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The Poughkeepsie Journal is a newspaper based in Poughkeepsie, New York owned by Gannett, which bought the paper in 1977. Founded in 1785 though not a daily newspaper until 1860, the Journal is the oldest paper in New York state and is the second-oldest in the nation. The Journal's primary coverage area is Dutchess County, though the entire Mid-Hudson Valley is covered in some form, along with some coverage of points south via the White Plains-based Journal News.

A reader called Bruce M, from NY shared some thoughts about   Poughkeepsie Journal in a review posted by YELP:“Over the past few years this newspaper has been declining in content and now that the editorial page is gone there is really nothing left. I still get the paper for the obituaries which ironically is paid for by the deceased family. I listen to the news on the radio and TV so by the time I get the Journal that news has become history.Maybe twice a month I see a story that is important to me. It takes me 5 minutes or less to read the paper. I've complained and been told that the paper is not for breaking news, so when I see an accident maybe two or three days later there might be a story about it.I can only think that this downsizing of the paper is being done on purpose to get people to go online and eliminate the printed edition. If not then the people still there are not doing their job”


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Newspaper Courier (Former Employee) says

"Received pennies to deliver papers with my personal vehicle all over a rural area. The cost of repairs to my vehicle were 5x that of all the pay I received while working for PoJo. If I needed time off, I was responsible for finding, training, and paying for my replacement during that time since I was an independent contractor. Don't recommend this line of work unless they have changed things since I was there. Cons: Lame hours"

Credit Manager (Former Employee) says

"Was a nice place to work. Then outsourced many departments. Pulled rug out from under employees with no notice. Salary lower at other Gannet papers so can do job cheaper. Outsourced jobs to India !!"

Journal as Life Section Editor (Former Employee) says

"Before cutbacks the Journal was a good place to work. Shrinking budgets caused us to lose key peole and that eventually began to hurt the product and staff morale"

Staff Reporter/Columnist (Former Employee) says

"The staff was committed to reporting important community happenings each day. It is an award winning newspaper dedicated to serving the community."

Key Account Executive (Promotion) says

"Tough environment and industry to sell in. Lots of competition. Management team not their strongest asset. Little focus on selling skill development. Little training. Too much focus on Saleforce and activity instead of developing sales team. Cons: poor management"