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Powered is a suite of tools to help business leaders manage their business. Key, real-time information you need is displayed on the Powered Dashboard, securely accessible by our clients on any computer, tablet, or Smart Phone. They can see their sales figures, their accounts, website visits, rankings, telephone usage, their people's schedules and much more all in one place and all working together, thanks to POWERED. It's like IBM for smaller businesses.

An angry former employee said this on Indeed "Do not trust in Powered. They also go by the moniker 'Power One'. Their 'job offers' are flowery and vague, and make claims of 'salary', but this is a commission-only, independent contractor 'position' selling electricity contracts door-to-door to residents of the worst neighborhoods of Chicago. You effectively put yourself in danger with no guarantee of pay, work grueling hours in awful weather conditions, and may spend an entire week working yourself to the bone for NOTHING. Do not be taken in by their lies; This is not the job for anyone, and any company that has to hide behind a fake company name deserves to be wiped from the face of the planet. Absolutely disgusting".


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