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Postmates is an American company that offers local delivery of restaurant-prepared meals and other goods. As of February 2019, Postmates operates in 2,940 U.S. cities. The service relies on mobile phone applications and their Global Positioning System capabilities to match inventories and consumer demand.

Launched in 2011, Postmates is one of many on-demand delivery companies in the United States providing delivery from restaurants and stores that previously did not offer goods delivery.

A former employee said this in a review “I have been completely disappointed with Postmates. I frequently and don't even bother Turning the app on. A lot of times you will get an order if it's a distance away it cancels and you don't get paid for any of the time that you spent trying to complete the order. If I don't like you I will give you a referral to post mates. There is very little to no support and if there is a problem you're on your own."


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Former Employee - Customer Experience Associate says

"I worked at Postmates full-time Cons: Horrendous job training and On boarding process. Literally one week of “training”, before throwing you to the wolves and expecting you to be perfect. No job performance ongoing feedback, extremely difficult to understand leadership structure. Only worried about their bottom line and watching that get larger."

Former Employee - Manager says

"I worked at Postmates full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Where to begin? Worked here for years and saw a lot. Guess I’ll make a list? * CEO and other executives didn’t understand the nuances of how the product worked or what customer service policies were. This often resulted in them yelling directly at ground/hourly support employees when their personal delivery orders weren’t working out. The worst combination of an irate customer and an abusive workplace superior. * Execs treating drivers like whipping boys. Being downright disrespectful. One instance of the above where the CEO didn’t understand what was happening in the app and why his coffee delivery was taking too long. Posted in the Customer Service Slack channel that we were to ban the driver from the platform. Ended up being one of the longest-running highest-performing couriers on the platform who was doing everything correctly, which the entire CS team understood, but everyone had to listen to the ALL CAPS BOSS. Someone later got the driver reinstated, but I’ll never stop being disgusted by that moment. He was really that willing to snatch someone's livelihood away because he was ignorant and grumpy. * When promoted from entry-level positions, they loved to nickel-and-dime employees with percentage pay increases. So you’re promoted from entry-level CS at minimum pay to a “many hats” type role working into late nights and weekends but your salary still has you struggling to pay rent. Meanwhile HR/exec team BFFs and outside hires with the same title are bringing in 30/40k more than you. * A manager once told me that my pay was lower than industry standard because of the value received from the "prestige" of the company. I'm not joking. They used to say that to people. With straight faces. * The only way to get a proper raise was to get a competing offer or submit notice. This resulted in employees taking interviews solely as a leverage tool. And it worked. You could get strung along for a year about that “big raise” coming because of all your new responsibilities and at the end of the day get a $3k annual bump. But if you come in with a competing offer then they will play ball with you. It was a disgusting way to do business and those of us who refused to waste the time of more honest employers were stuck with lower wages. (I guess if you're willing to play these subterfuge games this will work in your favor but *blech* no thanks) * Threat and blame-based culture. I would be interested to see the number of times an all caps “FIX THIS” was written in Slack or emails over the years. Instances where someone angrily demanded to know “WHO APPROVED THIS” would also be up there. This treatment used to come from big boss himself but was later delegated to his lieutenants after HR and legal convinced him to stop speaking to employees below a certain level. They have unfortunately done their part to maintain tradition, as that aura continued to permeate throughout all aspects of the company. Email fights with ever-growing cc lists happening every day. Everyone is constantly on edge making sure that blame rolls down someone else’s hill and not their own. * HR taking a hard-line protect-the-company’s liability stance when it comes to complaints. Company sponsored open bars devolved into laundry lists of sexual harassments, physical assaults and dressing-downs of lower-level employees by drunk / coked up executives. Employees going to HR to report something awful happening to them getting asked how many drinks they had, told that "it was just a joke," like you're dealing with Bill Cosby's defense team. (They had to stop having these events because the exec team are all typical rich guy psychopaths.) * Extreme prejudice towards engineering time versus the well-being of operational staff. They’ll let someone copy and paste for hours into every weekend and holiday for years before they’ll consider dedicating their worst engineer’s afternoon to solving a problem. I understand these situations can be complex, but there was a definite policy of relying on lower-paying manpower as a permanent "fix" versus actually solving operational problems on a technical level. The wellness cost to a low-paid someone engaging in an operational absurdity was never part of the prioritization equation. * Multiple employees I was personally acquainted with having mental breakdowns due to one or a combination of the above. Employees who left the company years ago still discussing the trauma of their employment experience when reconnecting with former colleagues. Not a good sign when every meetup of former employees becomes a support group. * The business model doesn’t work. Even with the ever-increasing fees to restaurants the company is not profitable. Lobbying has become a core business strategy to ensure that they can continue paying couriers as little as possible. The whole business is dependent on someone sitting in their car unpaid for 45 minutes waiting for their phone to chime, and then getting paid a sack of nickels to double park and cart a rich person's food across town. So this company’s continued existence will ALWAYS depend on 1) taking more money from restaurants, 2) paying couriers as little as the law will allow and 3) making sure that the law keeps moving minimum pay in the direction that works for Uber-Postmates: down. The whole play is market share and having the lowest possible cost for customers, so they’ll never move towards fair driver wages, reasonable restaurant fees, and (importantly) customers paying for the actual value of the time and labor involved. And by working here you are a part of that and it makes your soul hurt. So it’s appropriate that they were bought by Uber, a company that has created even larger pools of trauma. Now Postmates and Uber can work together, utilizing their unlimited Saudi Arabian investment funds (don't bonesaw me) to continue causing trauma and “disrupting” American labor norms, leading the charge against appropriate compensation for one's time. All while having a REAL GOOD TIME smacking around subordinates, enriching investors/executives, and not producing a dime in actual profit. You could look at Postmates as a non-profit meant normalize large 1099 workforces that don't need to be compensated during "downtime." Just imagine what other industries this model could be applied to after a few more years of UberPostmates growth and lobbying. It only gets worse from here. Ask yourself if you want to contribute to that before taking a job here."

