to take longer or get dropped all together. Turnover amongst entry level associates, supervisors, and even management staff is IGH.NoneHigh cost of benefits, unprofessional management, unorganized and hostile work environment"

Addetta alle vendite (Former Employee) says

"Non consiglio assolutamente. Stressante e frustrante."

Sale Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I worked here for around 7 months until I couldn’t take it anymore. As soon as the other members of staff found out I was disabled they began being very mean and bullying me, I was bullied out of my job. Expect you to do over time every week and if you can’t you get a warning? If they wanted more hours they should give a larger contract but they won’t. Minimum wage and no benefits."

Verkaufshilfe (Former Employee) says

"die Arbeit ist anstrengend und man ist am Ende des Tages K.O"

Sales assistant (Former Employee) says

"Expect to much of you and don't appreciate you. And not paid enough for the hassle you receive. Don't appreciate loyal staff and pay is rubbish no discounts."

Elba says

"my first time at the store and my last at the freehold mall nj worst check out and return line ever waited 15 minutes lots of people on line two people at cashier and this was at 1030 am not a holiday either"

Ana Frodella says

"My review is about return policy. There are few, if any, stores in NY that only have a 28 day return policy. At the very least the return window is 30 days. Being used to that policy, I went to Primark to return something at the 30 day mark....two days late. The cashier told me she could not help me; that the policy is a strict 28 days. I could not get my money back for the items that fit no one, nor could I even exchange them for some other merchandise. After I returned home, I called the store manager and spoke to the one on duty at that time. She said they do make exceptions for a day or two, so she told me I could come back the same day and she would help me. I am a senior citizen, had just recently gotten home from the store and really did not feel able to go out again. I told her I could come back in the morning, but she said she would only allow the refund til end of day. So even though I am tired out, I have to get myself back to the store; spend more money to get there and more time. Their return policy is narrower than any other and I will not be shopping for anyone in that store again."

Jackie Vara says

"Only upside to primark is being cheap, but apart from that, the clothes are poor quality and the stores are always packed to the brim."

Tony Williams says

"Primark is only cheap because their clothes are also low quality. It's good for cheap emergency buys but apart from that, just stick to actual brands.."

Lewis Oliver says

"Stay away from Primark unless you want to waste your money...the clothes are so low quality that they will rip instantly after a bit of use. Buy some quality clothes somewhere else..."

Daniel Laurens says

"The price:quality ratio at Primark is exactly 1:1, you buy low quality clothes for cheap. Should really work on improving the quality and slightly increasing prices..."