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Premium Outlets Premium Outlets is a subsidiary of Simon Property Group specializing in outlet malls. 

An unhappy customer shared his bad experience at Toronto Premium Outlets in a review posted by TRIPADVISOR:  “Worst quality outlet mall I have ever been to. I have been to outlet stores in Michigan, New York, Florida, California, and Arizona, and in comparison, Toronto Premium Outlets gives outlet malls a bad name. But you'd never know it from the crowds lining up to buy the low-quality clothes and bags with high-end name-brand labels, but for people who know the difference between high-quality items made for retail stores and items made cheaply just to hold a label to impress people who care about that sort of thing, it's really obvious this one is the latter. The Michael Kors bags feel thin and brittle compared to what's at the retail stores but not all of them, MK is one of the better ones, but don't expect to find any of their top-end stuff there. Places like Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren are jam-packed with people eager to be seen with a label in huge lettering on their chest, but the quality of the clothes are average or below average. Folks are lining up at places like Coach, but again, go to any Coach store in a real mall and the difference in the products is immediately visible, even before you touch them  after you touch them if you're still lining up at the cash, then obviously you just want people to see "who you are wearing." I went to piles of stores looking for a spring jacket, found a bunch of floppy, poorly structured clothes I wouldn't wear for free. Lots of folks would disagree I am sure the place was jam-packed, could not park for almost half an hour, there is a line on the road just to enter. But my wife and I have been shopping together for nice clothes for years and were shocked at how poor quality the stuff was. I was picturing child labor in some third world country banging this stuff out and riveting upmarket labels on them.


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Manager (Former Employee) says

"Company was very policy driven. Very demanding and lead by fear. Managers spoke unflattering to employees. On-site teams worked very hard and long hours."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Good compensation but terrible company culture. Everyone works in fear that their job could be eliminated any day. Sr. Management has a "good old boy" mentality, where they want to insulate themselves with those that are in their inner circle. I had heard all the stories but didn't really believe it until I worked there. Saw many people let go before my position was realigned. Never given direction and blatantly lied to. Worst work experience EVER Cons: everything else"

Custodian (Former Employee) says

"Powerwashing was the best part of this job. I was left alone pretty much my entire shift. From 2 am to 9:30 nobody said anything to me. Off by 10:30 am."

sales floor (Current Employee) says

"the management is really good, very hard working, the staff is also v good , teamwork.The columbia is a very good brand maily famous for outerwear and sportswear, the quality is very good, durable, long lasting"

lululemon athletica - Educator (Former Employee) says

"A typical day was educating guests about the product. What I learned was to be happy regardless and that your mind is very poewerful. The law of attraction is real and writing goals is a big step to manifesting your dreams."

Sales Supervisor at Lacoste (Current Employee) says

"Opening/Closing the store."