Former Employee - Trust and Safety Investigator says

"I worked at Postmates full-time Cons: everything you can think of"

Current Employee - Delivery Driver says

"I have been working at Postmates full-time Cons: Low pay you do not get paid enough money"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Postmates full-time for more than a year Cons: Terrible culture, toxic, bad leadership, sites not treated the same."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Postmates full-time for more than a year Cons: Management is hit or miss. High level team members have jumped ship for a reason."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Postmates full-time for less than a year Cons: Management was sneaky. There was not any open/ honest communication"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Postmates full-time for more than a year Cons: Awful management, toxic culture. No transparency, random firings, the list goes on. Pitiful raises. No work/life balance. People simply do not treat others with respect here, and it trickles down from the top."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Postmates full-time Cons: Where do I even begin...mass layoffs caused the entire company to shift. No one looks happy and many previous coworkers told me that their servance packages and treatement post lay off were horrible. I had several coworkers tell me their items from their desk arrived broken or missing. Horrible offboarding and onboarding proccess. There was zero training for me and I felt like I was bugging those around me by asking questions. The bottom line this is a toxic environment and I spend most of my evenings applying at other companies hoping this nightmare will end soon."

Former Employee - Accounts Executive says

"I worked at Postmates full-time for more than a year Cons: All i can say it, if you're a female and you experience any issues at this company, do not expect to receive any help"

Driver (Former Employee) says

"Worst service in the world Cons: everything"

Delivery Driver (Former Employee) says

"There is NO way this is worth your time, the pay is VERY low and the calls are super finicky. Often, there are calls that you have to deliver something and you pull in, No gate code, no instruction on building number or letter, so you just drive around for 15-20 minutes, hoping to find the number. 1 or 2 calls an hour and often times people dont tip, so you take calls that give you 3-5 dollar per call!!!!!!!!! thats not even worth the gas and wear and tear on the car. I wont even begin to talk about the customer support NONE at postmates. When you are in crisis and need them the most, wait time to talk to a person is almost always over an hour... overall, not worth it Cons: low pay, long waits between calls, no employee support, no benefits, ALMOST always leads to a different location than what it is so much wasted driving, no or low tips from customers, many more"

Delievery Driver (Former Employee) says

"My Personal experience was horrible. I couldn’t cash out. Nobody helped me i emailed them for 3 weeks straight with no help. If you don’t update your bank information before you start working it’s not going to allow you to do it later. It will tell you to wait 15 mins for a code to identify you. No code comes through ! The managers are no help. And i did a couple of delivers and receive no money . They still have my money ! And won’t release it ! I WOULD NEVER WORK FOR THEM AGAIN"

driver (Former Employee) says

"if you have an issue at the time of delivery and need to talk to someone, good luck, usually 59 minute wait! their automated system has poor answers. Cons: you are the boss"

Delivery driver (Former Employee) says

"Postmates has owed me for 2 deliveries for over a month. Clearly my phone was verified, or I wouldn't have been able to deliver (for free) for them. They have test deposited my bank account numerous times, still not paid me . I have emailed them dozens of times with not one single response, or getting paid the money earned a month ago. If you like to work for free, Postmates is a great job choice. Cons: They don't pay drivers or even have a phone number for drivers or customets to get help."

