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Polypropylene PP film is produced by processing polypropylene granule, derived from the propylene monomer C3, which, in turn, is obtained from the refining of petroleum. In July 2018 E Times of India published a piece commenting on the types of plastic and mentions the number 5 PP as one of the most dangerous: “With China banning the import of plastic waste, the whole world is talking about banning plastic usage or at least cutting down its use to the minimum. When we look around us, from our water bottles, our spectacles, our watches, the clothes we wear to our bags, food containers, and even our furniture, there is nothing that is plastic-free. Plastic drives our living utilities, however, these plastics are not all the same. There are seven codes that categorize the plastic polymers used in the manufacturing of plastic consumer products across the world. 07/9 Relatively SAFER: Code 5“It contains Polypropylene (PP). Some products: Food containers, such as that of cheese, yogurt, ketchup and syrups, bottle caps, straws, baby bottles, diapers, sanitary pads, many parts in appliances, and cars. Harms: This type is relatively safe and stable but can leach plastic additives and has been linked with the causation of occupational asthma”


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