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A poncho (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈpontʃo]; Quechua: punchu; Mapudungun: pontro; "blanket", "woolen fabric") is an outer garment designed to keep the body warm. A rain poncho is made from a watertight material designed to keep the body dry from the rain. Ponchos have been used by the Native American peoples of the Andes since pre-Hispanic time, from places now under the territory of Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile and Peru and are now considered typical South American garments.

Before wearing a poncho read the following article on youlookfab.com, "Cons of wearing a Poncho: Unflattering: The sack-like silhouette and voluminous nature looks unflattering to those who prefer wearing structured pieces. Uncomfortable: Ponchos can be drafty and “lots of fabric”, which can cause discomfort. Some prefer the comfort and warmth of closely fitting pieces. Too Bohemian: Too casual, frivolous and dramatic. Impractical: It’s hard to layer a jacket or coat over a poncho, which makes it hard to wear outdoors unless the temperature is just right. "


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