Driver (Former Employee) says

"Uber bought Postmates and a below average company is now Absolute Trash. They have 0, absolutely 0 driver support. Any issues you will have to fix on your own or by email with a bot. Cons: Everything"

Delivery Driver (Former Employee) says


Delivery Driver (Current Employee) says

"I'm definitely a veteran delivery driver and I know how to do my job the best a driver could. Despite this, the driver market is far over-saturated and on top of that the customers will act so nice, but never tip you. And if they do, they seem to have forgotten and tip you a week later when they order delivery again. Cons: Most aspects of the job"

Delivery Driver (Former Employee) says

"It's just not worth it. I feel like I'm spending hours of my time to get $4.00. I think Postmates is cheating their drivers out of their money. I don't understand how a I pick up an order with $50 worth of items and make not even enough to buy a candy bar. Cons: Awful Pay"

Driver/Operator (Former Employee) says

"They take your tips send you wrong ways send you all over wasting your gas your time and then tell you that you're not going to get your tips very badd"

Driver/Operator (Current Employee) says

"Postmates have no regard for the driver expenses they have send me out as for as 27 minutes on a highway for a delivery only to CANCEL it upon arrival they recently sent me to a business that was closed for business for a delivery that was a 20 minute ride from where I had originally started then sent me 17 minutes back to pick up a delivery that paid $4.19. They arent professional enough to call you or text you to ask if you are able to work in locations where drivers are needed so they send you on a bogus call just to get you in the area where you are nre needed. I turn right around because at those times I was not able to be where they wanted me to be and return on time to be where I have to be at a certain time all of these bogus calls and no compensation for the gas and time you've no they've wasted. The fact that you can't let the company know exactly when and where you are able to work is problematic and on the days that I am able to go anywhere that's what I do. I didn't mention when their App is faulty and you cant swipe delivery and you call or chat with a rep to tell them you are where you're supposed to be and or you have made the delivery or pick up sometimes this can take up to more than a half hour and in that time you're not able to receive any calls this happens all the time all the time. I love driving and have always done jobs where driving is the job but this is the worst the most inconsiderate and unprofessional matter in which they operate is mind blowing and not worth the time unless you're using a bike or scooter because most of them don't abide Cons: You not compensated for your time and gas even when they send you on bogus calls"

Driver (Former Employee) says

"If you account for gas, wear and tear, Minimum wage pays better. it's only worth doing when they have a promo. which isn't very frequent. Cons: pay, and no customer support"

Delivery Driver (Former Employee) says

"I have earned a couple of hundred, then they blocked me (this was in January 2020, I was hit by another car and I could not deliver the order. And since I had two orders on hand, they blocked me for multiple (!) violation of the rules. ). Until now, they haven't paid a cent. You better not mess. Cons: Don't pay"

Delivery Driver (Former Employee) says

"Post mates will not pay you very well per order. Post mates has barely any promotions to help you make more money. The customer always seem to be rude as well."

Delivery Driver (Current Employee) says

"This company cheats drivers in Las Vegas out of accurate mileage. They also do not have live support that you can talk to, they send us around and around until we give up. They do not pay well and are a complete scam to drive for. Do not recommend this company at all! Cons: Everything including the cheating of your pay."

Driver/Operator (Former Employee) says

"Not worth the wear and tear on your vehicle. Some days a hot other not. Deal with driving in traffic and busy restuarants. Did get to bring my wife with me, so that was a plus."

Fleet (Former Employee) says

"Postmates is the only one that has absolutely no way for drivers to contact support while on the job. Postmates does not let you report a restaurant as closed until you actually drive there, and of course you get no compensation for your wasted time and fuel. Even if you know for sure that the restaurant will be closed before you leave, you cannot cancel the delivery unless you want to take the penalty of cancelling an order for personal reasons."

