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Post Holdings (officially Post Holdings, Inc.) is an American consumer packaged goods holding company headquartered in the suburban St. Louis community of Brentwood, Missouri. It operates in the center-of-the-store, foodservice, food ingredient, refrigerated, active nutrition and private label categories. Its Post Consumer Brands business manufactures, markets and sells both branded and private label cereal products. Its Michael Foods Group business supplies value-added egg products and refrigerated potato products to the foodservice and food ingredient channels. Through its Post Refrigerated Retail business, Post offers potato, egg, sausage and cheese refrigerated side dishes products. Its active nutrition business markets and distributes protein beverages, bars and gels. Post participates in the private brand food category through its investment with Thomas H. Lee Partners in 8th Avenue Food & Provisions, a leading, private brand centric, consumer products holding company.

An employee shared this in a review, "Absolutely horrible plant management that doesn't treat employees with respect or fairness! Horrible employee morale due to toxic management style and poor team building skills! Plant condition is extremely degraded with nasty working conditions. Corporate leadership involvement needed to rectify the plant and management problems to get the place back up to speed! What a shame!"


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Manufacturing technician (Former Employee) says

"No air conditioning or air circulation in production. very hot on the production floor not including the ovens. I worked there as a technician for two years and I come with a long technical background, yet I was treated like a complete idiot and outsider. No opportunities for advancement and training and support is extremely lacking.The pay was goodManagement is very disorganized and turnover is very high in all departments"

Concerned Leader (former employee) says

"Absolutely horrible plant management that doesn't treat employees with respect or fairness! Horrible employee morale due to toxic management style and poor team building skills! Plant condition is extremely degraded with nasty working conditions. Corporate leadership involvement needed to rectify the plant and management problems to get the place back up to speed! What a shame!"

Maintenance Technician Lead (Current Employee) says

"The work environment is crushing, the management seems only concerned with themselves, worked Christmas however asked for to leave early 2 days prior, told that would be acceptable but when time came supervisor stated I had to stay so he could go so his Christmas instead. No respect and have to provide all forms of work material."

Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"The only good part of working for Post was the awesome people I got to work with. Since they never intended to keep the plant we never had a chance for advancement or learn new things. Basically It SUCKED!NoneCompany lied, Management had severe favorites issue, most time spent cleaning."

Operator (Current Employee) says

"The company needs to pay more then what it does. We are losing good workers because of it. We are so short handed that they just put new people on the machines without any real training, then they get overwhelmed and under paid and eventually quit.Which is costing the company more money in the long run. Also they need to up their safety program. Hopefully things will changeFree health insurance for nowMore training, better pay"

Warehouse (Current Employee) says

"I worked in the warehouse on third shift. I was the first and only woman that had ever been hired to do this type of job. It made me feel so happy for the women there when they'd come up to me and say "It's so awesome we have a woman in the warehouse finally!" The first shift warehouse person treated me horrible. He called me names like FB and SB. I went to Human Resources about it everytime. Nothing was done. I talked to the plant manager. Nothing was done. I finally learned to shut my mouth and endure it until I found a different job. This is my last week with them. I was from day one treated differently because I was a woman in the warehouse. Doing what they considered a man's job and a lot of them didn't like that I did it just as good as they did. The coworkers on my shift for the most part were great. I will miss seeing them. Had it not been for all the harassment I enjoy working in a warehouse. Loading and unloading trailers. The ESL machine can be challenging to keep up with when a pallet is coming out every five minutes and you're expected to be doing five other jobs at the same time, but it makes an eight hour shift fly by. Management is HORRIBLE. Starting with the Plant Manager. When I started in 2014 I thought he was a great guy. Always asked people how they were doing. The longer I was there the less I saw him doing that. The Human Resource girl is one of those pretty nice girls... TO YOUR FACE, and only to your face. I've never talked to one employee that is happy with her and how she deals with things. Because she doesn't,. She is pure evil and will do whateverDecent pay for area. Can schedule own breaks but don't always get one.Terrible management which makes the whole plant unhappy"

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"The people are great.. Being a 100 year old company comes with its problems. Antiquated Payroll and administration systems. The pay is good but the future looks troublesome. The price to produce is very high at this facility. I can't see it being open forever. They have been saying that about this place for years and it is still going strong. I fear it will not be forever. Since Post has gone out on their own I can see a consolidation and downsizing happening CAW union is strong here and the wages for the hourly are very high."

Packaging Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"Nice people to work with open 24 7 so you have to work holidays, lots of over time, union environment. easy to get to not much in the way of holiday parties, go to 2 12 hour shiftsfree parkingto many hours"

Sr. Administrative Assistant (Current Employee) says

"It is a good place to work It is a union environment Good community support Lots of changes Good place to do good work Great safety program Supportivegreat peoplelocation"

Desktop Support Technician (Former Employee) says

"While it is still a decent place to work... But after the merger things have never been the same. Its hard to get support from corporate. It simply isn't nearly as enjoyable as before. Local team's experience was ignored and loss of customer confidence resulted.Local Plant folks are friendly and great to work with.Its hard to get support from corporate"

Maintenance Technician (Current Employee) says

"I enjoyed working on the production equipment. The equipment is new and computerized. A typical day at work was responding to trouble calls and performing preventive maintenance. I learned more about food processing and GMP's.Compensated well for work done.12 hour night shift only shift available to work"

EXTRUDER OPERATOR (Current Employee) says

"Overall, Post Holdings is a convenient and reliable place to work. I was able to take advantage of the opportunity to advance in the company from working in packaging to extrusion operation with increased pay benefits. The most enjoyable part of the job is working with a great group of hardworking coworkers. A typical day is fast paced where you are making decisions in the moment. My coworkers and I depended on each other to complete the job to the best of our abilities. I learned a lot while I have been working as an extruder operator. I have learned how to control and monitor machines to produce specific ingredients. I am also in charge of quality testing. The hardest part of the job is working late nights. Overall, I enjoy the coworkers I spend my shifts working with and the opportunities they have given me to apply and receive two different promotions.Company Parties, Friendly coworkers, promotions available and achievedLong work nights"

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