Merchandising (Former Employee) says

"Terrible communication, poor management & poor customer service. They do not care about their customers or employees. Too many customers are complaining about orders being WRONG OR NEVER DELIVERED. Postmates does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO help resolve issues! Lowest quality service. Cons: Poor customer service, poor management, orders are wrong"

Driver (Current Employee) says

"I have been completely disappointed with this company. I frequently and don't even bother Turning the app on. A lot of times you will get an order if it's a distance away it cancels and you don't get paid for any of the time that you spent trying to complete the order. If I don't like you I will give you a referral to post mates. There is very little to no support and if there is a problem you're on your own. Cons: You will waste a lot of time chasing after orders and not get paid."

Courier Driver (Current Employee) says

"communication with customer service is bad. They don't speak English, their app always has glitches, walmart orders are a mess. Plus they only pay you a bonus of $1 for multi cases of water. Customers do not tip and think they are entitled and treat you like a slave. Cons: non tippers, poor pay"

Noname N says

"I can honestly and with a clear conscience say that postmates and the like minded business are doing people a grand disservice. Whether or not it's the consumers fault for the policies they use. To be charged for things that aren't provided is a crime and should be considered to be petty larceny if not grand theft due to the enormity of the issues these business provide to a unsuspecting public."

Frank Deponte says

"This is the second time I tried to get a meal through postmates and the second time I am going to bed hungry because after charging me and then repeatedly providing confirmations that my food was on the way they finally that the restaurant was not open, when it was too late to get anything else to eat. Second time!"

Steven Parham says

"Postmate is the worst company we ordered our food and didn't get all that we ordered and they will not refund us all of our money I would love for them to call us to resolve the issue but I give it a very bad rating if I didn't have to hit a starter to make a comment I wouldn't that's how bad it is"

JD says

"So I decided to work for postmates since my business was shut down from covid 19. I take pride in myself on customer service and enjoyed the walmart deliveries. I would receive from $5 to $40 in tips per delivery. Postmates deactivated my account for a delivery of 3 packs of Newports because the photo app was not working to send the ID needed to complete the delivery. The customer complained and postmates decided I was unfit to be part of the team. Only thing that is unfit is postmates front office who decides who they block. It's laughable how stupid they are. They have zero clue who is best for their company."

Linda Morrison says

"Don’t EVER order from these people. I ordered from them for the first time and was charged $35 for a $19 order and have been unable to get an itemized receipt to discover what the other $16 was for. Uber Eats, Grubhub and Door Dash all send immediate confirmation emails with order breakdown. Not Postmates. And it is impossible to reach anyone from “customer service.” I deleted the app."

Tanisha Patterson light_skin_b says

"This company is lucky Truspiolt made me pick a star. If I had the option this company will be a -10. I truly wanna say this company or whatever they wan to call themselves is a huge scam. I wouldn't drive for them nor will I order food with them ever again. I've been calling this fake business for over 3 months. My sister and my family came down to Las Vegas for my sisters wedding. Since the day was going to be very busy with the wedding, I decided to buy everyone IHOP. I had the worst experience with my postmates driver and the company. She called me screaming, crying and acting very irate to the point she was 86 from the casino property. This is by far the worst experience I've ever had. Uber, doordash have gained another 10 +customers. I purposely made my entire family delete the postmates app. As long as you guys steal money from a single mother's, I will never support you. your done like R-Kelly career.

Oh BTW I stayed on hold for 3 hours while the automated system kept telling me my wait time is 59 mins. How is that possible and I was on hold for 3 hours. 888-815-7726"

Ericka Patten says

"Terrible service and customer service. On several occasions, our orders were cancelled after waiting for an hour or more. The final straw was when we were charged twice for an order we had to go pick up ourselves because a postmate was never assigned and then they refused to refund our money. Deleted the app."

Mark Thompson says

"Worst ever! I cant believe Apple uses them. Ordered iPhone twice today and haven't received one yet. You get cell number to call driver and it worked once and now i get recording to enter the extension of your party.


Kathleen Hearty says

"I placed an order for groceries with 99 Ranch Market in Newark, CA and they use Postmates for delivery. Part of my grocery order (one bag full) was delivered to someone else. 99 Ranch puts a label on each bag with the customer name and number, so the woman who received my order called me to ask if the Postmates delivery person (Jimmy) had arrived yet, because she had my groceries, but he did not leave all of her order at her house. I went outside to meet him when he arrived and told him about his error, so he said he still had her groceries in his car, and I thought he would fix the problem by returning to her house to retrieve my bag and give her hers, but he didn't do either. He just left and neither of us got the groceries we paid for. I tried calling Postmates Customer Service but they said they can't help me because I ordered directly from the store. Bad service by Postmates. I have contacted the store and hope they will refund me. By the way, I am 73 and disabled and I take care of a frail 87 year old husband (with no other family to help) so we try to stay in quarantine and need to rely on delivery services for survival, but I will not trust Postmates in the future."

Alex Van Zeelandt says

"By far the WORST company I've ever ordered food from. As a life long vegetarian they ALWAYS got the order wrong, and after the 4th time of screwing the order up they refused to give me a refund. Even after being an unlimited member for a year (paying an additional 10.99 a month) the customer service line refused to take my card off file after the initial phone call about my terrible service. Delete the application and save yourself from the headache folks."

Melanie Taylor says

"Ordered food from Carl’s Jr. in Pahrump NV through Postmates. I waited 2 and a half hours for an order that NEVER arrived. There is no way of actually contacting the driver and when I called Carl’s Jr. the lady said a male picked up the order but Postmates named “Candy” a women as the driver. Was able to get a refund but should have read the reviews first. NEVER EVER ORDER FROM POSTMATES."

Robert Tropp says

"Postmates sucks! It always takes longer than estimated. I waited over an hour the last time I ordered and never even received my order. The driver went to the wrong location 2 mins from my house than said she couldn’t deliver it because it was a different address.

I’m ready to delete this app. I’m tired of waiting over an hour for cold food. I have a car and am not lazy. I’d rather go pick up the food myself."

Jane says

"Terrible terrible customer service. An absolute joke for the size of the company. No one replies to your emails! So many other food delivery services, we won’t ever use Postmates again"

Pissed off says

"This is the second time in a row that I used a promo code they sent me, hours prior to me ordering, and find out I am still charged the delivery fee! I’m noticing a trend. When I reached out to them I was told they can’t do anything because the promo code had expired. How does it expire a couple hours after they issue it????"

Ray Fishman says

"What is GOING ON with POSTMATES??!!!!! This is the second order we had today and it didn’t arrive AT ALL.... where is our food going? Is something messing up with their app?. I am really considering deleting their app after all this. I mean they give a refund but it’s NOT worth the hassle especially when you are hungry and have been waiting!!! Ugh!"

Shannon says

"My first driver seems to have fallen off the face of the earth so they assigned me a new driver. Then they have that new driver pick up three orders past the time the food is even supposed to be delivered to my house and it’s not the drivers fault but they put my order last on their delivery cycle so now who knows when the food is going to get here. I stopped using Postmates six months ago because I had these issues and I heard they were working it out. Trying again now and it’s just ridiculous"

Customer says

"Horrible f*** service, food was “delayed when I called the restaurant the food was done and waiting for pickup. The driver was it doing other deliveries, 35 late my food arrives ice f****** cold. All they can do is give me $5 mother f**** $ back what a joke."

Kathleen Ruane says

"I placed an order at 5:30pm from Applebee’s, approximately a 15 minute drive from my home. I never received the order. When I called customer service, an hour later, to cancel the order and get a refund, I was transferred 5 times before I spoke to someone who actually helped me. I will never use this service again."

Kathy Fleming says

"I wouldn't have even give them one star if it was possible! First and last time using Postmates. We ordered a pizza and got a text that it was being delivered in 17 minutes and after 45 minutes Sonja arrived. Texted me to come out to the vehicle to pick up. Are you kidding me? A 45 minute delivery for a 7 mile ride... Food was cold. Called their customer service number and told a 59 minute wait time and after 2 hours and 5 minutes someone picked up and hung up!!! Mad doesn't even begin to describe how I feel. Never been more furious with any business in my life!"

Polett Hurtado says

"I would always get a good delivery but this one really made me mad. I canceled my order , said it will return to my acc in 3 days and days passed, NEVER gave me my refund!! I been trying to contact customer service but they took an hour to pick up. DO NOT ORDER"

Palmer says

"Having no way to contact PM directly to get help is stupid land. You email and wait...and wait...and wait. If you don\'t get a clear or appropriate answer, you respond and wait...and wait and wait. Horrible customer service.. Who at PM is making these decisions? H"

Wow says

"Right now they have a surge, and to get McDonald’s delivered it’s more than the meal itself. 17$ to delivery food. Delete the app!"

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